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Community blogging is a way to create synergy and a sense of community, and also offers a variety of voices and perspective for your blog readers and visitors.
A busy blog gets more traffic and wins faithful readers.
When you start to run short on ideas for your blog, you could consider making your blog a ‘community blog’ and invite a few others who share your interest in the subject matter to post on the blog alongside you.

community blogging

There are large community blogs that pay individual bloggers to post on a regular basis.
Most of the time, though, bloggers accept the invitation and post for free just to gain the extra exposure — especially if they’re going to be blogging alongside people they know and enjoy.

An example of a community blog can be seen at
This blog was started by just one mom, but after struggling to keep up with posting for several weeks, she invited a few other Moms to join her. Each mom blogger is free to post on whatever topics interest her.

The blog owner has placed a few affiliate program recommendations and ads on the blog, and she also encourages the individual moms to promote products that they would like to personally recommend.
The overall flavor of the blog remains personal, and visitors don’t feel like it’s a big marketing fest.

One of the great benefits of a community blog is that the bloggers tend to comment quite a bit on one another’s posts.
This helps to encourage comments from visitors.

If you target a specific topic for your blog, you can recruit other bloggers who have specialized knowledge on the same subject.
Everyone involved will benefit from the traffic that flows through the blog.

The key to success with a joint blog is to have clearly defined responsibilities.
You could set up a schedule for each blogger to follow, or require that everyone post once a day or twice a week.
Whatever works for you.
Lay out the rules for self-promotion and linking out of the blog.
The more generous that you are, the better response you’ll get from other bloggers.
Make sure everyone involved understands your expectations about duplicate content, cross-posting and other issues like vulgar language or flaming.

Community blogging can be fun and also can build goodwill and long-term relationships.
Following these simple guidelines can help you to create a popular community blog that benefits everyone who participates.

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