How To Start A Website Blog

If you want to start internet marketing, then one of the most important things is to create a good website.
However, building a website is very easy if only you know the exact and appropriate procedures.
Building a website is very easy if you know the exact and appropriate procedures.
A website involves many tasks, and you need to do those jobs to attract visitors.

Creating a blog is not a difficult task, and it only takes a few minutes.
It is an essential and a potent marketing tool for branding your online company or product.
This is also a tool for creating a web presence.
A blog can also bring in a lot of visitors.
You can use the traffic to sell more products and increase your profits.
You don't have to be a website designer to learn how to design a website.
But, you will be pleased to know that, in this article, I'll give some tips how to start a website blog fast.

I. Find The Right Niche

Finding the right niche is the first step of building a website.
You need to find a niche that matches your expertise and skill.
As an internet marketer, you have got to find out what you love.
For instance, if you love writing about freelancing, then go for it.
II. Hosting & Domain

You have already found a niche.
But, now you have to start your blog which will be visible online to millions of people.
Try to choose a catchy and short domain

After registering a domain name, you need to get your blog hosted by a hosting company.
A hosting company places your blog online so that your site becomes visible to potentially millions online.

Once you register and host your domain, you can start creating a blog on a website.
You will have to name your blog by giving it a title.
Select a title that is related to your business or the topic that you wish to blog about.
The title must be relevant and precise so that the readers will instantly know what the blog is all about.
Think about the title for some time before you name it.
You don't want to change it later on once you named your blog.
If it is the same as the domain address itself, changing will even make less sense.


How To Start A Website Blog

How To Start A Website Blog

III. Planning Your Site:

You need to prepare the site that you have hosted.
Decide whether you will use it for a personal or business purpose.
What sort of posts will you add to your site?
What are the things that you want on your site?
Which plugin did you want on your site?

IV. Web Page:

You need to design and layout your web pages.
This sometimes requires some skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.
However, you can customize and design your web pages if you have some basic knowledge of those things.
You will be glad to know that you don't need to know many of those things if you decide to install WordPress.
I strongly recommend WordPress as it doesn't require any unique skills.
It's straightforward and flexible.

Get a professional look and feel,
The important thing you should do is to ensure the website design reflects your company.
Start by placing your logo in a prominent position on the site.
You can link the logo back to your homepage.
Make sure the logo is a clear- a high-resolution image featured on every page.
Clients will use this logo to identify your brand so make sure it is visible regardless of the landing page.

Create Visual Appeal,
People are very visual, and that's why your images on the site should be exceptional.
The first thing someone will see when visiting your page is its web design so it must be visually appealing.
Use a beautiful layout that is unique and captivating.
If you think your layout is dull and boring, then it's time to change it. You can even hire someone with the skill and experience to deliver an exceptional website design using only the best features.

The way content is presented on a site is very important.
The fonts you are using will significantly affect the experience of website visitors when they view your site.
You should use the same font for the content and then change the fonts of the titles.
This will create some consistency and proper structure.

V. Publish Your Site:

Now, you are entirely done with the initial set up.
Now add some posts or pages to your site and publish those.
If you are using WordPress, then publishing is very easy for you.
Just add a post and press ‘publish.'
If you have any problem with publishing, contact your hosting provider.

Eliminate clutter,
You'll still need to know how to design a website to make it look good.
In this case, visual clutter is very distractive to web visitors.
In fact, web visitors who are bombarded by lots of graphics, call-to-actions, and animations will quickly click away.
Furthermore, these elements tend to draw the visitor's attention away from the most important content on the page.
If you want a clean website design, remove any of these elements which are distractive and you will be halfway there.

Remove the Confusing Navigation,
If users spend much time trying to figure out how a page works then your site will experience a very high bounce rate.
To avoid this, make sure you offer proper navigation.
Place links to only essential pages so that they get the primary focus.
Keep the website functional and straightforward.

Quality Copywriting,
The best website design should also offer great content that captures the reader's attention.
If you are unable to create high-quality content, then hire someone to do it for you.
The content is just as relevant as the design of the blog.

VI. Maintain Your Site:
Upon completing the above five steps, you are now entirely done with your website.
However, don't think that you need not do anything as everything is done.
You need to maintain your blog.

But first, check if everything is OK on your site.
If you find any problem with your blog, try to resolve it as soon as possible.

There are many important aspects to take into consideration when putting together a website.
If you select the wrong color for your page, you may drive away thousands of potential customers.

For a fast and affordable option, you may consider using a platform such as WordPress.

When you research how to build a website, keep your mind open for many budget-friendly options.
They are often there at your fingertips.

Does the concept of learning how to design a website sound scary?
If you have a business, then you understand the importance of having a top-notch website.
This means a professional, user-friendly and attractive website which is also search engine friendly.
There is a range of web design solutions for small businesses like solopreneurs and entrepreneurs working from home, which enable them to have a robust online presence.

Building a website is very easy.
However, what you need to do first is find a niche, choose a catchy domain, find a useful web hosting provider and publish your website online.
Maintain your blog to keep visitors coming to your site.

For this site, I used a WordPress Theme by MyThemeshop.
Finding a niche was facilitated by SBI! for WP (This is also a complete guide to building a website), and the site itself is hosted by a Dutch company called  Vimexx.

It is very much still a work in progress (I started this one December 2017)

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