Make Money With Website

In this article, I selected several of the easiest ways to make money with website.
With a website, you can earn a lot of money, and you can even do it fully automated
Read on and find out how you too can make money with one or more of these 8 methods.

1. Making money with a website as an affiliate

This approach to make money with website is my personal favorite!
In short, you send (as an affiliate) visitors to the sales page of a particular product.
If someone buys a product through your unique link, you will get a commission.
This is done by letting these visitors use your unique affiliate link.
This link sends the visitors to the merchant, and it makes sure that there is a cookie on the computer of the visitors.
This cookie is recognized by the payment system indicating to them that the purchaser of the product came through you.
If the visitor buys, you will directly earn a commission.
As an affiliate, you promote a product of someone else.

When a visitor buys a product there through your link, you will get a certain percentage.
This can lead to a commission of 1 $, but also 150 $.
This commission depends on the product that you are promoting and the product the merchant is selling.

Typically it follows this rule: the more expensive the product is, the more you earn.

Affiliate networks are the intermediary between publishers (webmasters) and advertisers.
Using affiliate products is one of the easiest ways to make money.
The only thing you need to do is to send people to product pages that they may find interesting.
The owners of the products or services that you promote are responsible for the sales page, the payment system, the product or service, the delivery, customer service, and much more.
It takes a lot of work off your hands.

Some affiliate programs give you a high percentage of commission.
This is especially true with ebooks because they are cheap to reproduce once written.
For example, there are ebooks that can earn you up to 90% commission

Benefits of making money as an affiliate:

  • It can be fully automated
  • Little work left after you have written content where you can sprinkle in your affiliate links
  • Good income possible

Disadvantages of making money as an affiliate

  • You will not get 100% of the profit

Because there is not much work or knowledge involved to earn money as an affiliate and because it can be fully automated, this is ideal for those who want to start making money online.

2. Make Money with Google Adsense

Google studies your website for information and then looks if they can match the content of your site with advertising content.
Google Adsense places personalized and targeted ads.
When you decide to use Google Adsense, Adsense scans your website.
With the info they acquire, they find matching advertisers.

So if you have a website about borrowing, Google will serve ads about lending and mortgages on your site.
Do you have a website about creating a site?
Then you'll get ads on information about web design, web hosting, and domain registration!
For example, if you have an Irish hotel site and you put Google Adsense ads on your site there is a good chance that “your” ads will be travel related.
If someone clicks on them on your website, you will earn some money.

I use Adsense sometimes because it often takes a lot of visitors clicking on those adds to earn you some money.
This system can be beneficial if you have a site with different topics and many visitors.
In that case, you can use Adsense.
Google will automatically serve ads that align with the visitor's interest.

If you have a good knowledge of your visitors, I would personally almost always prefer a different way, such as, for example, through promoting an affiliate link.
Unless you can't find a suitable affiliate program to promote.

The benefits of Make Money with Google Adsense

  • You copy the Adsense code once, and you are good to go
  • Google controls the ads, so you don't have to worry

The disadvantages of making money with Google Adsense

  • Low earnings per click compared to other business models

3. Create & Sell Your Own Digital Product

It seems the world has gone crazy about making products; they are everywhere!
The simple version of creating a product is a, for instance, create a 40 page document about something and turn it into a PDF and sell it.

Benefits of Creating & Selling Your Own Digital Product

  • Affiliates send you traffic, build your business.
  • Passive income because of affiliates promoting it.
  • Great for building your brand and authority.
  • Big money, earner.

Disadvantages of Creating & Selling Your Own Digital Product

  • Time-consuming to setup.

Make Money With Website

4. Making money with drop shipping

When start dropshipping you only buy a product as a trader after you've sold it.
The beautiful aspect of it is that you will never lose.
You don't even have to own webshop. You can start selling dropship products, through for instance Amazon and eBay.

Benefits of Making money with drop shipping

  • Low Startup Costs – The low startup costs are The most significant advantage of dropshipping
  • Low Risk – Since you don’t purchase your inventory upfront, you aren’t taking the risk of having items you can’t sell.
  • Streamline Sales – Dropship partners will take on the tasks of picking, packing and shipping your product for you.

Disadvantages of Making money with drop shipping

  • High Competition – Because dropshipping has such low barriers to entry, you can bet that a lot of people are doing it.
  • Low Margins – The very low margins. So you have to sell at significant volume to make a decent profit.

Anyone Can Be Succesful Online
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  1. Anyone can accomplish success online. Billions use the Internet. This means there is a massive number of people that you can connect with.
  2. Anything new can appear to be overwhelming at first. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you getting rolling. But don't worry, you will quickly get the hang of things!
  3. No technical or prior online business experience required. Everything related to online business can be learned, and you do not need to be a “techie.”
  4. Success is a Journey. Success is very cumulative by design. Everything you do now and every future step you take will contribute towards your success. An exciting journey does lie ahead, and the effort you put forth now will pay off later!

