How to Design a Website

Online commercial activities have increased due to the advancement in technology and the growth of the Internet.
Many customers do their shopping online before they walk into stores to buy a product.
If they even get to visit a brick and mortar shop!
Businesses that don't have websites can't compete with business enterprises selling similar products.
They miss marketing and advertising their products and services to an online customer base.

The demand for websites has increased, and so everyone who is looking to have a site for their business should know how to design a website.
Or be able and willing to outsource the design to somebody who knows the design trade.

Having an outstanding website will help you get your message across.
I'll list the top five tips that can help you design a brilliant website for your business.

1. Purpose

Well, the first thing that must have is a clear purpose. How can you come up with a goal for your website?
You can use your goals and objectives to do so.
And you can also look at your competitor websites and borrow some elements that you think can help you to attract more customers.
The bottom line is that you must know ‘why' you need a website whether it is commercial or personal.

how to design a website

2. Simplicity

When you are designing a website make sure that you build it as simple as possible.
Note that websites are not about having a dozen of flashy designs.
Also, they should not display a thousand of pieces to portray how creative you are.
A simple and effective website content should present valuable information or propositions.

3. Navigation

Having a sound navigation structure is a critical website feature.
The links that your website has must be well placed, and they should lead the visitors of your site to the right pages or the exact place as the link say.
If you do not pay attention to navigation, you will only drive clients and visitors away.

4. Loading Time

I am sure you must have experienced some websites that take a lot of time to load.
Can you remember what you did in such instances?
You might have lost patience and just clicked away.
You probably do not want your website to trigger the same reaction with its visitors.
To avoid this, you must steer away from audio, large images, and other less essential media.
Keep in mind that you have many competitors and the visitors don't have any particular affinity to come to you
What they are looking for is helpful information.

5. Consistency

This might sound like something that is simple to achieve.
But when it comes to answering the question ‘how to design a website?' it is ever so important.
In a matter of facts, consistency is the backbone of your website.
It means that you must make sure that the content that you post on your website aligns well with your brand.
Everything that you post for your customers to read or help them learn more about you should be honest, and it should also match well with what you offer.

It is worth to mention that there are many programs online that can help you to design/build a website especially when it comes to handling the tasks that are technical.

Don't freak out or give up, just because things get complicated.

For instance, Solo Built It is one of the programs that can help you build it. Solo Built It, also known as SBI, is a well-designed step by step program that delivers quality results for online businesses.

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