Blogging for Business

Blogging for business is more than a fast and easy way to add content to your website.
A blog is a powerful tool that you can use to develop new and deeper relationships with your website visitors.
Here are some tips that will help you to build a relationship with people through your blog.

blogging for business

blogging for business

  • Blogging for Business Tip #1 – Be Personable
    Blogging is not a formal affair!
    You can post full articles that you’ve written, but you can also post shorter ‘on the fly’ posts as well.
    If you want your readers to feel like they are getting to know you, let them catch glimpses of your life behind the scenes.
    You don’t need to provide private information. Simply be your best self and let your personality shine through.
  • Blogging for Business Tip #2 – Admit Your Mistakes
    If you want your readers to think of you as an expert, you may feel like you have to present yourself as someone who never makes a mistake.
    The truth is that someone who seems perfect can be so intimidating that people feel nervous about approaching you or asking for your assistance.
    You don’t need to tell your readers about every little thing you have done wrong, but sharing an occasional blunder from your own life helps to make you seem more real.
    When your visitors see that you’re human and found success anyways, they start to believe that you can help them do it too!
  • Blogging for Business Tip #3 – Share Your Dreams
    We all have goals, don’t we?
    Make your blog readers your accountability partners and share both long and short-term goals with them.
    At the start of a new month, let them know what projects you want to accomplish and how you’re going to tackle them.
    Promise to come back at the end of the month with an update.
    Invite interaction by asking them for encouragement and advice.
    You could go too far and get overly personal – taking the emphasis from your business and turning your blog into a personal journal. This would probably backfire and reduce the effectiveness of your blog as a business tool.
    If you find that you enjoy blogging for personal reasons, go ahead and start a separate blog on a new domain and bring the focus of your business blog back to business.

If you’re willing to let your website visitors see you as a real person, you’ll find that it will go a long ways towards building relationships with them.

How To Start A Blog:

People are more likely to spend money with and follow the advice of someone they know, like and respect.