How Can You Create Success
Success online is a 4 step process.

The process looks like this:

  • Step 1: Choose an Interest. This interest can be anything at all, any interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with.
  • Step 2: Build a Website. Your website is your foundation.
  • Step 3: Attract Visitors. The first focus is FREE traffic, and there is a lot of it out there.
  • Step 4: Earn Revenue. Once you have people on your site and traffic, you can earn revenue. There are many ways you can monetize traffic online!

Everything you need can be found at Solo Build It to facilitate this process!

Building an online business is an exciting time, and I find that new people starting out want to jump the gun to make money immediately.

By doing so, they skip essential pieces of training, doing things in the wrong order, and then they quit after three months because nothing is working and they do not see results.

To avoid failing, you need a good start and to have a good start, you need to know have a deep understanding of how this business works.

This is where Solo Build It can offer you a headstart.

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5. Sell your services

Finding customers for your services is also an excellent way to make money on your website.
A blog can help you in this.
When you have a service, you like to attract more customers.
To reach more potential customers, you can create a blog and write about your services and related topics.
In this way you show off your skills on the subject your visitors are interested in

Benefits of selling your services

  • All you earn is meant for yourself;
  • Easy to set up;
  • A blog converts well.
  • Easy to deliver.
  • Highly profitable.
  • Low Refunds.

Disadvantages of selling your services

  • You exchange time for money;
  • Customers are always right, even if this is not the case;
  • It is possible that you have to deal with slow times without customers
  • Exchanging time for money.
  • Customers are always right.
  • Sometimes you won't have customers!

6. Making money with your webshop

Even if you know nothing about websites, it is not too complicated to create your webshop.
With the right shopping cart software, you can get started with ready-made designs.
As an administrator, you only have to find a domain name and fill your shop with products to sell.

The benefits of a webshop

  • The main advantage of an online store is that your first investment is a lot lower than when you would start a regular shop.
    You do not need to rent premises or hire staff.
    The only thing that you need is online store software and products to sell.
    Excellent online store software costs a few tenners per month, and there are even free solutions.
    The height of your investment, as a result, depends mainly on the purchase cost of the products you want to sell.
  • Easy access to market – in many ways the access to the market for entrepreneurs has never been easier.

Disadvantages of a webshop

  • Website costs – planning, designing, creating, hosting, securing and maintaining a professional e-commerce website isn’t cheap
  • Infrastructure costs – you’ll need to think about the costs of physical space for order fulfillment, warehousing goods, dealing with returns and staffing for these tasks.
  • Legal issues
  • Advertising costs

7. Sell advertising space to make money on your website

You can quickly create a valuable site” if it is a subject that you are knowledgeable about
If the website is online, you can place a link on the bottom of the page (the final paragraph) linking to a page on your site where you explain that you also sell advertising space and what you charge for giving out advertising space
If you attract website visitors than you might be contacted by someone who wants to advertise on your site.
If this is not the case, you can brainstorm what businesses can all benefit from advertising on your site.
Then you can contact them and explain the opportunities they are missing out on,
You determine the price, of course, by how many visitors you have and what kind of website you have

The benefits of earning money by selling ad space:

  • You can make a lot of money if you have a proper party who is willing to advertise on your site
  • Often guaranteed income.
  • Saves you a lot of time.
  • Little effort to monetize.
  • You can meet others in your industry.

The disadvantages of earning money by selling ad space:

  • You might have to go after new advertisers who might involve a great deal of work
  • At times when you don't have advertisers will earn you nothing
  • A set price per month means you can't make any more when your traffic doubles.
  • You have to spend time editing, adding, deleting and finding more advertisers, as advertisers come and go.

8. Making money on your website to sell it later on

A friend of mine has little patience to wait until a site earns him money.
He always prefers cash now, as a result of short-term projects.
He makes a lot of money by developing websites and putting them up for sale on website sales sites such as
You create a website with a good concept that can earn you money each month so you can sell it directly for a decent amount of money.
But of course, you are always at the mercy of the other party and his or her willingness to buy from you.
Some websites are worthless but even, so some ask ridiculous prices while some sites are great, but the owner charges too little.
The disadvantage is selling sites that you potentially miss out on future passive income

Benefits of Making money by selling your website

  • You can earn per sale

Drawbacks of Making money by selling your website

  • You have to put in a lot of effort, and it is difficult to automate
  • You don't have a website anymore
  • It may turn out that you could have earned more by holding on to your site
  • The best tips & tricks to make money on the internet?

Make money with website

I recommend any beginner who wants to go for affiliate income.
It doesn't involve rocket science and is doable if you want to start a side income to your regular job