How To Make A Profit Online

How To Make A Profit Online. No Hype!

How to Make a Profit Online

The Truth About Earning Money Online

Make an enormous amount of money in your first month!!
Have you seen this before?!
Yes, I have too.
But guess what? I'm sorry to say …
To build a stable business takes:

  • commitment, 
  • time,
  • courage, and indeed,
  • some money to invest to get yourself up and running.

No such thing as a free business on the internet!
As in any other business: GIVE first, then you will receive.

Giving first means you will have to have something to offer!
You need to lay a solid foundation for your business.

The rewards are many.
[clickToTweet tweet=”With your own business, you have the freedom to create the kind of work environment that you MOST enjoy!” quote=”With your own business, you have the freedom to create the kind of work environment that you MOST enjoy!”]
An environment that reflects who you are and what kind of contribution you want to make in the world.

If your business is home-based, in most countries, you are also eligible for generous tax savings which can help fund the start-up of your venture.

Internet business, like ANY business, takes TIME to bear fruit, and the sweetest rewards come to those who persist.

You won't make overnight riches!
Let me be clear on that!
But you CAN build a growing income!
Be persistent and take the time to educate yourself, to know yourself, and to nurture and develop your entrepreneurial spirit!

About me

You can learn more about me at About Me.

I struggled unsuccessfully for many years to find a way to develop a business from home … until I discovered the internet!
Now I can earn income from home … and you can do the same.

I won't hype you and tell you that succeeding in business is easy, or that you will make riches overnight.

But …

You CAN earn an honest income with sincere, consistent effort, with what we are about to share with you here.
So roll up your sleeves, get a cup of your favorite beverage keep calm and carry on!

Well, this is the best advice I can give you at the beginning.
Look at what you ENJOY … what is your passion?

Choose a business that will be FUN for you!
You are MUCH more likely to succeed at something you enjoy doing, that ties into your dreams and life purpose.
You're going to need consistent and persistent effort to build your business, and the motivation MUST come from within you.

In fact, the MORE passionate you are about something, the BETTER for you and your business!
Try different kinds of businesses.
See what works for you and what is compatible with your interests.

You can find some ideas to know yourself better here at Starting A Home Business.

Choose a Niche

On the internet, one of the biggest mistakes that a solopreneur can make is to compete with the big companies by being all things to all customers.

Don't bother trying to do this.
It will only lead to headaches and an overwhelming desire to throw your computer out the window! 🙂

The FIRST thing you need to do, once you have a clear sense of your interests and talents, is to RESEARCH to find a profitable niche.

Finding an online niche is THE most crucial step in your future success.
It may take you months to research, but this will serve you exceptionally well in the future.

If you find something that LOTS of people are looking for … in a market area that still has room for expansion …

You could do VERY well!

What Kind of Business?

There are several different kinds of internet business opportunities.
In a nutshell, you can develop your product or service, or you can promote other people's products or services.

Developing your own product or service takes some time, money, energy, and knowledge.
The benefit to this kind of business is that you are offering something unique to the world that is yours, and you may be able to keep more of the profits.

The challenge to this kind of business is that you are responsible for handling all aspects of the product or service development.
You become responsible for fulfillment, distribution, marketing and so on, and it may take you longer to become profitable.

Business For Beginners

Most business beginners decide to start off promoting other people's products or services at first.
As they gain experience, they may later branch off into developing their own.

Promoting someone else's products means you don't have to deal with product development, fulfillment and so on.

The challenge is that you do not have as much control over “your” products and services.
Your profits will be less in the beginning since you'll receive a portion of each sale you make from the company.

We will cover BOTH kinds of business in this course, starting from the simpler to more challenging.

Which is best for YOU?
Only YOU can answer this question, based on your unique gifts and interests.

Promoting Other People's Products

There are many opportunities online.

In fact, these are so plentiful that it's easy to get overwhelmed.
Before you know, you will be looking at dozens of opportunities to promote all kinds of products and services.

When you are looking into these kinds of opportunities, be careful. Ask lots of questions, and take your time to investigate the company you would represent.

You can find some tips for choosing legitimate companies here at Avoiding Work At Home Scams.

The most important rule here is to be VERY selective.
Only choose companies that are solid, reliable, and that have something UNIQUE to offer.
Their product or service must be easily distributed through person to person marketing.

There are thousands of companies.
So choose something unique that doesn't have competition so you can maximize your customer base.

Be sure to check out the company management.
You don't want to spend your time, energy, and money promoting a company that will not be in business next year!

