Why Helping Each Other Is Important

Helping Each Other Is Important

It’s just like they say; no one is perfect. We have our flaws, our faults, and our weaknesses. We cannot excel in all aspects of life. Sometimes we do poorly on some things and do not know how to finish other chores successfully.

Life is not perfect, and neither are we.

Why am I stating the obvious? In our private lives and working lives, we are bound to do things that, if we do not hate them, do not have a clue how to finish or sometimes even start them in the right way. This is because we lack the skill, the inspiration, the knowledge; in short, we do poorly on the assigned task.
Just face it, and never be too shy to admit that sometimes we aren’t the best person for a specific job, while others might well be better.

If you feel like things are not going your way or that the job you have is something you hate or are just not good at it, always remember that it is never bad to ask for help.

You can always reach out and ask someone else to do it for you or help you with it. Yet, always keep in mind that good things do not always come for free when doing this.

Stephen Covey’s image describing the Emotional Bank Account (from his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) certainly is one of the most formidable ideas ever put forward to develop relationships between people.

In essence, it means that we keep up a personal’ emotional bank account with whom we have a relationship, regardless of whether it is our coworker, friend or family. This account always starts with a clean slate. And just as with any other bank account, we can make deposits and withdrawals.
However, instead of dealing with units of monetary value, we deal with emotional units.

Helping Each Other Is Important

Stephen Covey mentions six significant ways of making deposits in the Emotional Bank Account:
• Attending to little things.
• Understanding the person.
• Clarifying expectations.
• Keeping commitments.
• Showing personal integrity.
• Apologizing sincerely when you make a ‘withdrawal.’

When you are caring, kind, honest, and friendly to another person, you make deposits in their Emotional Bank Account. However, you draw from this account if you are disrespectful, unkind, mean, and uncaring. Always keep this in mind when you ask for help or are asked for help as a favor.

If you are able and willing to pay, you know that hiring someone else to do your work comes with an added monetary cost.

If you have the money to hire, do not be afraid to hire someone else. These costs might eventually help you boost your business or help you yield higher income, or it might help your free time to do some fun stuff with the family or read a book. Just make sure that the one you are hiring does know the job you assign to them. Check credentials before giving them the job and letting them be on board.

Yet, if you are on a tight budget and feel like you cannot afford to have another one do it for you and get paid, there is always a thing called ‘trading.’
You can always work together and help each other. You can trade skills and share your knowledge.

Let’s say, for example, you are good at putting up blogs and making websites, yet you are poor at creating content for your blog. You can always work with someone who knows how to write and, in exchange, teach that person how to put up blogs and design websites.

In this way, both of you are learning and helping each other excel in the field that both of you are poor at, and at the same time in the field that both of you are good at.

You will be making deposits and withdrawals from the emotional bank account between you both.

Being able to help each other is a good thing! Helping each other can yield greater and much better results than you might have anticipated beforehand.

So, when you are in need, tap someone on the shoulder and ask for help, and at the same time, help the other person too. And that’s why helping each other is essential!