Why an Academic Planner is A Key Student Time Management Tool

For many students, time management is a daunting task. It can be challenging to balance school, work, and social life. The Academic Planner is an essential time management tool for students who want to accomplish more with their time.

The Academic Planner is a grid-based calendar and planner designed to help students of all ages and experiences more efficiently manage their time. It contains spaces for personal notes, class schedules, and assignment lists. It also comes with a monthly overview.

A planner will allow you to plan your upcoming semester schedule while also gauging what commitments are available.

Have you ever realized halfway through your semester and noticed that there are tests to take, readings not completed, and assignments due?

Not to mention your aunt’s birthday that you promised to be at! 

These types of activity bottlenecks create stress since they mess around with your energy cycles altogether.

Academic Planner

Academic planner app 
A new academic planner app, called myhomework app is gaining popularity in the education community.
The app allows for users to create customizable schedules and track their progress.
It also includes a built-in to-do list and has been praised for its user-friendly interface.
Myhomework app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

You know the saying:

Plan your work and then work your plan

But many fall short in their upfront planning too….however, for students this may be the difference between success and failure.

As a student organizer with time slots available each day, using an organizational planner gives insight into planning your workload. You also give yourself a map of your timeframe and where you will be at full capacity.

But did you also know that the quality of your output is better?

That’s right… with planning, you are more likely to write better assignments and score higher marks…. all with less stress.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but too few students do this.

Get your academic planner

You should be able to download planners from your local educational institution.

What to put in your student planner

Put those deadlines or fixed commitments across the term.

These can include:

  1. your assignment due dates and their importance in this semester plan.
  2. the exam date for each subject you are taking finals in
  3. any personal commitments you’ve already said that you’re going to attend. These things could be like sporting obligations or visits with people on their birthdays……. yes this includes your aunt’s birthday ☺
  4. And if you’re going to be in a different city for an exam, then make this clear.
  5. The above will ensure that you don’t get distracted by other things and also give you a way to track your progress from week to week.

As a student, you will need to consider organizing your work and life around these critical deadlines. It will require some planning and effort, but it is well worth the effort.

Most importantly, you do not want to be accused of ‘failing’ your exams because you did not work hard enough.

A student academic planner
When you are looking for a student academic planner you should check out if:
The app is designed to help students keep track of their schoolwork and schedule.
The app is available on both android and iPhone devices.
The app can be used to keep track of homework, tests, and projects.
The app has received positive reviews from users who have downloaded it.

An essential tip to student success

While you have a map of your academic term… it is a pie in the sky until you start working towards it. A key to student success is to plan at the weekly level. This is the Goldilocks of short-term planning.