What Role Do You Play To Achieve Your Goals?

What Role Do You Play To Achieve Your Goals

Let’s start working with the Goal Setting Model mentioned in A Goal Setting Model That Works.

You’ve listed goals and things about yourself or your life you wish to improve in order of their importance to you. You’ve written your mission statement, the road map you’ve chosen to follow, your vision statement, and your end result (how you view your future success and happiness). 

When you work through the following paragraphs, keep in mind that Goals are there to bring purpose to your life. You will find success in the journey to your goal. It’s all about bringing passion (back) to your life. Success does not merely follow after goals have been accomplished, but it occurs as you work towards their completion. 

How to achieve a goal successfully

Setting and achieving goals is a key part of any successful person’s life. But for many, goal setting can be difficult. How do you set goals that are achievable and motivating? How do you make sure you stay on track to achieve them? And once you’ve achieved your goal, how do you make sure it doesn’t become just a one-time thing

Goals should identify a specific outcome and should answer questions involving:

  • Who 
  • Why 
  • How
  • What 
  • Where
  • When 
  • With Whom

Who? Who are you as an individual? 

What Role Do You Play To Achieve Your Goals?

What Role Do You Play To Achieve Your Goals?

First, “Who.”

Who is the person setting those goals of life.? You, of course. What role do you play to achieve your goal? Who are you, or what part do you play? Is it the role necessary to complete your plan? What do you need to change?

When you take a close look at yourself and take note of your actions and thoughts during a day, you probably think of yourself as a pretty good actor, an actor who acts according to a script, and an actor with enormous improvising qualities matching the different demands that meet him or her all the time. This actor in us can manage a vast number of roles.

All through life, you play different roles depending on what you are doing and to whom you relate. For example, when you are talking with your parents, your role is son or daughter, but your role is father or mother when you are talking to your children. At work, you may at various times be a manager, a subordinate, a coworker. At other times, you may be a trusted friend, a volunteer, and so on.

Classifying your part enables you to set a clear goal. Here are examples of different roles:

  • father
  • mother
  • husband
  • wife
  • son
  • daughter
  • brother
  • sister
  • grandfather
  • grandmother
  • boyfriend
  • girlfriend
  • income provider
  • volunteer
  • boss
  • employee
  • project leader
  • team member
  • mentor
  • student
  • sportsman or woman
  • friend
  • neighbor
  • salesperson
  • writer

Which role do you play to achieve your goals?

So how is it for you? What role do you play in your life? First, write down the roles that spontaneously come to mind. Are there many of them? Or very few?

Are there roles you would like to fulfill? Write them down! Write down the painter, sportsman, or writer on your list.

The point is not to describe all those roles in detail. You already know for yourself what a role entails. And you are writing this down for yourself, not for someone else.

Now take a critical look at your list. Are there any roles missing? Have you forgotten anything? What are you not paying attention to that you would really like to? And which role could be deleted?

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Achieve your goals assignment

Now write: “Who” followed by the role you will play as you set out to achieve your goals. For each goal, you play a unique role.

If you have more than 7 “Areas of Responsibility” [Roles] on your plate, you are most likely spreading yourself too thin. 

Here are the roles I defined for myself at this moment. 

  • Author
  • Husband
  • Father
  • Son
  • Social media enthusiast
  • Treasurer
  • Traveler

Anything outside that is just for fun or distraction. The fact is that you can only focus on so much, and that has to be devoted to what you regard as imperative. If you remove all the unimportant bits and pieces in your life, you might get some more meaningful work done.