Increase Your Affiliate Sales

4 Exciting Proven Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales are a great way to earn income as a blogger & solopreneur.

The fact is it can be difficult to create your product, and you’re virtually never going to have enough products to cover what your audience needs.
As a result, leveraging affiliate programs is a great solution.
But how do we increase our earnings?

These four ways will get you started on the right track.

Create A Resources Page – I –

Want to know where most of Pat Flynn’s income come from?
Affiliate sales.
And what page is driving those above all?

His resource page.

On this page Pat (and many others) list out all of the different products they endorse.
Some, though not all, are affiliate links.

Here’s what mine looks like on NinjaOutreach
People flock to resource pages.
I have 238 posts/pages on my blog, and my resource page is my 16th most visited one.

The key attributes of a resource page are:

  • A list of the products you used, ideally groups in a logical way.
    It is OK to discuss competitors if you have tried them all.
  • Images to make it more visually appealing and a brief description.
  • Your affiliate link.

That’s it!
Simply put it in the navigation menu and let it do its job.

Create Amazing Tutorials – II –

I’m an affiliate of a lot of products, but I rarely if ever write tutorials – and this is a large reason why I am not earning a sizeable income from affiliate sales.

For example, I use Aweber and will reference it in my posts.
But I have never written a full-on tutorial on it.
On the contrary, take this email marketing tutorial from Matthew Woodward – also about Aweber.

What’s important is not just mentioning the product, but providing a tutorial to get people on board.
Additionally, a good tutorial will not simply highlight the features but also show the alternative.

Pat Flynn likes to call this the art of the soft sell, in which you sell people on the use of a product by showing them the tedious alternative without it.
Remember, when you write a tutorial you should include it on

  • Your resources pages
  • Your income reports

Like this:

Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Increase Your Affiliate Sales

This will draw even more attention and link juice to it.

Add Tutorials To Your Newsletter – III –

Many affiliate marketers will tell you not to market directly to the list.
That is, bring them first to a tutorial and only then try to sell them on the product.

This is because people rarely buy on their first glance.
They need to make miniature psychological commitments and slowly be introduced to the idea of buying.
As a result, it is usually a better practice to integrate tutorials into your email marketing.

For this, I default again to Matthew Woodward, to share his example of marketing ScrapeBox to his email list:

As you can see, there are no direct buy links in this email, simply a link to the tutorial and a teaser to make you want to open it

Although fewer people will go to the tutorial then will open the email, inevitably this leads to more buyers.

Offer Giveaways And Special Deals – IV –

Everyone likes a deal.
I’ve bought things I didn’t even plan on buying just because I thought the price was right.
It’s not that hard to negotiate a deal with companies.
For example, on my blog, I negotiated $15k in giveaway prizes.
Believe it or not, you can still give away discounts and licenses and make affiliate sales.

Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Here’s an example from Pat Flynn’s newsletter, in which he negotiated a special discount for Scrapebox.

Another approach is to couple a giveaway of a few licenses of a product coupled with a tutorial.
This garners interest in the product and makes the participants who didn’t win more likely to buy it.


Earning affiliate sales is simply marketing.
It’s not enough to simply be an affiliate – you have to sell me on it.
That means first and foremost you have to get it in front of me.
For that, we recommend blog posts, resources pages, and email marketing.
Then, you have to sell me on it through a detailed tutorial.

This simple approach has allowed some bloggers to earn thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.

What affiliate marketing tactics do you use?

I hope you have enjoyed “Increase Your Affiliate Sales.”
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