Legitimate Online Jobs

Stay at home moms and dads are turning to the Internet in masses looking to replace their day job or to contribute to the family income so they can stay at home.

Many are looking to stay at home so they can take care of their family.
Others just don't want to commute, want to work wherever they want or may have a different often very personal reason why they are looking for a legitimate online job.

For me, the Internet has proven to be a perfect fit.
It made it possible for me to work from home (and even outside the house if the need arises) and replace my day job.
I can spend more time with my family, and I have more free time to do as I wish.
It has allowed me to live my dream.

I can feel the desire of people searching the internet on a daily basis.
They are using search phrases such as best jobs for stay at home moms, work at home jobs, online jobs for stay at home moms,  and home businesses.

As a work at home website owner, I like many others realized a while back that there is a growing demand and supply of legitimate jobs on the internet.

Legitimate Online Jobs

Legitimate Online Jobs

If you are looking to create income, but do not want to own an online business, I found jobs in areas like Data Entry, Medical Transcription, Paid Surveys, Copywriters, Telephone Answering Jobs,  Translators, Web Designers etcetera.

You can see the supply and demand of legitimate online jobs is abundant.
Many choose a couple of good programs to have multiple income streams.
Obviously, an online business may take more time to create additional income than simply working at home.
Please ensure that you do your research by either using a website like mine or do the research yourself.
It is imperative that you do this part so that you have the best chance of success.

I always recommend having a separate email address for you online work at home activities.
You will need a computer, access to the Internet and some free time. Once you have selected a program, you only need to join and start creating income.
The cost for these online programs is minimal.
I was surprised at how inexpensive it is to start working at home.

I have been active on the internet since the early 2000's.
Over the last two decades, I have done several things from building keyword optimized affiliate sites to selling tangible products.
Nowadays my online activities are mainly translating and doing some social media and keeping several websites alive.
Truth be told I only do work and take on jobs I enjoy doing.
In that respect, as a solopreneur/entrepreneur, I consider myself very lucky.

Working from home is a goal for many job seekers, but where should you begin your search?

For the fifth year in a row, FlexJobs announced a list of the 100 top companies offering remote jobs.
These companies were the ones that listed the most remote jobs in 2017.
Flexjobs expects them to lead the employer pack for the 2018 remote job listings too.
These companies are, according to Flexjos, also frontrunners by of offering better and flexible work options allowing professionals to better balance work and life.

Go directly to the 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018!

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