Do You Use A Goal Setting And Tracking App?

Goal Setting And Tracking App

Have you already thrown away your New Year’s resolutions for 2021? I hope not! If you’re finding it hard to stick to them, or if you’re looking for fresh ways to motivate yourself and keep track of your progress, then this in-depth blog post is for you.

Why would you need a tracking app when you are setting goals?

A goal setting and tracking app is a golden combination because they can help you achieve your goals and guard them against obstacles.

A tracking app will make it easier to keep track of how close you are getting to the goal, which is sometimes a great motivator for higher achievements in all other parts of your life too.

Here come my top 5 apps for self-motivation, tracking goals and tasks, organization, and success.


The first app I would recommend is the Todoist. [I use this myself] It’s a free task manager with many features that will help you to conquer your goals and tasks. The primary goal of this app is to help you get organized, focus on what needs to be done, then check off said items as you complete them. With its simple design, it has an easy-to-use interface for any skill level or type of user. You can schedule recurring reminders, so you don’t forget about daily responsibilities, create due dates and deadlines from scratch if necessary, set up projects using labels and filters which helps keep everything in place when things get hectic.


The second app I want to recommend tracking your goals and tasks is Asana. This app is perfect for people who work remotely and can’t always be in the same room as their team members or coworkers to answer questions, share feedback, give project updates on progress. It also comes with many features like reminders, so you don’t forget about deadlines or meetings coming up soon which I think would help many people organize themselves better when they’re working alone from home.


Trello is a tool that is also often used to set goals and plan activities. You can create lists of tasks and divide them into different categories. You can also leave comments on each task to keep a conversation going about your goals or the project you’re working on.


ClickUp is well known for its easy-to-use interface and powerful features. With ClickUp, you can create new projects in less than a minute from anywhere on your computer or phone. It also lets the user organize tasks into boards with different categories to find it easier when you need them.


Strides is a flexible goal-setting app that lets you track good and bad habits and SMART goals.

Strides have a variety of features that can help you become more productive and work towards your goals.

Strides is also an excellent app if you want to track habits and set SMART goals.

Way of life

Way of Life is a goal tracker app that helps users build on their goals and break any nasty habit.

Way of Life is a goal tracker app that helps users build on their goals and break any bad habits. It has helpful features such as tracking the amount you’ve accomplished, setting up reminders for yourself each day or week, and getting push notifications to keep your motivation high. If you’re looking for an interactive way to track your progress towards meeting your goals, Way Of Life will be perfect- it’s easy to use with its clean design!

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Do You Use A Goal Setting And Tracking App

Goal Setting And Tracking App?” width=”600″ height=”900″ /> Do You Use A Goal Setting And Tracking App?


Goalsontrack is a program geared to setting smart goals and adding actionable items to reach those goals. [I use this for habit tracking and following up on my personal goals and tasks]

The user can set specific deadlines, track progress toward the goal, stay accountable by creating public reports of their progress on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, and receive feedback from mentors who monitor one’s activity in real-time.

Goalsontrack also allows you to track habits.


The market of goal setting and tracking apps is huge. And new goal-setting apps and tracking apps are released all year round. I could easily mention a multitude of other apps. It’s tough to advise an app that works for everybody. I have tried dozens over the year.

When you decide to set goals for yourself and tracking your progress, it’s hard to know what app is best. Let me give you an example of the type of apps I use: Todoist is my work-related task tracker, but GoalsOnTrack has worked well for personal tasks, habits, and goals.

You’ll need to find out through trial & error which one works best!