5 Ways To Show Community Involvement And Make The World A Better Place

Community Involvement

Profile: Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, philanthropist

You can’t live in our modern, digital world and not have heard of the next name on our list.
Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, the operating system series that has powered personal computers almost since they first began.
One of the things that Bill Gates is famous for is his Philanthropy.
Not only did he put nearly all of his gargantuan fortune into charities, he quit running the software giant to focus on the work that is being done by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an organization that he started with his wife.
This may come from his mother, who read a letter at the wedding of Melinda and Bill saying something similar to what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in ‘Spiderman:’ “From those who are given great resources, great things are expected.” The passion for philanthropy and community involvement is something that nearly all of the entrepreneurs that we researched shared.
Here are five ways that those successful businesspeople get involved in their communities and make the world a better place.

community involvement

Community Involvement

Habit 47: They support important causes

As we have already discussed, Bill Gates gave up almost his entire fortune to the foundation.
He now spends his time and energy making the world a better place.
This is a legacy that will last for centuries after his death, but that’s not why he is doing it.
He truly wants to make the world a better place and this is the best way that he knows how.
Of course, no one is suggesting that you give away all of your savings to charity, but do try to support causes that are important to you, and never forget that if you become successful, you have the responsibility to help change the world, even if it is only in small ways.

Habit 48: They inspire others to get involved

You will also notice that successful people make other people want to be involved.
When someone is doing something for their community, or for the world in general, people notice and it makes them want to help as well.
But successful people like those on this list actually take it a step further and actively try to inspire others to help out in their community.
Many of the people on this list are known for trying to get others to help out as much as for helping out worthy causes and people in need themselves.

Habit 49: They volunteer for things

You might not realize it, but the people that you respect because of how much money they make or how successful they are often know how to be humble too.
In fact, many of them people on this list actually volunteer for things.
Volunteering is a way that someone can give back when they are feeling pretty blessed themselves.
Whether it is volunteering to give a speech, helping to mentor a young person or volunteering at the local soup kitchen, successful people want to give back.

Habit 50: They get to know their neighbors

Successful people also get to know their neighbors.
This doesn’t necessarily mean the neighbors on either side of their home.
It simply means the people that share the same space, or perhaps even the same goals.
You’ll notice that a lot of successful people will be very active in their local community.
They will give money to save historical sites, build libraries or do any number of things that benefit the town they live in as a whole.

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