A Great Goal Setting Model That Works Miracles

We discussed SMART Goals and Well-Formed Outcomes. Now it’s time to discuss the third goal-setting model. Obviously, there will be some common ground with those mentioned earlier.

This Goal Setting Model Involves Looking At The

  • Who
  • Why
  • How
  • What
  • Where
  • When, and
  • With Whom

All items touch every other item. This is consistent with the view that any change in one element may, if necessary, trigger changes in other parts of the goal-setting model.

The model places the elements (Who, Why, How, What) within a context (Where, When, and With Whom).

A Great Goal Setting Model That Works Miracles

A Great Goal Setting Model That Works Miracles

To understand goal setting from an individual or organization view, this model helps with or understanding goal setting.

According to this goal setting model, the items influence one another in all directions.

When we walk through the different items of this model (see the figure below), keep in mind that all items are strongly related to each other (see figure above).

This model is loosely based on The NLP Logical Levels of Change Model, inspired by Gregory Bateson and developed by Robert Dilts. It can help you plan goals aligned with your environment, behaviors, competencies, beliefs or values, and identity.

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