The abundance mindset

Ditch The Scarcity Mindset And Embrace The Abundance Mindset

Embrace Your Abundance Mindset

Stop Thinking Small Plan for Your Dream Life Instead by developing an abundance mindset.

There are two types of thinking in the world – scarcity thinking and abundance thinking.
Scarcity thinking is a limiting belief that there isn’t enough.
Abundance thinking is a belief that there is always more than enough for everyone.

If you think small (scarcity thinking) understand that it’s not your fault. You’ve been taught since birth that there is not enough. There isn’t enough water, money, clean air, etc. But, the truth is, there is plenty in the world, so there is not just enough to go around, there is an overflow of enough to go around.

Let’s look closer into scarcity thinking and then we’ll move on to how you can change that to thinking in abundance instead so that you can plan for your dream life.

Thinking Small (Scarcity Mindset)

The scarcity mindset

When you think small you believe that no matter how hard you work there will never be enough. Due to this idea of scarcity, you act like you’re in competition with the world for your every breath. You often tend to hoard things/money, don’t want to help others because they might take your ideas, and you often develop a chip on your shoulder about your competition. You may even be terrified of being replaced in all aspects of your life whether it’s work or your personal life.

You think that times are tough all around and are going to get tougher. It may be the political climate; it might be what you see as problems with the environment, the world, and other issues. You may even have limiting beliefs about love in that you think you can’t love more people than you do which may cause you to act jealous.

You tend to avoid risk and you fear change. You may or may not have these limiting ideas that make you think small, but for most people, at least one or two of these ideas linger and cause you to think too small limiting your potential. Let’s look at each of these limiting beliefs and describe with an example how they’re not true.

You Believe There in Finite Resources

This issue is something that most people on the planet believe because it is perpetuated by the media and others participating in public discovers. But, a simple understanding of nature and science can get rid of this idea from your head forever.

Let’s use the examples of energy and water. It is true that fresh water is limited on earth naturally. It is also true that there is only so much fossil fuel available to use. At the rate, we use both water, and fossil fuel the story goes – it’s going to run out. Even the chairman of Nestle has commented that he doesn’t think having fresh water is a human right. This type of limiting thinking can even cause wars.

But, what if you knew that fresh, potable water could be created out of seawater? Well, it can. In Israel, desalination of seawater has revitalized the country and rid them completely of drought worries. What’s even better is that the process can be completed with solar power. This brings us to the answer to the issue with fossil fuels. We can get infinite energy from the wind, water, the sun, and who knows what else. As science works to find answers it becomes clear that there is no shortage of resources. We must change the way we think so that we can use new ideas to answer old problems.

You Keep Ideas & Knowledge to Yourself

Because you believe that only one person can “make it” with an idea you often do not share your thoughts or knowledge with others. You are too focused on being at the “top” of the food chain that you don’t realize that you’re making the pie smaller instead of bigger by being selfish with your knowledge.

There are many reasons that keeping knowledge to yourself is not beneficial but the best example is how authors write books. They usually do a rough draft. Then they edit it themselves a few times to make it better. Finally, the author turns over their completed manuscript to an editor. That’s when the work begins. They collaborate on the project until it’s perfected. The combined knowledge of the editor and author make the work complete.

The same can be said about almost any type of work or idea. When you share it with the right people, you’ll immediately get even more ideas – ideas, that might make the first one even better. It is true that someone might take your idea and use it for themselves. But, often you end up with an even better product or service because of all the input you receive when you share knowledge. Not only that, you may help others do things they never thought they could.

You Have a Hard Time Trusting

When people have limiting beliefs and suffer from thinking too small, they often have a difficult time in relationships. They feel suspicious of anyone who is nice. They think people are out to get them or take from them what little they have. They don’t trust other people. If you feel like this then you are suffering from thinking too small and limiting beliefs.

Regardless of what the media spreads, the truth is, the world is becoming less violent and more accepting and loving as time moves forward. It’s just that we have quicker communication and the bad things tend to get more coverage than the good. There is actually less poverty, less sickness, less war, less murder and so forth in the world today than there was in the past.

Of course, it depends on where you live, but you must look at the whole picture of the entire earth to realize that people are becoming kinder, more loving, and less selfish than in the past. The main reason is that doing mean things to people doesn’t pay off in the long run. Being violent hurts the violent person. Being a bad person doesn’t pay off, so, fewer people do it due to the example others have set that proves that most people want to get along, most people want to share and most people have good intentions in life.

If it’s difficult for you to trust people, try this experiment. Instead of walking through stores and life with your head down, lift your chin up. Put a smile on your face and start being helpful. The more helpful you are to others the kinder the world appears to you. For the most part people are nice.
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You Dislike Your Competition

Automatic dislike of your competitors is small thinking. You’ll see it across the spectrum where football fans get into fights with their rivalries, political enemies attack each other, and business competition tries to lobby the government to stop others from competing. Most of this happens due to having limiting beliefs and scarcity thinking.

