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How I Built My Home Business for Espresso Machines

Andreanne HamelIn order to realize my goal of financial freedom, I had to admit that my dream was going to take a lot of sacrifice and determination, and through a process of trial-and-error, I’m now running a successful affiliate marketing website for espresso machines, and am closer than ever to the kind of success I only dreamed about!

Please read on to see what I mean…

Realizing Your Dreams With a Little Love, Fear, and Faith

In 2002, I was a third-year physics student, studying hard with the goal of graduating, moving forward with my M.A. and PhD., and eventually becoming a full-time scientific researcher.
This dream wasn’t new – it was something that had been brewing since I was five years old! I saw my education moving me to new scientific heights, and my young self-continued to hold onto that dream of Nobel prize-winning status.
However, just as people grow and change, their ideas often change with them – and while I still dreamt of completing graduate work and becoming a research professional, another dream had begun to blossom… one that felt far more important than even touching Nobel gold.

I wanted to own a home, I wanted to have children and be able to raise them at home, I wanted to be able to enjoy life with them and make my home and family into a beautiful place to live – I wanted to do gardening, I wanted to travel, and I tried to maintain this sense of tranquility and happiness without financial concerns.
That was what truly mattered.

It didn’t take long before I realized that my first dream – the one my five-year-old self still clung to – would never allow this to happen.
It was a hard realization, but no one ever said that the truth would always be easy to swallow.
I knew which dream meant more to me, and I knew that would mean hard work… and a lot more sacrifice.

Now What – Learning to Take the First Step
Espresso Machine Business

Rich Dad Poor DadIt was while I was reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ that I first started to understand what business professionals meant by the term “passive income”.
It was immediately clear to me that working in a laboratory as I’d planned was far from being “passive,” and that if I genuinely wanted to achieve my lifestyle dreams, I would have to consider a method of business that would allow this to happen.
One of my favorite ideas that emerged from reading this book was the concept of purchasing a building, renting it to tenants, and collecting rent from them on a monthly basis.

I didn’t immediately put this concept into play, and in all honesty, the book was just the first spark in what would soon become a blazing fire.
For the next three years, I worked toward completing my degree while reading the rest of the books in Kiyosaki’s series.
This brought me to the realization that to actually be able to invest in something like Real Estate; I would have to first start a business.

The idea terrified and repulsed me.
I had sworn up and down only a few years back that I would never, ever go into business!
There was so much work involved in business, and wasn’t that exactly what I was trying to get away from?
However, there was no escaping the fact that the return on business investment is often much higher, and I could use the capital from this business to invest in my real interests in the future.
And the future now seemed closer than ever – in 2004, I met an incredible man whom I knew I wanted to spend my life with and build a family with together.
It was now more critical than ever to me that I achieve my dream of becoming a financially secure, stay-at-home parent.

Home Based Business Success Stories and Case Studies

Trial and Error – Picking the Right Passive Income Business

With any new business venture comes a trial-and-error period, and my experience was no exception.
In order to pay the bills, I took a job at a financial institution, but made sure that my mind was continually focused outside of jobs that ‘just paid the bills’.
In July 2005, I attended T. Harv Ecker’s “Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar” with my parents, brother, and boyfriend, and I learned very quickly why they call it ‘intensive’!

There were over 2500 attendees at the conference, which focused initially on breaking down boundaries and pulling up the ‘bad roots’ that prevent you from focusing clearly and freely on the subjects of money and business.
It was a highly emotional time, and for myself, in particular, it was a significant turning point in eliminating the pre-conceived ideas I had about ‘businesspeople.’
During the seminar, I was able to brainstorm some business ideas that could potentially generate passive income – and one of these ideas would soon turn into my first business venture.

Candy Vending BusinessI loved candies and candy dispensers, and it was only a matter of time before two shiny, purple candy dispensers sat on their stands in the middle of my living room.
This business thing didn’t seem so bad!
Of course, that was the easy part – I still had to get them out of my living room and into some local restaurants or pubs.
I learned fairly quickly what rejection felt like, and after a month of hearing “No!”, I managed to revise my sales pitch, using the sales skills I’d learned from working at the financial institution.