How to Make a Profit Online

How to Make a Profit Online

Turnkey Businesses for Beginners

A good turnkey business system will automate much of the sales process.
Your job is to promote your products to the right people.
You provide the personal touch by building relationships with those that inquire.

Some, but not all turnkey opportunities require you to use the products you're promoting.
So make sure you like the company and its products!

Success Secret

When you first start out on the internet promoting other people's products, it can be tempting to get involved in a large number of opportunities.
This leads to, and a lack of focus, and hardly ever results in income!

Do NOT over-diversify as you'll be way too scattered. 
Choose carefully the opportunities that best suit you, that are related to your interests, with companies you trust.
I cannot emphasize enough the value of longevity and persistence!

If you're starting with Affiliate programs, create just ONE website to start.
Pick a few excellent quality merchants to recommend.
Start building your traffic and newsletter list and get that one site profitable.
THEN expand.

If you choose a Network Marketing or Direct Sales business, choose ONE to start with.
Perhaps add a related affiliate program for example with a leads generation (advertising) company.
Focus on getting that profitable first before you expand.

How to Make a Profit Online: SIMPLICITY is the key!
As you learn and grow, you'll be able to expand intelligently and avoid the “information overload” that so often comes with an internet business.

If you're entirely NEW, but want to start earning income right away, consider starting with a “Turnkey” opportunity FIRST, then expanding as you go.
You may or may not enjoy a turnkey kind of business, so explore first before you commit.

To review the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing visit Affiliate Programs.

To review the advantages and disadvantages of network marketing as potential business model visit Network Marketing.

Tips for Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

I'm pretty biased when it comes to affiliate programs.
I'm an affiliate for about a dozen or so … but there is one that I recommend above all others because they have the best training I've ever seen, and they provide so much support to affiliates.

Yes, I know I did some work too but it is these folks that taught me, and I learned partially from being an affiliate!

These affiliate programs are free to join.
You will instead invest your money into creating your own website and building an online news channel or newsletter list, or in sharing the products locally with your offline market.

You don’t need to worry about transaction processing or shipping, the company does all that and provides you with the resources and tools to get your business up and running quickly and successfully.

These companies provide an enormous amount of free training on how to develop a successful affiliate business.

That is why I recommend them FIRST as one of the best places to gain valuable experience.
They have a TON of tools that you can use to promote their products, all of them free…

And even if you decide after learning more than selling internet products is not your bag … you will definitely understand more about how to make money with affiliate programs! 🙂

For more information on go to:

Follow these links to learn about their product line.
Wealthy Affiliate gives you a free option to join.

Tips for Choosing a Network Marketing Opportunity

Network marketing can be a simple turnkey business for a newcomer.
Most teams provide free training, coaching and mentoring so that you can learn how to build your business.

However, understand that network marketing is not for everyone.
It can be a frustrating, disappointing experience to realize that most people who SAY they want to work with you to build a business do not have the focus, discipline or mindset to do so.

New network marketers must contend with friends and family who may not be open to what you're doing.

Another challenge within this industry is that because it is referral based, and operates on word of mouth, some insensitive individuals will abuse their relationships which hurts the reputation of the entire industry.

I've seen some network marketers try to drag everyone they know into business with them, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of their loved ones, and tarnishing the reputation of the entire industry.

And then there is the “Amway” experience.
You're all excited about your new business, and your friend asks with suspicion… “Is this like Amway?”

Sadly, what they usually are asking is based on the reputation developed by a few unscrupulous Amway distributors many years ago, that has persisted to this day.
They're usually thinking “will you try and drag me to meetings and sell me motivational tapes and bug me to sign up even when I'm not interested?”

Nobody likes feeling used, and the golden rule of successful network marketing is the same as any other business …give first, then receive.

Like any arena of business, there are many scams online, and some of them are network marketing companies.
Be sure you check out the legitimacy of ANY network marketing company you are thinking of representing … thoroughly!!

For more information on network marketing and how to find a legitimate opportunity, go to network marketing.

No, and Low Overhead Businesses

Imagine an internet business where you don't need a website OR advertising!
That's almost UNHEARD of in the world of business.
But there is one VERY well kept secret online that is making some folks very good money.

No Website Or Advertising Required

How would you like to get paid to clean out your closet!
Internet Auctions are one of the most cost-effective and low-risk internet businesses to start, as you don't need a website OR and advertising budget, and you can sell items you already own!

If you're looking to start a business on a shoestring, auctions are a great place to start.

