Character Matters When You Think About Setting Goals

Character Matters

No worldly possessions can make up for a lack of character. Character implies integrity, and integrity means you do right, even when no one is paying attention.

This means you live by the rule “do to others as you would like them to do to you.” This rule should be part of your life.

Give it some thought.
Have you ever been lured to shortcut your way to achieve something? Of course, reaching that goal is a marvelous achievement, but if you step on too many people on the way up, be prepared to be stepped on in return one day.

Do you usually treat people with respect and honesty? Or do you have a short fuse when you have to deal with those who won’t bow to your every wish and command?

Anyone with integrity and character will never have to be worried about this since they realize that no one achieves good results without the help of others.

Whether it’s business success, in sports, or in raising a family, someone was probably there to offer assistance along the way. A person with character and integrity will know and appreciate this and offer the same helping hand when the opportunity arises.

Character Matters

What does success mean to you?

Character is what you are. Success is what you achieve. Success attained without showing character and integrity is an empty shell.
Your character matters as you work toward your goals, and it is a quality that will inspire those who surround you. So let your strength of character shine through in your walk and talk, and you will be able to achieve great successes.