Before I knew it, “No” became “Yes, I’ll take four!”
I managed to place 12 machines in a very short space of time, and I even had to order in 10 more to cover the demand – everything seemed to be falling into place!
After each machine was installed, I would visit them once a month to refill them with candy and collect the quarters – and though it was a lot of fun, I calculated that in order to reach my goal of being financially free, I would need so many dispensers that all my “passive earning” time would be filled up with driving around to each dispenser, putting more candy in, and collecting quarters.
In reality, there was nothing passive about it – no matter how much I liked the sweet itself!

Finding Resolution – Creating My Online Coffee Business

Espresso Machine Business ; Stovetop Espresso MakerIn October 2005, I attended another seminar entitled “Fast Track to CashFlow,” and it was here that I discovered the world of online affiliate marketing.
Since I couldn’t afford to fly across the globe for the three-day course they offered, I purchased their WebCashFlow home-study version and dove in… the ideas came, and I began working, but it took nearly all my strength and willpower to force myself to work even 20 minutes per day on building up my coffee website.
Naturally, hindsight is 20/20, and I look back today and wonder what on earth I did for the rest of my time…!
However, if I could go back in time and start again, I wouldn’t do it any other way.
Why? Because starting small – working on it only 20 minutes every day – was a realistic goal for me.
Even though it was all I could commit to, the secret was that I committed myself to it and stuck with it, even on the days I wanted to quit.

Before I knew it, the sense of forcing myself to work disappeared, and was replaced with feeling more like a habit.
With this 20-minutes-per-day habit well established, in February 2006 my coffee and espresso site was finally up and running!
Not only that, but the daily time I allotted to working on the site allowed my business to increase dramatically, and it wasn’t long before the results of my work began to show.
And even better, the more positive results I saw, the more excited I was to work on my website!

I’ll be the first to admit that getting to this point wasn’t easy, and if I had to pinpoint the things that kept me going during the difficult times, I would name these three things: Love, Fear, and Faith.
As strange as it may sound, the truth is, I loved the future that I continually imagined for myself and my future husband, and I held onto the fear that if I didn’t succeed in this business venture, I would spend the rest of my life working in a job I didn’t want, struggling to make ends meet, and always settling for less than the best in the life I wanted. This kind of fear is an incredible motivator!
Finally, I needed faith – it was what allowed me to cling to what I’d learned from other successful affiliate marketers.
I believed that what they taught me was useful and necessary since they’d already had the experience and success that I wanted.

Automatic Espresso MachineBetween May and October 2007, I spent a lot of time thoroughly tearing apart the original website and starting fresh.
I intended to narrow down the focus of the website, moving from coffee beans, coffee makers, and gift baskets, to exclusively promoting espresso machines.
It seemed like a crazy move at the time, but it was necessary – the World Wide Web is in a constant state of evolution, and I had to move to keep up with the technology or risk getting left behind.
Through a referral, I’d found a new mentor named James Martell, and I followed his Affiliate Marketer’s Bootcamp and Backlinks workshop intensively.
I also joined a peer support group for affiliate marketers, actively participating in their weekly teleconferences – something that I still find highly valuable today!
No one can underestimate the value of support in overcoming downtimes in your business.

Finding My Place – Working Step-By-Step

All the baby-steps I took to create, promote, and test the new website appeared on my walls or the front of my refrigerator, at one point or another!
Everything from lists, schedules, brainstorms, notebooks, monthly planners, yearly planners, agendas, goal meters, calendars, mission statements, vision statements, principles-to-live-by lists… you name it; I’ve had it!
Even today, I still use some of these tools, and I’ve found the ones that truly work to motivate me and keep me going on a daily basis.
Time and goal management is an essential part of my life and business, and I can honestly say that I love every minute of it!

Electric Espresso MakerThere is nothing better than seeing the results of your labor tangibly.
Each day, our average number of visitors to the website looking for various types of espresso machines increases – which means that our revenue increases as well!
Not only that, but it also means I’m doing even better in moving toward achieving my goal of getting out of the ‘rat race.’

Luc CloutierIn 2007, my life partner quit his job to put even more time into working on the website with me, and I now work only part-time for the financial institution.
We’re moving ever closer to financial freedom – and as long as we keep working hard and keep our sights trained on the goal… we should be free by the end of 2009!
These kinds of dreams are possible – you just need to take that first step.

Espresso Machine Business by: Andréanne Hamel

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