Make Money With Your Website

Most people create a web business backward… they get an idea, put up a site and then try to promote it.
That's why they fail!

Because they don't understand that if no one is looking for you in the first place, your site will never be profitable.

What you need to do first is some research to discover what kinds of website themes are in high demand but low supply by web surfers.

Then you can build the website from the ground up to be search engine optimized so that it will rank highly in the search engines.

Include the kind of information people are looking for, along with some carefully chosen affiliate programs, some advertising links and eventually your own product or service .. and Voila, your own incredibly affordable, profitable web business.

Developing Your Own Product or Service

Many successful internet entrepreneurs have done this.
The key is to provide information that people are LOOKING for and to share that information with those people most likely to need or want it.

Though developing your product or service takes time, creativity and persistence, it is easier than you THINK nowadays with the opportunities that the internet provides.

Many internet business owners who have gained some experience with Affiliate or Network Marketing move on to developing their own information product.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist.
Everyone has valuable life experience that can assist others.
And once you think about it, you'll be amazed at how MUCH you already know.

How do you discover what you know, and how to translate this into a valuable product?

Some people go for writing one or more ebooks.
If you can write content, you can write an e-book.
All you need is the right subject — something that is too valuable to give away for free and that represents a solution to a customer’s problem.
Finding that subject should be easy now you have done the spade work!

Oh, and a “book” doesn’t have to be several hundred pages.
Value comes from the quality of the information you provide, not necessarily a high word count.
If you can teach people how to make money, save money or save time in your niche, you could be a winner!

You could consider creating an online course.

Put your knowledge to work by offering an online learning class.
People who want to learn are inspired by others who’ve been there, done that, made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to!

So, use your own experience to create instructional content in text, audio or video formats, hosted either on your site or a third party platform.

Your Own Service

People will pay for skills or knowledge that others possess, if they feel, in the long run, that it is cheaper to pay you for your service than to spend the time to figure something out and do it on their own.

You have knowledge, skills, and experience in your niche, right?
So why not bundle these into a service that can help others achieve their business goals?
In this option, you’re selling your time, with the promise of a particular result.

What can you do, that other people need?

By services, this can be anything!
It doesn't need to be Net-related services like programming or Web design.
You could be…

  • a landscape designer
  • a cartoon artist
  • an import/export specialist for Germany
  • a tarot reader
  • an investment specialist in Brazilian bonds
  • an expert in Japanese netsuke
  • an accountant with specialized knowledge of tax havens
  • a copywriter
  • a trainer (of just about anything!)

The possibilities are endless.
And whether your clients are “local” (ex., a fitness trainer) or “global” (someone who indexes books) in nature, you can learn how to use the Net to build a client base in a fast, cost-effective way.

Create Websites

One very profitable, high demand service business is that of being a webmaster!
This requires excellent communication skills, discipline, some creativity, and a good knowledge of the net.
You can maximize your webmaster skills by building your clients a website that brings them traffic AND income … which they will love, and which will put you in high demand.

How to Make a Profit Sooner Rather Than Later

Focus First

First and most importantly, do NOT over-diversify.
This is a common mistake that internet business beginners make.
By getting involved with too many opportunities, you dilute your efforts and do not have the time to learn what you are doing.

Choose one niche, to begin with … get THAT one profitable, THEN add another. 
Choose ONE theme to focus your first business efforts on and choose complimentary, synergistic income streams.

Do What You Love

This may sound obvious, but choose a theme for your business that you LOVE!
Choose something that excites you that is in harmony with your own values, dreams and your larger vision for your life.

All business requires persistence, patience, and the ability to overcome obstacles, so you'll want to be doing something that you love doing!


In the beginning, keep your business SIMPLE and yet EXPANDABLE… centered around ONE theme, and with room for SYNERGISTIC many income streams.

A common mistake many internet business beginners make is to get involved with too many unrelated businesses at once.
Their website looks like a shopping mall of many diverse offerings.

Remember that on the internet, focusing and developing a NICHE will be more profitable than trying to be everything to everyone.

Let's look at a few examples of how you can put these principles into action … ranging from the more simple to the more complex.

Do NOT do all of these … choose ONE to start!

Scenario one – Simplicity With a Turnkey Business

Let's say you like the idea of a franchise kind of business, where all the product, marketing systems and business plan are already set up for you.
You love talking with people, you enjoy working with and teaching others, you have some leadership ability, and you don't mind enjoying some unique products, and helping others to do the same.

