Is Your Wordpress Is Loading Slow?

Is Your WordPress Is Loading Slow?

WordPress Loading Slow?

Is the speed in which your WordPress Installation is loading giving you a headache?

Are you losing sales because your WordPress is loading slow, or your WordPress site got hacked?
These are two of the most common issues WP enthusiasts may have to deal with one time or another.

From small affiliate sites to popular classified ads sites, from personal blogs to 5-star hotel sites.
They all can have the same WP issues.

Why does that matter?

Well, that matters for several reasons.
First of all page load times are critical for conversion rate as well for SEO purpose.
Visitors will leave a site if it does not load fast, and Google gives a higher search engine score to sites that load faster.

Secondly, when your site is hacked, you will naturally lose sales, credibility and valuable time (and money) to fix it.
In some cases, data can't even be restored, so you run the risk of losing everything!

Is Your WordPress Is Loading Slow?

But you can take some simple steps to avoid it!

All you have to keep in mind is some tips that make common sense:

1. As far as WP Plugins are concerned keep this in mind:

Less WP Plugins = Better
– Less WP Plugins = More Secure WP Site
– Less WP Plugins = Faster WP Load Time

2. Always Update WP and All Plugins/Themes to the latest versions.

Each WordPress plugin you install on your site is a potential security hole; it takes more time to process the plugin in server CPU, and it slows down overall page load speed.

Some plugins are more or less necessary like SEO or Caching plugins, or plugins for specific functions of your site.

But almost everything else (plugins for social buttons, contact forms, etc.) can be coded directly into the WP theme.

For example, the most popular plugin for contact forms (Contact Form 7) loads at every page of your site, and you only have a contact form on
your front page.
This means that visitors will suffer a loss in page speed on every single page
of your website and the contact form is used on only one page.

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Still in need for more speed?
– Use a web hosting with SSD disks.

Enjoy your WP site!

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