10-Minute Tasks

10 Minute Tasks If You Have A Moment To Spare

10 Minute Tasks

If you have a moment to spare during your busy day I've listed some 10 Minute Tasks you might be able to fit in. These 10-minute tasks don't have to be work-related; they can be just about anything. You'll feel better if you've finished one. Guaranteed!

Business Tasks

  1. Write a journal entry
  2. Write notes
  3. Clean your monitor
  4. Delete messages from your inbox
  5. Reply to emails
  6. Reply to comments on your blog
  7. Check your bank or PayPal account
  8. Brainstorm ideas for your blog
  9. Brainstorm ideas for an upcoming sale
  10. Tidy your office desk
  11. Write a To Do List
  12. Write a thank you email to your customers
  13. Write an email to your list
  14. Book appointments
  15. Schedule out social media posts
  16. Clean up your desktop files
  17. Delete zipped folders you have unzipped
  18. Research business tools/software
  19. Create a new social image using Canva or Pic Monkey
  20. Set up some instant messages on your FB page
  21. Update an email sequence
  22. Read a training manual
  23. Load up your printer with paper
  24. Print off your to-do lists & other printables for the week
  25. Take a lesson of that ecourse you purchased
  26. Spend time reflecting on your goals and adjust them
  27. Set goals
  28. Clean your keyboard

Fun Tasks

  1. Start a journal
  2. Start your bucket list
  3. Enjoy a coffee or tea
  4. Call a family member
  5. Send a text message
  6. Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air
  7. Open windows and air out a room
  8. Play with the baby
  9. Enjoy the sunrise
  10. Enjoy the sunset
  11. Watch the birds on your bird feeder
  12. Spend time with your toddler
  13. Look through photos
  14. Enjoy the silence
  15. Bounce a ball
  16. Take photos
  17. Play with your dog or cat
  18. Read to your child
  19. Send out ecards
  20. Make plans for the weekend
  21. Sit still and do nothing
  22. Draw a picture
  23. Color a picture
  24. Look up some jokes
  25. Put on a song
  26. Sing with your kids
  27. Call or text your spouse at work
  28. Tell someone how much you love them
  29. Cuddle your child or pet

10 minute tasks

Health Tasks

  1. Burn some calories
  2. Count how many jumping jacks you can do
  3. Make breakfast for your spouse/partner/friend
  4. Massage your feet
  5. Walk to the mailbox
  6. Drink a big glass of water
  7. Exercise
  8. Meditate
  9. Enjoy a smoothie
  10. Jump on a trampoline
  11. Sit on your porch swing
  12. Walk barefoot outside
  13. Play in the snow
  14. Think happy thoughts
  15. Write for 10 minutes without stopping
  16. Make lunch
  17. Record your meals for the day

House Tasks

  1. Pay a bill
  2. Put on a load of laundry
  3. Pick up items on the floor
  4. Tidy up the kitchen
  5. Start dinner in the instant pot or crockpot
  6. Organize an area of your home
  7. Organize a closet
  8. Water your plants
  9. Pay a bill online
  10. Clean out your car
  11. Clean out the toybox
  12. Prep dinner
  13. Sweep your front porch
  14. Clean a bathroom
  15. Pick up books
  16. Lay out clothes for the next day
  17. Fold and put away the laundry
  18. Purchase daily items online
  19. Write a shopping list
  20. Dust one room or floor of your home
  21. Fill up the bathrooms with toilet paper
  22. Load the dishwasher
  23. Unload the dishwasher
  24. Vacuum one floor
  25. Clean the entryway or mudroom
  26. Clean out a litter box
  27. Change sheets on your bed
  28. Organize leftovers in your fridge
  29. Plan out meals for the week
  30. Organize homework books
  31. Plan after school activities
  32. Clean your front door
  33. Dust your home
  34. Peel veggies for dinner
  35. Marinade meat for dinner
  36. Whip up a batch of muffins
  37. Organize your coupons
  38. Clean out the medicine cupboard
  39. Start an inventory list for each room
  40. Match up socks
  41. Wash the dishes
  42. Clean the microwave
  43. Clean out/organize the fridge
  44. Dust light fixtures
  45. Change the furnace/AC filter
  46. Mop the kitchen floor
  47. Clean all the mirrors
  48. Empty the trash
  49. Put items into the recycle bin
  50. Set the table for your next meal
  51. Fold napkins
  52. Top up your baking ingredient bins
  53. Pick a new recipe to try out
  54. Clean out one drawer in a room
  55. Clean out your pantry

Self Tasks – 10 Minute Tasks

  1. Tidy up your jewelry box
  2. Play a game of cards
  3. Start a packing list for your vacation
  4. Pick a new recipe to try out
  5. Read a motivational quote
  6. Read a poem
  7. Watch a video
  8. Grab a blanket and sit on the couch
  9. Practice a new skill
  10. Make a snack
  11. Read a book on Kindle
  12. Create a reading wish list
  13. Write a reminder for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries
  14. Plan out your day
  15. Pray
  16. Take a shower
  17. Fix your hair
  18. Eat lunch
  19. Clean out your wallet or purse
  20. Read
  21. Take a power nap
  22. Delete old text messages
  23. Chat on Skype with a friend/client/customer/family member
  24. Catch up on overdue tasks

So now you know how to stop wasting your time 😉

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