After researching the industry to learn about how to choose a reputable company to represent, you interview several potential network marketing mentors, and you choose a great company and team to work with.

You are promoting on the internet as well as offline.

When new people join your business, they are also looking for advertising, so many of them choose to use the advertising sources you recommend.

This pays you referral commissions, resulting in a nice extra income stream with no extra work.

Within a few months, you have a growing customer base, several income streams and a few business partners working with you!

Scenario two – Very Affordable Business

Let's say you're a stay at home mom with very little money to invest in a business … but you've got an attic full of kids clothes, toys and other stuff that is in great shape but that you don't need.
You like to help other moms and you decide to create your own internet auction business!
You don't need a website OR advertising because auction websites have very high traffic on their own.

You set yourself up on eBay and a few other auction sites for a nominal fee, selling children's items.

As you gain knowledge and experience you discover more ways to find items beyond your attic … and before you know it you're having fun, and your business is growing!

As you gain experience, you research and discover sources for other kinds of related products that you enjoy selling, that you can offer on your auction site, so that once your own items have sold, you have an ongoing and growing auction business.

Scenario three – Your Own Website

Let's say you love animals! You're not much of a ‘people' person and are a bit shy.
You want to create a website that will eventually turn a profit and you discover some highly profitable themes … areas where a lot of people are searching, but there aren't a lot of websites to meet that demand yet.

Here are some real-life examples of pet-related search terms that are in high demand, but there are few websites to meet that demand.
The fewer websites already there, the easier for your site to make it to the top of the search engines!

  • pet finders 11,013 demand (# of searches per month) 472 supply (# of websites fitting that search term)
  • pet for sale 14,124 demand 699 supply
  • pet adoptions 22,613 demand 10,765 supply

Based on what you learned, you decide to create a website to help connect pets with pet owners.
You will open up your income streams in phases.
First, you start with links to several affiliate programs.

Based on what you learned, you decide to create a website to help connect pets with pet owners.
You will open up your income streams in phases.
First, you start with links to several affiliate programs.

This process could take 1-3 months to research, write and build your first website so that it's listed high in the search engines.

You use a nifty tool like Solo Build It 

It saves you about two months of research time, and it does all the technical stuff for you, so you don't need to hire a designer or learn HTML or hire search engine specialists.

(I used Solo Build It for WP to create!)

Read what some other business owners say about Solo Build It here.

During this time you choose your affiliate merchants and develop a newsletter or news channel to offer your visitors.
It will take several more months for the search engines to list your website, so you start getting traffic.

You put some advertising on your site from Google's Adsense Program

As you go along, you learn more about how to create a high-quality informational website, how to write effectively, how to ‘pre-sell' to convert your visitors to customers, how to build traffic to your website.

Your Website Phase Two

After a few months, your website traffic is growing, and you are starting to bring in some i.ncome from your affiliate merchants.
You are more confident in your internet marketing abilities and are enjoying the process.

As your traffic builds, your newsletter or new channel subscriber base has gone over 1000, and now you decide to offer additional advertising in your newsletter or news channel.
This opens another income stream with very little work on your part.

Now that you've gotten some momentum going, you decide to create your OWN information product about “How to Find the Right Pet for You!”

You link from your informational website to your sales website, and you make sure it's high on the search engines.

You discover that Solo Build It also has an affiliate program built in so you can create an affiliate sales force of people who promote your book for you!

Researching and writing this will take you some time, and will result in a unique product you can be proud of for years to come.

For advertising, you create your affiliate program so other website owners can promote your e-book online!

Now you are having fun, enjoying meeting other animal lovers all over the world, and enjoying a growing income from your website and multiple income streams!

Later on, you might decide to further expand your income potential by creating your pet adoption service … or you might decide to join a Network Marketing company that sells pet nutritional products … the possibilities are endless!

::: In Summary :::

  • When you're starting an internet business, start simple but with room to expand and grow.
  • Choose a theme or a niche to focus on, and do some research FIRST to find out what themes, topics and products are in demand.
  • Choose something you are passionate about that is FUN, and be open to learning and growing.
  • Commit yourself to your business for the long haul, not just a few months. Most people do NOT make money right away!
  • The internet changes fast, so be aware that you will regularly need to re-evaluate and re-invent your marketing strategies and systems.

The End And The Beginning

This is the end of this article “How to Make a Profit Online” but not the end of the story!
As you start and build your internet business, you will want to continue to grow and learn and develop your internet business skills.

Best of success to you and many blessings on your new business!🌷