A Brief History Of Social Media

A Brief History Of Social Media

A Brief History Of Social Media

You’d be forgiven for thinking that social media began with Facebook, but at the same time you’d be mistaken.
In fact, social media has been around in one form or another almost since the Internet first hit the scene, at least in its contemporary form.

BBS Beginnings
Social media began with the Bulletin Board System, more commonly referred to as BBS.
Boiled down to basics, the BBS was a part of online programming code that gave users a means by which to communicate with remote servers to upload, download, and request content.
Needless to say, most of said material was comprised of pirated software and media, but it nonetheless spurred the first recorded use of online messaging systems and forums for the exchange of information.
Over the course of the 80s, the BBS gained popularity across the world as something of a useful novelty.
Though it was for most ruled out by excessive usage costs due to standard dial-up connections being the only options on offer.
Also, long-distance calling charges often applied for those looking to make use of the services from other towns and cities.
Therefore, these BBS services were in most cases localized and thus became technically the first location-specific social networking services at the same time.

Lower Prices, Higher Speeds
While the technology behind the BBS wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, the impact was.
All through the 90s when the internet was already undergoing its true birth as a consumer tool, the BBS service increased in popularity and saw more and more joining up as access fees decreased, and speeds grew.
In fact, there are certain examples that survived what became known as the internet revolution and are still used today be certain groups if mostly behind the scenes.
However, if looking for the most prominent precursor to social networking as we know it today, the tip of the hat has to go to America Online, or AOL as it is more commonly known.
AOL is credited by most with offering the modern internet before the modern internet was ever created.
AOL went far beyond the basics by allowing users to create their own profiles and communities among members, which were quite staggeringly ahead of their time in both concept and execution.

A Brief Historical Discussion Of Social Media (1969-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC ..

But here's the thing: the history of the social media actually goes back a lot further, and its roots can be found in blogging, Google, AOL, ICQ, the beginnings of the world wide web and, perhaps surprisingly, CompuServe.

A Brief History Of Social Media2003 – A Major Milestone
Over the years that followed, social media networking took thousands of different forms though there were fairly few that managed to stand out or go viral by modern standards.
The introduction of LinkedIn in 2003 represents one of the most significant milestones in the history of the social media.
Approaching the idea with something of a more formal and business-related demeanor, LinkedIn was mainly created to rope in a more serious crowd, as opposed to the usual swathes of teenagers.
It worked – LinkedIn is still going strong today with 175 million members.
Also launched in 2003, MySpace managed to obliterate the numbers of LinkedIn by over three to one.
Though its fall from grace was arguably the most spectacular following the introduction of the undisputed heavyweight of them all – Facebook.

Personal branding

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History Of Social Media

The Secret to Facebook's Success?
The Secret of Facebook’s bewildering success still isn’t clear to this day, but, with most of its 1 billion users having their own slightly different take on things.
While some point to its ease of use, others are more taken by its myriad of features and some have even said they simply prefer the name of the site.
The fact that Facebook is also built into tens of millions of Smartphones and tablets certainly hasn’t harmed the cause either.
According to experts, however, Facebook’s success lies in the promotion of openness and honesty.
Allowing users to be themselves and promote themselves with ease, which is something it seems the world of today is crying out to do.
And that is the story of social media so far – the next two decades should be interesting, to say the least!

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