Affiliate Program Commission

Do you want to earn money on the Internet, and do you have a blog or website?
If you answered both questions with a yes, then several options are open to monetizing your blog or website.

Earning money with advertising is particularly well-suited.
The prerequisite for this is, however, first of all, you have enough traffic to your website.

How much money you can earn with affiliate marketing depends on the number of visitors to your site.
The bigger the flow of visitors to your website is, the more interesting it becomes for potential advertisers and the more money could be in it for you!

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a partnership between an advertiser and a company blog or website operators.
The website operator (affiliate) makes it possible for the company (merchant) to advertise its products on your website.
So operating as an affiliate means you have advertising links, banners or other advertising media of those merchants on your website.
In return, you will receive a commission after a sale is realized through your efforts.

Hardly any other system is as capable, as an affiliate marketing program is, to earn you money on the Internet.
In the market, there are different types of programs, which provide a wide range of products.
For this reason, choosing the right affiliate partner not easy.
In this article, I will show you 9 key points that will help you choose a good affiliate program.

1. Market products that fit your page
My first tip for you is probably one of the most important for the successful implementation of an affiliate program.
It is of great importance that your visitors can identify with the product that you market.
If you have a website about mobile phones and apps, you can promote an affiliate program about cooking, but most likely you will not succeed in making any sales.
You are not reaching the right target group with your site.
You should go for products that are compatible with mobile phones.

2. Market products for which there is a sound demand
Before you market a product, do your research.
Perform a quick online search and look for reviews of other people about the product.
You can damage the image of your website if you promote products with a poor name on the market.
If a product is well accepted, you have a better chance to make a sale.
People put more trust in products of high-quality

3. Do you use the product yourself
The best way to confirm the quality of the product is when you use it yourself.
In some cases, this may not be feasible, due to the associated costs through the purchase of the product.
But in other cases, such as the wealthy affiliate program, you can test their products before you promote it free of charge.

4. A good Commission incentive
If you join an affiliate marketing program, you have a very clear intention: To earn money online through affiliate program commission.
For this reason, the commission is one of the most important points to take into consideration when you analyze available affiliate programs.
If you feel the Commission is fair and motivating, as a solopreneur, you have an extra incentive to market the product.
Wealthy affiliates offer a very attractive commission.
Take a look at what's on offer.

Affiliate Program Commission Pinterest

Affiliate Program Commission

5. Good Promotional material strengthens the sales potential
Before you sign up for a program, check the materials you will receive, which you need for the promotion of the product.
Frequently used methods are banners, but there are also other types such as a ready-made text for your newsletter or even publications for use on social networks.
With Wealthy Affiliate, you will find a large selection of banners with a high conversion rate.

6. Permission to promote the products
Some affiliate programs have special conditions for a product to market.
For example, certain affiliate programs do not allow you to sell the product through campaigns created on Facebook.
Other vendors may disallow any email campaigns or Google AdWords.

7. The importance of long-term profit
The point that you can make money with the long-term marketing of a good affiliate program is often ignored.
But it should not be.
If you expect to have regular income over a more extended period (and not only for a quick profit), it is crucial to ensure that you receive a commission when a customer has already purchased the product.

8. Available Payment Methods
With an affiliate program to earn you money, it is essential that people can easily buy the service or products.
This only happens if they offer payment methods that are used by the majority of us.
For example, sitesell offers a large number of different payment methods, which are based on the country and the needs of the customers.
In this way, anyone interested in buying the product can and as a result, you can earn some money too.

9. Some affiliate networks have an additional advantage
Many affiliate programs use multi-level systems.
This means that if someone registers and you receive the commission, then this person will become an affiliate partner too.
So the more people register, the more you might receive from your downline.
In some affiliate programs, you can attract new affiliates, which then build their affiliate network and you get the revenue which your downline generates through their affiliate network.
But truth be told, I am no fan of MLM programs (two-tier-affiliate programs).

Affiliate Program Rates Example

This is a visual example of Affiliate Program Rates

Wealthy Affiliate Rates

Affiliate Program Structure Example

This is a visual example of a Two-Tier Affiliate Program:
Two Tier affiliate Programs

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