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Creative Outlets

Profile: Warren Buffet, investor and businessman

Warren Buffet is the 20th richest person in the world and the 14th richest American businessman.
The Berkshire-Hathaway CEO started investing long before most people even think about their future – at age 11.
He is one of the most successful businessmen ever to sit in a board meeting and one of the factors that he attributes to his success is his creative pursuits.
Buffet can not only pick a stock with the best of them, he is also an amazing ukulele player.
In fact, he performed a ukulele duet with one of the coolest musicians in rock music – Bon Jovi.
Warren Buffet makes channeling his creative juices towards interesting pursuits a priority, and that’s something that many of the people that we researched share.
Quite a few of them have written books, while others get involved in music, art or various other passions.
Here are six habits of successful people when it comes to being creative.
You definitely want to make room for creative expression in your life.
It worked for them, and it will work for you as well.

Habit 41: They keep a journal

One of the best creative outlets is also one of the most useful things that a person can do in their life.
Starting a journal and writing in it regularly can help you work out things in your mind.
In addition, when you get discouraged in the future, you can look back at your journal entries and see how far you have come.
These days, you might want to start a blog instead, if you feel comfortable sharing that much of your life with strangers.
Otherwise, a writing privately in a journal (whether online or offline) is still something many people choose to do.

Creative Outlets

Creative Outlets

Habit 42: They find hobbies that they enjoy

You will also notice that successful people are not boring.
They have hobbies that they enjoy and they work on them passionately.
Whether that is painting, woodworking, music or computer games, successful entrepreneurs make time for their hobbies regularly so that when it comes time to work they are not completely burned out.
Participating in your hobbies can recharge you for the week and make you a more productive person.

Habit 43: They choose jobs they are passionate about

If you want to be happy in life, then choose a job that you love.
This is exactly what the success stories profiled here have done.
With Ellen DeGeneres, she has an afternoon talk show where she does comedy and makes people laugh, as well as gives away prizes and changes lives.
Bill Gates started Microsoft because he was passionate about the future of computing.
Find out what your passion is, and then use it as a vehicle to help you achieve your goals.

Habit 44: They branch out creatively

Another thing you’ll notice with successful people when it comes to finding creative outlets is that they tend to branch out creatively, but only in ways that are productive and get them closer to their goals.
For example, someone who does internet marketing might write a book about their success at ranking websites because they love to write.
They don’t just write a book for the enjoyment.
They actually channel that creativity into something that will make them money or move them further down the road of progress.
This may turn into a regular income stream if they continue publishing books and they become popular.

Habit 45: They don’t deprive themselves of fun

Don’t think that successful people avoid having fun so that they can work harder.
Successful entrepreneurs know the value of cutting loose and having fun once in a while.
Having fun ensures that you enjoy your work more and that you don’t get burned out.
Reward yourself for your successes and take a break once in a while to enjoy life.
While having success is important, you don’t want to forget to live while you are working towards it, otherwise you may get there and realize that you missed the best years of your life.

Habit 46: They aren’t afraid to be eccentric

Successful people can sometimes be eccentric.
Take Francis Bacon for example.
He drank not because alcohol helped him paint better, but because the hangover afterward did.
Successful people aren’t concerned with what other people think; they are concerned with doing what works and if that means that people think that they are eccentric, then they’re okay with that.
So, don’t hide your eccentricities.
Whatever helps you to achieve success is perfectly fine.

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