Internet Business Opportunity

Each internet business opportunity listed here is one that I have researched personally in my own search as a beginner to the world of internet business.

That means it is a legitimate type of business, not a hoax or scam, and can be done without a lot of prior business experience.
Each can be done partially or entirely online.

ANY business will take hard work and persistence to build and maintain.
And as with any business, there is NO guarantee that you will be successful.
You will need to educate yourself and devote yourself to your chosen business to be successful.

Regardless of my opinions and experience, you should always do your due diligence to check out any internet business opportunity before getting involved!

These are ordered only for convenience, as the type of internet home business opportunity that may work well for one person, may not work well for another.

Woman working on her laptop : internet business opportunity
Can you see yourself working like this?

Overview of internet business opportunities

1. Internet auctions

Internet auctions are an excellent internet opportunity for beginners because there’s no financial risk.
You pay a few dollars for a listing on eBay and start with selling items from your basement.

You may need to purchase boxes and packing materials for your items, but that’s about all that’s required to start.
There is helpful information that can save you the long learning curve.

Internet auctions are great for people who love cleaning out the closet and finding bargains!
This is also a great internet home business opportunity to start on a shoestring.

To learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of internet auctions as a home business, visit our Internet Auction Business page.

2. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are an excellent internet home business opportunity because most are free to join, and though it takes some work and some know-how to be successful with them, the only expenses you incur are for a website and its related costs like web hosting, statistics, search engine submission, and website promotion.

Most people approach this internet home business the wrong way… but if done correctly, can be a fantastic source of income.
This kind of internet home business opportunity is good for people who don't mind spending long hours at the computer reading, researching, writing web pages, analyzing traffic statistics, and so on.

For a full review of the benefits and drawbacks of affiliate programs and affiliate marketing as a home business opportunity, visit our affiliate programs page.

3. Creating and selling your own information product(s)

This is an excellent internet business opportunity because it has a high-profit margin as you are building your unique product.
It takes a good deal of preparation but can be very worthwhile.

If you choose an electronic information product like an ebook, subscription newsletter, or password-protected website there are no physical shipping costs.
This internet home business opportunity requires a lot of research and work to prepare your product.
I recommend you purchase a good ’how to’ guide to help you make the right choices and to help you find the resources you’ll need like third-party processors and so on.

For more on the benefits and drawbacks of this home business opportunity, visit Create Your Own Information Product.

4. Network marketing

Network marketing, whether offline or online, is quite popular but is not for everyone.
You need to enjoy developing relationships with people and will need to learn to teach and mentor your business partners.
You will need to be persistent, and to use your company’s products, not just sell them to others.

Network marketing works best for people who enjoy developing relationships with people.
If you prefer not to have a lot of contact with people, then affiliate programs, or traditional information products may be a better choice for you.

Online network marketing requires some education and some patience, as there have been many internet based network marketing systems that have come and gone.

There is only one system I've ever seen survive on the internet to promote a network marketing opportunity…. it is a system that actually can apply to any internet business opportunity, not just network marketing.
For more information on network marketing as an internet home business opportunity, go to Network Marketing Information.

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