Now, it is true that everyone can’t sell the same thing and expect to earn enough money. But, it is easier to make sales when the basic product is different or better in some way. That’s why there are so many different makeup companies, jean companies, car manufacturers and so forth. Making something a little better or a little different will pay off. But, you don’t have to destroy your competition by putting them out of business to do it. Instead, you can work together.

A good example of this happens with industry events. When competition gets together in any industry event, the smart people will work hard to meet other smart people who like sharing. They talk together; learn new ideas, and then walk away knowing they can make their offerings better.

This is especially true with networking events. Each year an Internet Marketer named Kelly McCausey puts on a wonderful event called Exposure & Profit. Most of the attendees are in fact competition in some way. But, they share ideas , help each other improve, and somehow, even more, people start making more money when it’s over. There are no limiting beliefs there.

You’re Getting By

Some people tend to earn just enough money to get by. This causes them to be on what seems to be a never-ending struggle to keep their head above water. They do it, and seem to make the rent each month and never seem to go without. But, they feel as if they’re going without because it’s always “just enough.”

Often this problem can be caused from limiting beliefs and bad money mindset ideas. Some people feel guilty about wanting more. They think it’s selfish deep down to want more. They may know people who have a lot of things who are jerks. This poor outlook keeps them from ever earning enough to save for a rainy day and can lead to other bad thoughts and feelings that keep them thinking small.

If you’re getting by right now, congratulations. You’re doing it. But, with a little bit more effort, fewer limiting thoughts, and more positive-actions, you can break through and get more than you need without feeling as if you’re taking from others. But firsts, you must start thinking that the world is abundant with all that you and everyone else need. You need to think outside the box a little to find it.

You Feel Pessimistic About the Future

Many people who think small tend to be very pessimistic about the future. You know people like this. They always think that the end is near. They think this is the final straw and the world will end. But, disasters happen, and people recover. Wars happen and people recover. Yes, people do die in disasters. Yes, people die in war. But humanity lives on and usually gets better after any situation.

Whenever you find yourself thinking that the future is going to be horrible and that there is no way to make it better you must look to the past for answers. Read about history. Watch historical documentaries. Even historical novels and movies can give you some perspective so that you can see that the world is a better place today than it was 100 years ago. It might take some education to get you to accept it, but no one has had it better than they have it now in history.

Yes, there are problems. Yes, we need to do better. But, things are better now than they were before and they will continue to improve as we move forward in time, no matter what is going on, who the world leaders are, or even if you are sick. The experiences you have will make the future different and better. World leaders come and go, people are living longer than ever, and the work doctors do with you during your illness will help other patients.

Sometimes it’s hard to think like that and get yourself off your mind. But in the big scheme of things, life is getting better for more people. That should count for something, even if you’re not currently where you want to be. More people are where they want to be than any other time in the history of the Earth.

You’re Risk Averse

There is nothing wrong with being careful about the risks you take with your life, other people’s lives, and your money. Yet, if you’re not willing to take any risks you’re going to end up a very lonely any broke person.

Just leaving the house each day carries some sort of risk. Putting your money in the safest credit union still, has some form of risk. So, living the life of your dreams also will need you to take some risks. They can be and should be educated risks. Remember taking no risk is also a dangerous choice and could be even riskier than taking an educated risk to do something new and different.

The truth is that scarcity thinking can cause you to make choices that are riskier and more dangerous than abundance thinking. When you think big, you can act in big ways without doing so blindfolded. To avoid making choices based on not wanting to take risks, you should conduct a lot of testing, get educated about a subject, and then make smart choices based on the information you have rather than the information you assume.

You Feel Entitled

Often, people who think small seem to act as if they’re entitled to something someone else has and deserve it more than the person who has it. If you feel that way about something, you should take a step back. Maybe you are smarter than someone else, maybe you are more deserving because you’re a nice person and they’re not. But obviously, you did not do the work to get what they have.

Sure, sometimes people are born with more advantages. That’s true. But being born to riches doesn’t make you rich. It doesn’t mean they’re living their dream life either. They could be miserable people who happen to live the lifestyle you want to live and you’re jealous. That jealousy causes you to lash out at them (either in actuality or in your mind) and make you look like a small person.

This happens a lot in various Facebook Groups where someone who is jealous that someone else has created a product, a service or something of value that has made them a lot of money. Jealous people, who feel as if they deserve that success more will lash out and say things like “What have YOU done besides create this course?” Instead of thinking like that, you should check yourself and ask yourself why you’re so afraid to do what they did so that you can experience the lifestyle they have? Why didn’t you do it?

