Low-Cost Advertising & Free Advertising

Free advertising and affordable marketing techniques are the most common ways for new home business owners to advertise their business.

In some cases, it is much more worth it to pay a little more to get the best quality service.
So free advertising is not necessarily the cheapest in the long run!

The BEST advertising is the kind that WORKS! 🙂
Always track your advertising so you can know which ads are working best for you.

Free Advertising at solopreneurism.com

We publish women's home business articles, women's business success stories, and information about women's non-profit organizations… this is free advertising for you and your business.
So be sure to take advantage of it.

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More Online Free Advertising

  • Search engines are an excellent source of free advertising, especially if you can get your site listed in the top 20 listings or so.
    It takes some work to do this, but it is well worth the effort.
    This article can help you create a search engine friendly site: Free Marketing Tips – Building Your Website for Search Engine Friendliness
    You can also invest in some affordable longterm traffic generating tools that will grow steadily over time.
  • Writing articles or e-books in your area of expertise is an excellent way to share what you know, and to bring more exposure to your business.
    Make sure your article provides valuable information, and include a short biography about yourself with your website links.
  • Write a newsletter or blog with helpful content.
    This is excellent free advertising which allows you to build relationships with your readers and to share special offers with them.
    When your subscriber base gets large enough, you can also sell advertising as an extra income stream.
    We have a series of articles on How to Start a Blog here.
  • Exchange links with other quality websites in your business niche.
    This can bring increased exposure to your business and your website at no cost to you.
    The more high-quality sites that link to you, the higher your search engine ranking will be.
  • Increase your traffic by building a website from the ground up that is search engine optimized.
    For less than the cost of an ad in the yellow pages, you can build a solid, massive, long-term advertising strategy that will dramatically accelerate your sales.
  • Encourage visitors to recommend your site to others by installing a “tell a friend” script on your site.
  • An email signature file is excellent free advertising.
    An email signature file is your URL and a small catchy phrase about your business that is placed at the end of every email you send.
  • Network online in email discussion groups, chats, discussion boards, business events, and on newsgroups.
    Get to know people, offer helpful advice and be a good internet citizen.
    Providing valuable and useful information to others is one of the most effective free advertising methods for any business.
    There are some excellent women's networking groups listed at Women's Home Business Resources.
    Do not blatantly advertise your business on email or chat groups unless it is specifically allowed.
    Let your signature file do the free advertising for you!
  • Run a contest from your website, and the only cost will be for the prizes and the promotion of your contest.
    This article by an experienced contest promoter will tell you How to Run a Contest on your Website.
  • Give away something valuable for free on your website that brings visitors to your site.
    Then offer an upgraded form of service for a fee.
    This free advertising formula works very well.
  • If you own a Network Marketing business, consider hiring one of the MLM ad agencies.
    These companies provide you with a reliable and regular source of advertising at a much lower cost than you could get yourself. A bonus is that some of these companies pay you for referrals, so your advertising quickly becomes free advertising.

Offline Free Advertising

  • Put your website address on all of your advertising materials, including business cards, stationery, and print ads.
  • Put your website address on your car!
    This is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business offline.
    Think of how many places your car goes in a day or a week!
  • Give out your business cards every day.
    For a few cents a day, this is practically free advertising.
    Some people even put their cards in all the envelopes where they pay their bills!
    You can also get creative and create different business cards for different occasions.
    One enterprising woman we know creates a new business card every week!
    You can even get your business cards for free!
  • Be active in your community.
    Volunteer your time to different groups that interest you.
    Get to know people, and share what you know.
  • Join some business networking groups and participate regularly. Be patient; it takes a while to get to know people.
  • Encourage referrals by providing a gift to anyone who refers a customer to you.
  • Taking out small classified ads in newspapers or Penny Saver papers can bring good response for some kinds of businesses.

A few smart investments and consistent advertising efforts can greatly increase your business exposure.