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Hello and welcome! 🙂
My name is Karin. I started this site in 2017.
You can find out more about me at here.

This site has been created to be your very own home business advisor, that can assist you at all stages of beginning, building, and growing your home based business.

I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them to achieve their goals, and this led me to create, to help and support you as you begin to build and grow your home-based business.
Your Home Business Advisor
My mission
I aim to …
inspire, empower and support home business women of integrity and heart.

My purpose is to …
help you discover your unique contribution to the world, to create the perfect home based business that matches your skills and interests, and to succeed abundantly in a way that honors your values, your vision, and your integrity.

I seek to provide …
quality information, home business mentoring resources, and an online community of the heart that is focused on helping you to make a positive difference in today's world.

We help one another to …
learn, grow, and overcome challenges with the company and support of other like-minded home business women (and men).

I offer …
information, free training courses, and home business mentoring services that are designed to support and nurture your entire being. We are a values-based website that offers quality personalized service and resources.

Women's Home Business Support and Community

How I started my business

I am a qualified and experienced English/Dutch translator.

I have worked for banks, insurance companies before I started as a translator. I also do charity work.

I discovered almost ‘by accident' that I could build a website – ‘sort of.' I was in the process of designing my brochures with Microsoft Publisher when I noticed you could click a publish your website button.
I was hooked from there on!

Women's Home Business Support And Community
Mindmap with inspirational quotes

How I Built This Site

When I first decided to start a business on the internet, it was tough to find honest and reliable sources of information.

One home business advisor stood out from the sea of hyped up internet promises and demonstrated integrity and values.

The folks at Solo Build It helped me to create my own unique, profitable business on the internet, even though I knew barely anything about web design or internet marketing.

Watch this video of one of my webmaster colleagues who also found freedom with her very own home-based business:

Take a look at what Solo Build It could mean for you.
Or watch the video tour.

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