The fact that you are scared, or don’t think you’re smart enough, or have enough experience is not their fault. They don’t deserve your entitled attitude. Instead, use that feeling to do something better that will serve you and your audience and practice being happy for them. When someone honestly and ethically achieves success, practice being happy for them.

You Act in Fear

Many people who have limiting beliefs and who think small will sometimes act out in fear of loss. If you make choices on the spur of the moment, or you buy things, or own things, you don’t like because someone else did it, you may be acting in fear.

Salespeople use this fear against people all the time because they know that most people do have issues with scarcity thinking. After all, we’ve been taught that sort of thinking since the day we were born. Not enough food. Not enough water. Not enough oil. Not enough desks in a classroom and on and on it goes until we’re grownups and well still think that there aren’t enough cookies to go around.

Bad choices are often made out of fear. Why not eat that extra donut today, after all, there won’t be anymore tomorrow? Why not spend 1000 dollars on the credit card to buy that couch I like, after all, it or I won’t be here tomorrow. You can see where this is going. But, if you let go of fear and scarcity thinking, you won’t be afraid to put off eating that cupcake until another day. You aren’t afraid of doing without and saving your money so you can use it in the future.

You Have No Self-Confidence

Many people who indulge in scarcity thinking tend to lack self-confidence. Their real reason for not doing more is that they don’t think they’re good enough. They don’t believe they deserve anything. Their entitlement attitude gets to them and they think they’re a bad person and don’t deserve happiness, money, and their dream life

It may seem contradictory to feel entitled but at the same time lack confidence but often the two go together. Because after a person beats up on other people for having what they want and deserve they’ll beat themselves up even more for not being good enough, smart enough, or not enough ever.

The way to overcome this is to do things that help you experience self-confidence. When you do things that make you uncomfortable, you’ll come out feeling good about yourself, which will improve your self-confidence. This is especially true if you find a way to do things for others at the same time.

Now that you understand all the factors that play into thinking small keeping you away from your dream life let’s talk about the factors that will help you learn to think big and live your dream life of abundance.

Thinking Big (Abundance Mindset)

The abundance mindset

Once you realize that the scarcity mindset is a lie it’ll become much easier to think big and build the life that you want. It’s amazing how it works. Positive, abundant thinking, along with action will help you create an abundant life that is the life of your dreams once you’re not afraid to dream big and act big.

There is Always More

Remember the example of Israel’s drought and how they solved it. The Earth is 72 percent water. It is true that most of that is not drinkable in its natural form. But, technology has already created a means by which to turn ocean water into good drinking water. What’s more is the ocean is rising, so it’s unlikely that using seawater will be dangerous to the balance of the earth.

Also, think of the fact that it is also true that we have limited fossil fuel reserves but think about how science is creating fuel alternatives that will be more renewable such as fuel from algae, the sun, and even bamboo a highly renewable source. The fact is, even if we don’t know what it is yet due to not having discovered it, there is always more.

Did you know that people are growing food forests in the desert? It’s amazing what people can figure out how to do when they’re letting go of the scarcity model of thinking and moving toward the can do abundant model of thinking. This can work in your own life too. Instead of thinking, “I’ll never have that dream house I want.” Think, “What do I need to do to have that dream house I want?” Then create a plan of action to do it. Nothing is impossible with the right plan.

You Love Sharing Your Knowledge

The Abundance Mindset! Once you teach yourself to think big, you’ll soon realize that sharing your knowledge isn’t a scary proposition and that people aren’t going to steal your idea and beat you at your own game. Instead, you might discover that while a lot of people want to know about the topic, they don’t want to do the work.

A great example is the advent of training courses for all types of things. Learn about Katwise. She started creating upcycled sweaters that are interesting and colorful. Each time she put them up for sale they were sold out within minutes. She earned a lot of money making the sweaters, hand warmers, and leg warmers. So much that she decided to create a course to teach others how to make them.

People thought she was nuts. Why would she teach other people how to do what she does? Wouldn’t that cut into her profits? Well, no it didn’t. While some people have followed her course, and do what she does, nothing is like a Katwise original and she still sells out minutes after putting her work up for sale.

The fact is Kat doesn’t think in terms of scarcity. Instead, she lives her entire life with plenty and it shows. She’s bigger than life, more colorful than Technicolor and more than likely, she’s rather wealthy at this point, although she doesn’t talk about it, from her blog and lifestyle you can tell she is very grateful and happy with her choices and where she is in life. What can you teach someone? How can teaching add abundance to your life?

