Importance Of Time Management

Many people overlook the importance of time management.

I think this quote shows us why time management is important:

Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it.” – Author Unknown

Perhaps you have arrived at this article today – unsure of why time management is essential.

Look no further because I am going to share with you not only the importance of time management but why you should manage your time.

A morning in the office

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following?

Filled with enthusiasm, you start your day.
There is so much to do today.
But you are in good spirit looking forward to getting things done.
It is time to put your ideas into actions!

You start up your computer, and the usual e-mails pop up to demand your attention.
Hastily go through your inbox, and you answer the urgent matters.
To your relief, there are not so many pressing matters.
But it still costs you more than an hour to get them answered.
You continue without whining.

importance of time managementTwenty minutes later, finally well underway with your other chores, the telephone rings.
Someone wants something from you.
It has something to do with last week’s meeting.
You browse through the paper pile on your desk, looking for the notes you made at that meeting.
You can’t find them.
“You ask, can I call you back in a little while?”

But you can't keep your promise because you have to attend the first meeting of the day.
This meeting takes 45 minutes, and you have no idea why you have to be present.

Then another email arrives reminding you of two critical tenders that you need to finish today.
You open your address lists and a list of articles till you find the right ones.
Cut, paste, repeat.
You work on auto-pilot for a moment or two.

The telephone demands your attention.
Someone inquires about that document of last weeks meeting.

In the meantime, the paper stack in front of you keeps growing.
Your mailbox fills up further.
There are now more emails to answer than when you first started to reply to them in the days beginning.

So you gobble your lunch behind your desk.

What were your plans for today?
Can you even remember?

Perhaps this little sketch is something that sounds familiar to you too.
I sure have been there and done that.

Going through too much of these mornings made me finally aware of the importance of time management.

The Importance of Time Management in Your Life! An important topic

The definition of Time Management is quite simple: time management is the ability to use time efficient and productive.
But in practice, it is a difficult job to keep fully engaged in the tasks we find valuable.

The annoyance not being able to manage time differs between people:

  • Many find inefficient meetings, unclear priorities and complex internal processes a hindrance.
  • For Ceo's, managers and business leaders meetings are often a bottleneck to get things done.
  • The average manager can easily spend up to 10 hours per week in meetings.
  • In the Board of Directors that maybe even be up to 40-50% of the working hours.
  • The average knowledge worker spends nearly 3 hours a day to read and respond to e-mails, which accounts for approx 30 full working days per year
  • Business leaders and managers suffer from the e-mail culture.
    They receive too many e-mails (CC) that they shouldn’t need receiving.

So, are you still wondering about the importance of time management?

1. Effective time management works in two directions

  • Productive employees perform their daily tasks efficiently,
  • but the impetus to productivity and efficiency is not uncommon to come from a good supervisor, skilled in Time Management.

2. Time management is also an important life skill!

You need a lot of self-discipline to analyze and gradually improve your time management.
By doing so, you win time, reduce your stress and get become a happier human being.
Some of the things that have to do with the importance of time management:

3. It is vital to your work life.

Poor time management not only hurts your private life but also your work life.
If you do not know how to manage your time, you can easily be distracted.
Distractions can lead to wasting your time.
If you are repeatedly caught wasting your time, you might even get fired.
This can also have a negative impact on your private life, because of financial problems that result from it.

4. Economic growth through increased productivity

Having more (and useful!) work done in the same time available is profitable for every business: better figures, a higher turnover, more economic growth.

The time that you win over your competitors makes you win the competition in the long run.

5. Better work/life balance through more efficiency

The balance between work and private life is high on everyone's agenda.
More work in less time: isn’t that something everyone dreams of?

6. It is crucial for your private life.

If you don't make use of time management, it can have some severe consequences for your private life.

If you pay bills late, don't nurture friendships, or arrive home later than usual, you can hurt your relationships more than you could have ever imagined.

Friends, spouses and romantic partners won't be happy with this kind of behavior.

7. You work smarter

It is a question of attitude: How well can you plan, distinguish between critical issues and time wasters, prioritize, and bring tasks to a successful conclusion?

Don't drown in stuff you don't want.
You determine your priorities and make sure you can focus on them.

Give all your attention to your current task.
Don't be distracted too quickly and focus on that one task.

Multitasking is often not such a good idea!
Start on time.
Postponing things brings you much more stress than just starting on time.
It is something that will only benefit you.

Take the time to learn time management techniques.

This can only benefit your work and your private life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing time management techniques.

You have to ask yourself, “Why not?”

8. Time Management reduces the stress

Once again; it is essential to focus on the options you have to learn and to practice how to apply time management.

You can, for example, use alarm clocks and timers that will help to make better use of your time.

Even if you don't own a traditional alarm,  your mobile phone, computer, and TV are also equipped with alarm clocks.

By learning time management techniques, you can reduce stress and make practical use of your time.

9. Managing your time well helps us to reach our goals. 

Do you have goals?
By managing your life better, you will find that reaching those goals is much easier.
You can break your goals down into mini-goals to make achieving them easier.

This nearly marks the end of this article but certainly not the end of the overview of the importance of time management.

As you read, you will learn more and more about it.

So, Why is time management so important?

Time is the most valuable commodity.
Time never comes back.
It never rewinds like videotape.

So make the best of it!