What is Getting Better At Life About?

Getting Better At Life?

Getting Better At Life is about finding meaning in the daily chaos of our lives.
It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing and find happiness. It’s all about a journey in self-improvement.

My name is Raymond Philippe. I run this site together with my wife. We live in The Netherlands. My wife’s emphasis is on running a day-to-day business as a Dutch/English translator. Our daughter also lives in the Netherlands while our son lives in England. I was born and raised in Malaysia before my parents moved back to The Netherlands. But that was ages ago 😉

I’m Interested in Health, Walking, Books, Travel, Art, Languages, Time Management, Setting Goals, Writing,  Getting better At Life, and much more.

From a young age, I was always asking – why? Why? Until I nearly drove everyone crazy. I had to have answers to everything.

As I later discovered, it is easy for us to go with the flow without spending too much time thinking about behind-the-scenes questions like “who am I?” and “what am I doing here”?

After earning a master’s degree in economics, I worked in the banking sector, acquiring a broad knowledge of leadership, customer service, and instructional skills. Later in life, I earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology. I am also an NLP master practitioner. Something I’m grateful for because it broadened my understanding of the human mind.

I am thrilled to meet you here!


Getting Better At Life

We all want to become better people. Whether at work, at home, or in our dealings with people.
We all make mistakes, some bigger than others. And unfortunately, we will never be perfect. But we can try to do our best.
Here are 31 tips and ideas to help Getting Better At Life

  1. Give yourself compliments.
    It may seem strange, but you have to start giving yourself credit to become a better person. Self-respect and self-confidence are necessary. That is why it is essential to give yourself compliments. So take a moment every morning to compliment yourself.
  2. Do not keep your compliments to yourself.
    And do not only give them indirectly. Give people compliments directly when you feel they deserve them.
  3. Let go of anger
    No doubt there are things in life that make you angry. Whether it’s a colleague who takes your credit, a friend who has hurt you, or an ex-partner who has cheated on you, it is crucial to let go of your anger.
  4. Set clear boundaries.
    This may not seem very easy, but eventually, it makes life a lot easier for you and the people around you. It also makes your life a lot more fun.
  5. Don’t accept it when others mistreat you.
    And don’t mistreat yourself either.
  6. Don’t look for excuses
    Everyone makes mistakes. Blaming someone else will get you nowhere. Instead of blaming others for your lack of success or happiness, accept your mistakes and learn from them. You will become a better person for it. Besides, it is exhausting to look for excuses and to be frustrated about others.
  7. Your life is your responsibility.
    Sometimes other people cause problems. But as soon as you experience it as a problem, it is your problem, and there are always things you can do to solve this problem, at least for yourself.
  8. Be honest and direct
    How do you feel when someone you love lies to you? Bad indeed. So do you want to be a good person? Then be honest, give constructive criticism and always say what you think. So dare to express your feelings politely. Do this in your private and professional life.
  9. Invest in the most important relationships.
    Which people enrich your life the most? Spend more time with these people. Cherish a handful of loved ones rather than a house full of superficial relationships.
  10. Be helpful
    Undoubtedly one of the most obvious ways to become a better person is by helping others. There are many ways to do this. Help a colleague who has a problem, support an older person who wants to cross the road, or volunteer at a (local) project. You will become a better person for it, but you will also find that it gives you satisfaction and makes you happier.

    Getting Better At Life - Raymond Philippe

    Getting Better At Life

  11. Do not talk about people who are not there, unless it is positive.
  12. Listen
    Listening to others is not only pleasant for that person. You learn from it. Other ideas and visions are a source of inspiration.
  13. Always be friendly and polite
    It seems obvious, but it certainly is not. Always be friendly and polite. Say thank you and smile kindly to everyone. You will notice, others do it back, and it makes a world of difference.
  14. Fill your head with positive and inspiring information. Watch less news, hang around less with nagging people, don’t worry too much about all the wrong things. Focus on all the things that are going right, and make sure there are more of them.
  15. Keep on learning
    You can do that in different ways. Sign up for a course, follow current events, and ask for opinions and views from others. In this way, you will get to know other cultures, people and thoughts. In this way, you will expand your view of the world and events. Be open to this; it makes you a better person.
  16. Dare to ask.
    You need others to fulfill some needs, but people are not clairvoyant. Most people are happy to help, but you have to ask.
  17. Keep track of all the things you want and need to do in your life.
    In this way, you maintain a sense of control, and you experience more peace. Moreover, it allows you to handle the tasks in your life more effectively.
  18. Keep your work environment clean and tidy. This is how you are most productive. The same goes for your computer desktop. A clean desktop works better.
  19. Suprise people
    How well does it feel when you get a small unexpected gift or a compliment? Give this to others too. Don’t immediately think of expensive gifts, but instead small gestures such as flowers or sweets. Or a nice compliment. It will make you happy too.
  20. Choose quality over quantity more often. Quality costs you more money, but better products last longer. They also give you more pleasure.
  21. Tackle procrastination.
  22. Put less junk in your body.
    This applies to unhealthy food, and it applies to harmful chemicals in cosmetics from manufacturers who do not care about your health or the world’s health.
  23. Feed your body with natural, pure, unprocessed foods. Vegetables, whole grains, pulses, fruit, nuts, seeds, green tea etc.
  24. Work on your financial situation.
    Make sure you never run out of money.
  25. Tackle your psychological problems and your mental obstacles.
    Read books, talk to a coach or get a referral from your doctor
  26. Meditate.
    And do it for real this time.
  27. Be critical about how you spend your time.
    Look for ways to combine relaxation with something useful. Like reading an informative book, exercising, going out or cooking healthy meals with a friend.
  28. Make sure you get enough sleep.
  29. Move around every day.
  30. Learn to enjoy the little things.
    Life is full of things to be grateful for. You only have to train yourself to see it.
  31. Take small steps forward. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. You climb a staircase step by step.

What is Getting Better At Life About?