Earning Money Online Without Investment

Earning Money Online Without Investment Is That Even Possible?


Earning Money Online Without Investment

Earning Money Online Without Investment.
On the Internet, that should be possible.
Some might even say it's simple.
Many have proven that it is possible to become your own boss and live the life you've always dreamed of.
Yet few people succeed in doing so.
Why is that so, and how can you make sure that you don't fall into this category and instead earn some decent money online?
I've listed many ins and outs for you, and I will discuss several reliable ways to make money over the internet.
Earning money online without investment doesn't have to be a pipe dream.

Why ‘internet gurus' make money, and you don't
Anyone who uses social media and surfs on the internet will have encountered ‘internet gurus' telling you that earning online is a piece of cake and that you can do that too.
They show you stacks of money, fancy cars, luxury villas and they work using their laptop on beautiful beaches or by the pool of a 5-star hotel.
Driven by what you see, you decide to sign up for the (expensive) course, and soon it becomes painfully clear how these internet gurus earn their money: by telling people how to earn money online, without having a solid business model or having earned money in another industry (on the internet).

In many cases, you won't see any progress during or after the course and be one disappointment richer.
There are of course exceptions.
There are experts in the field who do tell you exactly how to earn money online and also explain how they have achieved this.
However, many internet gurus are fake and – apart from their earn-money-through-the-internet business – have never earned a penny over the internet.

Making money online is possible without a doubt
In this article, I don't want to be the umpteenth on your path that calls “making money online is possible.”
But I will nevertheless do so!
Because it is possible.
Everyone can earn some money online.
But you will have to lower your expectations a little bit.
If you want the luxury life full of Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, large yachts and private jets, then you will have to have a long breath and a tremendous amount of work to do and money to spend in the coming years.
And even then there is no ironclad guarantee you will succeed.
It is possible, but it is not realistic.
It is more realistic when you approach it as an extra income on the side.
In the course of time, you may be able to make your full-time job out of it.
If that succeeds, you may be proud of yourself!
How sweet would it be if, sooner or later, you could lay off your boss and earn money by doing something you like?

Earning Money Online Without Investment

The Internet is a great place.
Although there are many opportunities, there are also a lot of scams around.
I already mentioned the ‘internet gurus' that over promise and under deliver but the list doesn't end here.
Don't forget all the pyramid games and other schemes.
To give you a helping hand, I've collected the most reliable ways to make money online. We start
Realize that (online) earning money is always related to the time and energy you put into it yourself.
The more time and energy (and sometimes money) you put into something, the more it will grow.

What are reliable ways to make money online?

I will list many opportunities down below.
Not all opportunities will be right for you.
Some will make it possible to earn a reasonable income; others will provide you with some extra money on the side.

Completing surveys

Completing surveys is the easiest way of earning money online.
Companies and organizations benefit from market research and provide this using surveys.
They send the survey to their mailing list, and as a subscriber, you can easily participate and earn some money.
Fees amount to up to $10 per questionnaire.
The longer the survey, the more money you can earn.

Sell photos and videos

This online money earning method is for the photographers and filmmakers.
Companies and organizations often need images for their website (or other marketing expressions) and are not always able to shoot photos and videos themselves.
For this reason, stock photo sites have been set up.
Here you can use pictures for a free or buy them without getting into any problems with copyrights.
An ideal way to earn money online as a (hobby) photographer or filmmaker.
You offer your images up for sale and earn nice pocket money with them.
And just like writing articles, this can become a recurring form of income via the Internet.
As long as your photos and videos are available via the stock photo website, you earn money from them.
Therefore this way of making money online is especially lucrative in the long term.
You only receive a small fee per photo when it is bought by a user, but as the years go by and your portfolio grows, the income naturally grows along with you.
Familiar stock photo sites include iStockphoto and Shutterstock.

Write articles

Writing articles as a means of earning money online is well suited for the writers among us.
A good pen can earn you a nice extra on the internet.
Let us suppose you are a fitness coach working at a gym in everyday life.
In that case, you could write articles about losing weight or doing exercises in the gym.
By doing so, you provide the visitors of these websites with valuable information, and you will be rewarded for that.
You may not receive any direct compensation for the articles themselves.
But you can earn money with advertising income.
Relevant advertisements are shown in each article, and as soon as a visitor clicks on the ad with your article, you will receive a specific fee for it.
Again, this is not a method that will quickly make you rich.
However, if you add new articles to these websites on a regular basis, your earnings can (significantly) increase over time.
Once written, you will always keep earning money, provided that the website remains online of course.

