Website Server Hosting

We are living in the era of Internet and online business.
Everyone solopreneur or entrepreneur among us wants to have an online presence to attract mass visitors and customers online through our website.
In this time; it is critical to know about web hosting.
This means to have answers to following questions.

  • Where to host your website?
  • What hosting plan to select?
  • Where are the servers located?
  • Does hosting matters a lot?
  • And many such questions and their answers are important now.

A dedicated server hosting plan is several time more efficient and reliable than the shared web hosting plans.
In the case of a shared plan, the entire web server is shared among 50-60 websites.
Though such plans are perfect for personal blogging as well as small websites, they are not apt for hosting websites with large databases.
As the name reveals, in the case of a dedicated machine, the entire server is assigned to a particular user, and they can use the whole machine the way they want.

You can load any OS that your site is compatible with and you can install any program to support the functions of your website.
So, it's more like hosting a website on your personal computer – you get the liberty to use the server the way you want.
As you can guess, the dedicated plans cost several times more than the shared hosting plans.
Hence, such plans are opted only by big companies and institutions.
Well, if you are on the lookout for a dedicated hosting plan, here are a few tips to help you.

The key question here is to go for dedicated web server hosting?
Or should you go with a shared plan?
So here; in this article, we will try to give you best answer for this question.
Both options have their benefits and drawbacks.
Below are some of the reasons why you need reliable website hosting.

Website Server Hosting

Website Server Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Web Server Hosting Plan:

  1. Website Uptime:
    If you have chosen a dedicated server, you can have the privilege of maximum server uptime which means maximum Website uptime too.
    Dedicated servers are highly secure and don't go down so easily.
    They are meant to be powerful servers.
  2. Extra Tools and features: 
    Dedicated plans allow you to use extra tools and functionalities for your website.
    You can use those extra tools and functionalities for better online visibility, to attract more traffic followed by better conversion rate.
  3. Best Customer Care Service:
    For dedicated hosting plan users, the company provides this luxury that they get full support from a hosting provider company.
    Their queries get an answer quickly.
    This is only possible if one has chosen dedicated web server hosting of VPS Server.
  4. Security:
    When you have allocated a dedicated server, security is ensured.
    As there are no other companies and users that will be sharing your hosting space, you can be sure to have the best security available.
    This also means that you will not need to face malware and virus attacks frequently.
  5. Easy Up-gradation:
    If the need arises, immediately adding extra memory, space, and a processor can be a part of the dedicated server hosting plan.
    So, no matter how large database you have for your website, or if you have lacks WebPages on your website, Dedicated hosting service can handle it effectively.

With all above facilities, you can expect better visibility, smallest website load time, improvement in the number of users and better revenue generation too.
This way, if you have a large website and you want best results, going for Dedicated Web Server hosting or VPS server is the best option than going for shared one.
Of course, the charges will be extra, but it is worth going if it helps in increasing revenue too.
Isn't it?
So now you know what you need to look for before choosing between two hosting options

Website Server Hosting

There are many companies that provide dedicated web hosting globally. We advise selecting standard companies only with the best possible plan and customer care support.

Try going to someone that you know that has a dedicated server; if you know someone that has got one of these, then you can find out how they work if they are any good and if they are reliable.
Even the internet could be a way of finding your server because there are thousands of places out there that can help you find a dedicated server.

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