Tips For Getting And Staying Motivated

Getting and staying motivated

Getting and staying motivated is very important for us all. But what is motivation?

Motivation is perseverance in times of distress. It is what keeps us from quitting just before we reach the finish line. Yes, we often quit when we are just about to obtain our goals. So why would anyone want to do that? Why does that happen? The reason is that we never know how close we are to that finish line.

Motivation is a powerful component that can drive you past the finish line into the completion of your goals. Everyone has different factors that provide motivation. Some motivational skills come into play naturally, while some are developed by influential outside factors.

To activate your motivation through the setbacks and obstacles that life delivers, you must remain focused on the result. Focusing on the feeling that will engulf your body and spirit when you achieve your goal is the success obtained through sheer motivation. This is the secret of all great achievers. They never give up. They find what motivates them, and they keep pushing through until they obtain their goals. They continue to persist until success is achieved.

You can achieve this success too by finding that burning desire that causes intense motivation to trigger. Motivation comes from deep within you. It comes from a sense of purpose. It’s a type of purpose developed when you have decided to stand up for what is right for you and you alone. It is based on what you value as a person and what will bring you great happiness. Your goals must always be based on these principles. This is the most important step in setting and achieving goals.

Some may say that just setting specific and attainable goals is motivation enough to move you towards goal achievement; however, the reality is that the circumstances surrounding achieving a goal can be difficult and cause discomfort. This discomfort and pain involved in reaching your goals can kill your motivation because you lose focus on the big picture.

No matter what your goals are, from getting in great physical health, saving for a large purchase or vacation, or obtaining that rewarding career, motivation is the secret to keeping you on track until success is reached.

12 Tips For Getting And Staying Motivated

Here are 12 tips to help you remain motivated no matter what curves life may throw at you.

1. Think of the result.

Take your goal, write it down with clarity, ensure that you can measure your steps towards your goal, make sure it is attainable for you, and add a timeline. The timeline doesn’t have to be a completion date but can be small attainable steps to your goal.
The next step is to really ‘feel’ your goal. Imagine what it will look like and how you will feel. Finally, envision yourself achieving your goal. This will help you stay motivated.

Composing a dream board of pictures replicating your goal at completion can be an excellent daily motivator. For example, if you want to save money for your dream vacation but have a habit of spending money on unnecessary items, collect travel brochures and pictures of your travel destination to add to your ‘dream board’. Each day, looking at this dream board will keep your mind focused on what is essential for the future and not be distracted by the present.

2. Reward yourself for small victories.

It is natural to want something and to want it now. We live in a fast-paced world, so how could we expect any different? In reality, goals with deeper meanings may require some effort on your part to achieve success. However, you can’t let this deter you from losing focus on the result.

If you are easily distracted or bored with the tedious steps required to reach your goal, you may find that rewarding yourself for each action you take towards your main goal can lead to significant results. The small rewards are little incentives to keep you motivated. Even something such as a particular flavored coffee treat can be an excellent motivation and build your self-confidence, pushing you through to your final goal. Keep the rewards reasonable; it doesn’t have to be extravagant. However, you want to ensure that it is done frequently to keep you on the right momentum to success.

3. Draw inspiration from others.

There are many avenues to seek out inspiration for keeping yourself motivated. Some of these inspirational sources can come from quotes, music lyrics, movies, or even ordinary people you know who have achieved goals similar to your own.

You may even consider working with someone in partnership. This person may provide the motivational support you need to keep you accountable for your goal. Even a life partner can be a great inspiration in encouraging you to stick with the small steps to goal achievement. There is great magic to be found in friends who are achieving their goals, are happy, and serve as a great inspiration towards your success.

Even speaking to successful people, motivational speakers, mentors, and life coaches can inspire you tremendously.

Tips For Getting And Staying Motivated

4. Give yourself more autonomy.

When you develop a goal, you need to take ownership of it. Dictate how you will accomplish that goal. Decide when you will work on your goal. Be creative in your ownership and truly make the goal your own.

5. Increase your sense of mastery.

You will learn many new things about yourself and the goal itself on your path to achieving your goal. Your skills and your capabilities will increase as a direct result of your work on achieving your goal. Be passionate about what you are doing. Each day push yourself a little further in the process to success.

6. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Have confidence in your work and in the steps you are taking to succeed. Each day you complete a task that takes you closer to your goal, there will be a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Understandably, it may be challenging in the beginning, but keep pursuing. The incredible feeling that you will experience at the end will be an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

7. Visualization

Think of a goal that you want to accomplish. Next, think in detail about your result once you complete your goal. Finally, picture yourself achieving and reaching your goal activating all of your senses.

8. Music and movies

Get a notebook or piece of paper and make a list of CDs and DVDs that inspire you. Purchase the music CD that makes you feel good when you hear it on the radio. You can even purchase an inspirational movie that instantly makes you feel motivated deep within. Listen to the CDs and watch the DVDs every time you need to boost your morale. All these simple things can be used when you are down and need that extra boost of motivation.

9. Collect inspirational quotes

Collect motivational quotes and place them all around you. Post success and inspirational quotes to your computer, on your mirror, or your nightstand. You can log it in a notebook and review it first thing in the morning, at night, or any time you need a motivational boost.
Some positive affirmations include:

  • “I am strong and healthy, and I am in full control of my life.”
  • “I am in full control of achieving anything I want in my life.”
  • “I am full of positive energy and vitality to accomplish all tasks set before me.”

10. Use success creeds

A success creed is a statement used to define the value of importance to you and which you intend to stick to during your pursuit of success.
Some examples of success creeds are:

  • ”I will give one hundred percent of my efforts and thoughts to everything that I do.”
  • “I will treat everyone that I come in contact with within a manner that is respectful, and I will treat myself with the same respect.”
  • “I will make the right choice in everything that I do and say.”
  • “I will direct my energies towards prosperity and success by remaining focused on the result that I have designed for myself.”

11. Use success questions

Success questions are used to maintain your focus on the many internal thoughts that travel in your mind. By regularly reviewing your success questions, you will remain focused and lessen any negative influences that turn into negative thoughts.
Some examples of success questions are:

  • “What type of exercise can I do today to step closer to my goal?”
  • “What can I do right now to assist me in obtaining my goal of _____?”
  • “What can I physically do today to bring me closer to achieving my goal of _____?”

12. Regain control over internal thoughts

Focus your thoughts on the positive end results and the positive steps you have taken to achieve the success of accomplishing your goal. Remove negative thoughts from your mind by replacing them with positive thoughts. Use what you need to keep you positive, such as the following:

  • “I know that as one door closes, another door opens.”
  • “I will always do things with good intentions.”
  • “I understand that it takes work to achieve a goal, and I accept that.”
  • “I am in charge of my own life.”
  • “I am open, receptive, and obedient to what life delivers to me on my path to success.”

No matter how you choose to use these motivational tools, they can help in keeping you focused. Choose what works for you. These are just guidelines that you can mix with your creativity. Do what makes you happy and keeps you focused on the ultimate reward – your goal.