Sell T-shirts

This way of earning money online has been on the rise for some time now, and it is not only a straightforward way to make money online but also a lot of fun.
You don't have to be a Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren to make money designing and selling t-shirts.
Through websites such as Teespring, Teezily, and Fabriily, you can design your t-shirts, shirts, and hoodies in no time at all.
So if you're a bit handy with design (and have good ideas for the subject of the merchandise), then you can make (good) money with it.
The advantage of this way of earning money online is that you have 0.0 start-up costs.
You create a campaign via the website, and once your campaign goal has been achieved, the t-shirts are taken into production.
The website in question receives a commission, and the rest of the profit is entirely for you.

With an average profit of plus/minus € 10, – per t-shirt it can be interesting to try!
Of course, everything depends on your marketing with this online money earning method.
Designing a cute t-shirt and setting up a campaign is not that difficult.
Bringing the campaign to the people effectively can be slightly more challenging.
You can use different ways of internet marketing for this purpose

Online Chores

Almost all of the previous methods of earning money online were about making extra money online.
In principle, it can be hard to earn a real income from filling in surveys or writing articles.
Selling photos and videos can be lucrative in the long run, but if you want to be able to make a living from it, you should become a professional photographer or filmmaker and hire yourself for photo shoots at weddings or parties, for example.
Selling t-shirts online can be a real business, but then you'll have to devote all your time and attention to it.
Performing online jobs, on the other hand, can be the stepping stone to definitively dismissing your boss and living off the income you collect online.
Companies, but also private individuals, can be helped with many things if you have the relevant expertise.
Are you, for example, a Dutchman who is good at English or another foreign language?
Then you can offer your skills as a translator.

Do you have a nice pen, but do you find the writing of articles too low yield?
Numerous people are looking for someone who can write qualitative texts.
Good with Photoshop?
Then you have skills that other people (well) want to pay for.
The best-known place to offer your services is Fiverr.

Perhaps it is the step you have taken towards a new career as an internet entrepreneur!

Sell advertising space

If there's one ultimate way to make money online reliably, it's to have a website.
When you manage your website, you have everything in your hands.
You determine the way in which you earn money with it.
It doesn't get any more reliable than this.
However, it is one of the most difficult ways of making money online.
You can have gold in your hands, but it takes a long time and a lot of effort.

Also, creating the was site can involve (high) costs if you are not handy in building websites.
After all, in that case, you have to outsource a lot, and with website builders, you quickly pay €60 per hour ex VAT.
On the other hand, you can earn money in many ways with your website.
For example, you can choose to display ads on your website.
In that case, you proceed in the same way as the websites on which you can write articles, but in this case, you iron out the entire commission and not just a part of it.
You can have this done automatically (Google can take care of this automatically for you, for example), but you can also offer the advertising space yourself for sale or hire via your website.
In that case, you can set the price yourself, and you are no longer dependent on the people who click on the advertisement.

Start a webshop

We doubted for a moment whether we should include this way of earning money online in this article.
After all, your webshop is one of the most reliable ways to earn money online, but at the same time, the best time to start a webshop is already a bit over.
In every industry at the moment the competition is fierce, and you will have to come from high up to distinguish yourself from the rest to become profitable.
It's not impossible, but then you have to bring something new/others/surprising to the competition.
The marketing of your website is essential.
So think carefully in advance about how you're going to distinguish yourself and which marketing channels you're going to use to achieve your goals.

Affiliate marketing

Another conventional method of earning money with your website is so-called affiliate marketing.
You promote products or services of others, and if a visitor enters the customer base of the provider via your site, you will receive a commission for this.
In many cases, a visitor will have to buy, but sometimes you also get a commission as soon as you have effectively forwarded the visitor.
In principle, you can find providers in any industry and therefore always offer a service or product that matches the theme of your website.
Affiliate marketing is one of the most common methods of earning money online with your website, just because it can be extremely lucrative.
Statistically, a certain percentage of your visitors will always click on your affiliate link or advertisement, and statistically, x part of these visitors will proceed to purchase.
So the key to being successful with affiliate marketing lies in the traffic to your website.
The more (targeted) visitors, the higher your income will be.
However, what you promote must be in line with your website.

To complete the circle and return to what we started with, you can also use your website to share your knowledge about a particular subject.
Developing an online course can be extremely lucrative.
Once you have invested time in the development of the course material, you can make money from it as long as it is online.
Depending on what you teach people, the course costs can amount to up to thousands of euros.
Suppose that you teach someone how to invest successfully and that the student can start earning a lot of money in the longer term, then it is only natural that you ask a few thousand euros for an online course.

You can also expand the course material with, for example, e-books that earn you an extra pocket penny.
This is probably the most lucrative way of earning money online, but here too everything depends on marketing.
You will have to bring your products and services to the attention of the public.
But once you do that successfully, nothing will stand in the way of you living the dream life you've always dreamed of.
Simply because you earn your money via the internet.
But please don't be like the internet gurus we started this article with. Teach people real stuff that you have an affinity with yourself.
Only then will you be able to sustain it in the longer term and start earning money online.

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