You Build Relationships Easily

People, who aren’t jealous, don’t think small and do not live their lives thinking there is only so much love to go around tend to build relationships with others easily. What’s interesting is they don’t even worry about whether some people will like them or not. They don’t care about that type of negativity. They open their heart and their arms to others easily and regardless of what happens they know without a doubt they’ll learn something from the experience.

The truth is that relationships are the cornerstone of our lives. The more value you put into each relationship that you develop the more people will gravitate toward you wanting to build a relationship with you. The more people will want to recommend you, help you, build you up, and know you.

Look around you and think of the people you know who are good at building relationships. How do they do it? Usually, they’re positive people who aren’t judgmental, jealous, or resentful. They are happy when someone else succeeds. If you start thinking about how all your relationships are like a team, you can overcome a lot of relationship building issues. If you were on a baseball team and your teammate beat you on home runs for the year, would you be resentful or happy for them? An abundant thinker would be happy for them and ask for some pointers.

You Love Your Competition

The truth is the more competition you have the bigger the pie becomes. In fact, your competition is out there educating your audience about the need for your product or service this very moment. As more people are educated about their need for your product or service, the pie becomes larger so that there is enough to go around for everyone. There is no fear associated with it any longer.

Plus, the more competition you have the better you can do with your products or services. They’ll keep you on your toes and force you to deliver a better version of yourself than you would if they did not exist. Think of any monopoly that you know. At one time, the phone company became a monopoly. Prices went through the roof. When that happened, customer service became worse and customer satisfaction went down.

The government broke up the monopoly which increased customer service and lowered prices and increased customer satisfaction. When you look at competition as your helper to help educate your audience to help improve your product to make your customer happier suddenly you learn to love your competition because you know that you can differentiate yourself and do ever better for your customers.

You Love Delivering Above Expectations

When you have an abundance thinking mindset, you stop giving people only what they expect. Instead, you give them more than they expect and you experience a feeling of joy. You can give them more because you know there is always more to be had and you’re not going to “run out” of ideas or value. Not only that, you are grateful for the opportunity to deliver more.

You don’t feel resentment. The way this happens is that you also value yourself. You price your products and services at the right price point so that doing business is a pleasure. Even if money is not involved, let’s say you are over delivering to your friends and family. If you’re not being walked on, you’re going to receive a lot back for your efforts. That’s why donating to a charity is such a popular activity – it feels good. No one really gives to charity just because they’re giving, it’s because they’re also receiving something – even if it’s only a good feeling. They can do this because they know they’ll have more to give again because there is no shortage.

You’re Optimistic about The Future

Once you let go of thinking small dreaming of your future and building your big dream will feel great. You’ll be happy and optimistic about the future to the point that you’ll be able to sit down and plan your dreams with actions to follow to ensure that you experience the reality of your dream.

Remember, a dream without a plan is just a dream. But a dream with a plan is a goal. A goal is achievable with action. So, if you want to write that novel instead of thinking of all the reasons you can’t. (I don’t have time. The baby won’t let me. I can’t work when they’re sleeping.) You’ll think of ways to do it.

Write for one hour after the kids go to bed. Write for one hour in the morning before they get up. Hire someone to help you with the kids or to do another chore that takes up your time and prevents you from writing. Optimism is contagious. It creates positive forward-motion that brings results and this helps to continue the cycle.

You Are Risk Positive

Being risk positive isn’t the opposite of risk aversion. It means that you study the situation so that you can make good choices about the risks that you take. So, if you want to make money online via blogging, you study how other people make money blogging. Then you take direct action toward that goal without worrying about what could go wrong.

It doesn’t mean you jump out of an airplane without a parachute. That’s silly. It means that you ensure that your parachute is ready for you to jump. You do this by creating detailed plans that you study and test to be reassured that your actions will more than likely lead to success. It’s the difference between investing your money in a diverse way and investing it all with one bank or one person. Both have some risk but diverse investing always has less risk.

You Are Grateful

As you begin to experience success, it’s important to feel grateful instead of afraid. Fear is a limiting belief, being grateful is an abundant emotion. The fact is, the more grateful you are about your life the more you’ll work to ensure that you have the life that you dream about having.

Stop Thinking Small Checklist

Stop Thinking Small – Worksheet

You are Confident

Feeling confident about your abilities is difficult for some people. It’s a sad fact that most people are walking around with “imposter syndrome.” Some of the most successful people you know aren’t enjoying what they have because they’re not confident of their own abilities and fear that they could lose everything at any moment. Confidence is something that you build as you experience more success and failure and make it through both by learning the lessons you are supposed to learn you’ll start feeling it more naturally. It takes time and experience.

All this will help you stop thinking small and help you plan for and build the future of your dreams starting today. Use this guild to identify the limiting beliefs that you have, and replace them with an abundant belief so that you can go forward with living the life of your dreams now.

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