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What Are The Consequences Of Ineffective Time Management?

Consequences of ineffective time management Time cannot be multiplied, conserved, or saved. Time slips away, and on some days, you realize that you no longer have enough of it to do what you still want to do or have to do. The questions of how to deal with this precious resource of time, how to […] Read more

Getting Things Done – Small Steps, Big Results

Getting Things Done What is getting things done? David Allen, a productivity consultant,  created Getting Things Done, or GTD for short. It is a popular task management system. The methodology is based on this premise: The more information you have bouncing around inside your head, the harder it is for you to decide what you […] Read more

All Smart Goals Of Life Start With A Dream

Smart Goals Start With A Dream All Goals Of Life Start With A Dream. To lead your dreams in the right direction, it is essential to reflect on yourself. Introspection means ‘looking inside. Introspection is the ability to look at yourself from a distance: your thoughts, feelings, motives, behavior, and fantasies. In this way, you […] Read more