Free Marketing Tips

Building Your Website for Search Engine Friendliness
Web Marketing is a multidimensional process.
The best source of free advertising is through search engines, which bring visitors to your site who are looking for information.

You can build your website to optimize its rankings in the search engines.
Most web marketing will cost money, but search engines are free!

Here are some free marketing tips I discovered about internet marketing and how to optimize your website for the search engines:

  • Build the home page of your site around a keyword that best describes your website.
    A keyword is a word or phrase that people use to search for a topic.
    For example “web marketing” is a keyword. For best results, choose a keyword that is potentially profitable, i.e., is in high demand.
    See below for how to determine profitability.
  • Keep the content of your website tightly focused on one specific theme.
    If your topic becomes too broad, this will dilute the ‘search engine friendliness' of your site.
  • Include your main site keyword if possible in your domain name, in the title of your page, in the page description and META tags, and in the first 90 characters of your text.
  • Include your keyword, and it's synonyms a few times in your page text.
    Don't do TOO much more than that or it will be considered spamming!.
    Distribute your keyword most frequently at the beginning and the end of the page.
  • Include your keyword in one in-text hyperlink.
  • If you have a graphic at the beginning of your text, consider giving the graphic a name that is your keyword!
  • Don't use a lot of graphics and fancy things especially on the home page.
    Keep it simple and focus on the text which is what the search engines like.
  • Limit your META tag keywords to a few very specific variations and synonyms to your main keyword, rather than using a whole bunch. Always use your primary keyword first, then add a few related ones.
    For example, web marketing is the main keyword for this page.
    Whereas internet marketing, online marketing, internet advertising, and web advertising are related keywords, and each is used at least once on this page.
  • Focus each second tier page (pages linked to your main page) on ONE keyword that is related to your central site concept.
  • Build your 2nd tier pages around the most profitable keywords.
    See below for how to determine keyword profitability.
  • Name EACH of your second tier page files with your ONE keyword for that page.
    Using our example, the URL might look like this:
  • Use the same methods recommended for homepage building in your second tier page creation.
    Include your keyword in the page title, text, etc.
    If you change the subject away from your keyword, create another page.
    Whenever possible, put your most profitable keyword on the home page and the second tier.
    Less profitable topics can go on the third tier, linked to your second tier pages.Remember that you are trying to keep a balance between making the pages search engine friendly, and also making the pages easy to read for your human visitors!
Free Marketing Tips

Free Marketing Tips

Search engines are excellent free web marketing tools.

You may not be able to implement every one of these suggestions, but these are an excellent beginning to getting your website noticed by the search engines, and bringing you visitors who are looking for you!

How to Find Profitable keywords

To find out how potentially profitable a keyword is, first discover how many times that keyword was searched on Google Keyword Planner or
Then, search for that same keyword on and write down the number of site matches the search found. For example, it will say found 10 out of 1,000 site matches, so you'll write down 1,000.
What you're looking for are keywords that are in high demand, which means lots of people are searching for them, that are in low supply, which means there's not already a zillion websites out there.

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