Home Business Success

Home Business Success  

I started my home business so that I could raise my kids and not have to miss a first “anything” they ever accomplished.

I knew I wanted to create something that no one else was doing in the world and be the best, and most creative in whatever I chose.

I knew I was willing to make many sacrifices which I still make to pursue this dream.

Initially, a Career was important to me until kids came into my life.
I knew darn well no one was going to pay me what I was worth working part-time out of the home.

So now I work very late hours and some times get little sleep to make it a reality but when you do what you love you have an inner peace no matter what kind of salary you make.

The icing on the cake is being home and knowing that my kids feel wanted and secure.

What gives my life the most meaning is being the best mother to my two children, a good wife, and being true to myself at the same time.

I believe that I can and will remain all of the “best” things that I hold dear.
If you set your priorities right, you can, and do all of your wildest dreams in life and business.

What activities do I most enjoy, that I'd always do even if I didn't have to?
I am most fulfilled when I can use my creativity.

There is not one single thing or profession that appeals to me.
I want to try them all!

Home Based Business Success Stories and Case Studies

Creativity has so many avenues such as writing, fine art, or just creative thinking.
The potential for a creative thinker is limitless.

I love what I do now, but I do not see myself doing the same thing for eternity.
I like to experience the unknown territory and reinvent it to suit my needs.

What activities do I hate, that I'd never do again if I didn't have to?

I hate 9-5 and cubicle mentality.
I hate people who complain and never stick their necks out to change what is not right.

I hate it when people spend their lives not being all they can be.

by: Ellen Cagnassola

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