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Why Think Twice About Your Website’s Landing Pages?

If your website goals are falling flat, you may want to take a look at your landing page.

A landing page is the page most people “land on” when they come to your website.
It is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement.
From this “landing page,” a visitor can take several actions.

They can leave your site: not an action you would like to promote!
They can click on a link within your site and dig deeper.
They can take action and fill out a form, or click to buy something.
Ultimately your landing page is a decision-making page.
Because it is a ‘decision-making' page, it's critical to your online success.

Is Your Landing Page Captivating?

Does the page your visitors land on capture attention?
It should have a compelling headline followed by keyword-targeted content that supports the purpose of the landing page.
Additionally, your squeeze page shouldn't be distracting.
Everything on that page needs to support the purpose of the page.

What's the Purpose of Your Landing Page?

Different landing pages have different purposes.
If you have a theme-based website, for example, then your page's purpose may be to motivate visitors to dig deeper.
You want them to get to the pages where your affiliate and PPC links are so you can earn money.

You may want to persuade your visitors to sign up for your opt-in form.
If so, then make sure that is the action your landing page copy and graphics support.
If your landing page is designed to motivate a sale, then you want the page to sell a product or a service.
Everything on the page needs to support that action.
You don't want to distract with opt-in forms or content links.

If your landing page is struggling, take a look at it and see if the entire page supports your purpose for the page.
If not, rework it.
A landing page is also called squeeze page

Do You Have a Call to Action?

Regardless of your purpose, your landing page needs a call to action.
You need to guide your visitors what to do next.
If this guidance is missing, they may likely click away.
Support your pageís purpose with a compelling call to action.

If you want them to sign up for your opt-in list, then ask them to do so.
If you want them to dig deeper and read your content and information, then tell them to click through.
If you wish to make a sale, provide many opportunities for them to make that decision and take action.

Test and Track

Test and track various elements to optimize your landing page to fit its purpose.
Test which headline works best.
Test which calls to action work best.
Test where to place your sign-up form for the best results.
Split testing is easiest.
You can use PPC ads to drive traffic to two nearly identical landing pages.

Because your landing page is the page where most of your traffic enters your site, it's imperative that it supports your goals.
Make sure your landing page has a purpose.
Follow it up and make sure each element of your page supports that use.
Delete items that don't and get rid of distractions.
Optimize your landing page, and you'll maximize your business!I hope you have enjoyed this article “Why Landing Pages Are Critical to Your Success“.