Freelancing as a photographer

How Freelancing Could Be Just Awesome For You


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of freelancing?
You probably think of an editor, journalist or writer right off hand.

For centuries, the only job you could have freelancing involved mastery of the written word.
In 2018, however, a time that appreciates freelancers in hundreds of different jobs.
You have probably heard of photographers freelancing too, but what about freelance medical billing specialists, freelance software designers, or even freelance scientific researchers?

There are all jobs that have seen massive growth in their respective fields now more and more people realize that they can make money working for themselves as freelancers instead off solely working under the wing of an employer.

Doesn't this sound pretty good?
You work for quite a few years in a particular field, gain a lot of experience the area of employment you chose, and then you gradually make the switch from your nine to five job to becoming a freelancer and your own boss!

But is it as easy as it sounds?
Becoming a freelancer and making a living doing freelance work?
You have to keep in mind that many freelancers are only doing this part-time.
Because they may have trouble finding work and need a more solid career option to make sure that they do not find themselves going bankrupt.
However, this does not have to be the same in your case if you are willing and able to do whatever it takes to become a successful freelancer.

Although your career switch may not happen overnight, you have the potential in you to become successful at what you do.

When you want to jump from office work to freelance you first have to decide if you have what it takes to become a full-time freelancer.
Don't we all want to be our own boss?
Do you have the drive and dedication to become successful without the watchful eye of your supervisors?
Sadly, many of us don’t.

That is why you have to sit down and give this question some thought.
What makes you so special in the competitive world of freelancers?
Is your skill set large enough to make you stand out amongst the group of people seeking to do the same work as you?
Do you have the necessary time management skills to run your own freelancing business and meet the deadlines your clients set for you?

There may be other career paths that are better suited for you in the long run if you have even the slightest doubt in your mind about freelancing.

When you are willing to start your freelancing business, you need to start off slowly on the freelance path before you can start raking in cash.
It might be sensible to keep your job just yet!
Begin your hunt for freelance work on the internet, in your area of expertise, and see what you can come up with.

Freelancing photographer on an asignment

Skills, such as the ability to write to a high standard or design software for all types of clients, are in high demand and you should have no difficulty whatsoever finding a lot of work in these fields.

But if you are only able to do tasks that are not as easily marketable on a freelance basis, you will find it much more difficult to find work for your freelance operation.

At present some of the most popular fields to freelance in include writing, photography, editing, graphics and web design, software design, and drafting or architecture.

Once you have settled on a field that you want to freelance in, you will have to find your first clients.
But, whatever you do, do not start by going after clients that you may have worked within your current job.
Because there are all kinds of laws against this practice and it may get you into serious trouble if you are caught.
Besides these formal reasons, I have never done it myself, because it just feels morally wrong.

Instead, use your favorite search engine and search for forums and databases specifically designed for freelancers seeking work in a particular field.
There is so much choice available, so within an hour or so you will quite likely have at least ten to fifteen bookmarks of online places where you can post your resume and find employment as a freelancer.

Use your free time to search around on each one of these websites you bookmarked to find that freelance position that sounds good to you.
When you start out as a freelancer, you will probably have to take a few jobs that do not pay very well at all.
That’s fine because these jobs help you build your skill set.
And you can use this experience and positive feedback to convince other prospects to consider doing business with you.

These experiences will help you learn how to speed up your workflow more, effectively manage your time, and even help you get more used to using a computer and the internet to search for answers to any questions that may pop up while you are doing work for your client.

These low paying jobs may probably last for awhile.
But until you have gathered a massive list of satisfied customers, you might have to compete with the other freelancers in your field entirely on how low your rates and fees are.

Eventually, you will graduate into higher and higher paying jobs.
One day you might wake up to find that your income from freelancing has surpassed your current income.

When that happens, it's time for another celebration.
(Although it's always good to celebrate achievements large and small along the way)
You should now feel confident enough to start thinking about reducing the number of hours you work at your current job to part-time status or even quit your job altogether and make your fortunes solely through freelancing in your selected field!

To your success!