Make Money With Your Blog

Turn your idea or passion into an online business

How would you like to be able to make some money with your blog?
Depending on the subject matter you blog about, it is possible.
Let’s look at three ways you can begin to earn income from your blog.

In the past, there's been a lot of hype about turning your blog into a cash machine!
Many of the ebooks and programs promoted were pretty scammy in general and involved using blogs to generate vast amounts of replicated content and then filling the pages with contextual advertising programs. 🙁

I recommend something else entirely, as those kinds of tricks never work in the long run (or even in the short term).
Only when you give people excellent information that they want and need – for free (!) will you stand any chance of success with making money with your blog.

The best way to make money is to learn to build your blog, or better still – a static website – from the bottom up.

I didn't even start to blog to make money.

Make Money With Your Blog

Make Money With Your Blog

Already blogging to promote your business?

If you blog to help promote your business, you may feel like you’re already making money from your blog since you’re attracting visitors and talking about your business.
This is an approach I use to promote my translating services.
You could further monetize your efforts in the following ways.

Using affiliate programs

If you want to use affiliate programs to generate income from your blog, grabbing a banner or button from an affiliate to post on your blog is not the way to do it!

People visit blogs to read their content – not look at advertisements.
That doesn’t mean you can’t promote affiliate programs to earn money.
After all, writing content, hosting a blog and promoting it costs time and money.

So what you could do is write about the programs that you want to promote.
Keep it real, honest, and share a personal experience.
Talk about how you use the product or service.
And don’t just post about it once.
Visit your favorite product again a few weeks down the road, and then again the next month.
Don’t be spammy and hit your visitors over the head with sales messages.This will turn most visitors off.
Just let them know how once in a while how much you like it.

Contextual advertising

Google Adsense performs anywhere from excellent to abysmally depending of course on your niche, traffic numbers and the type of traffic.
Yet, it’s the easiest to incorporate, and a few have indicated that they do earn a steady if small income from their blog ad units.

There are other ad networks you could try, but in our experience, these perform even less.

The most prominent drawback in ad units is that you don't know what will show up on your blog.
You’ll have to decide if the profit you earn is worth the space you give.

The best way to learn how to get going is with Google Adsense's resources.
Watch this video for starters…

Serve your own ads

If you find that serving ads for others is unprofitable, consider creating your text ads and promote your items and affiliate products in that space.

OR link to…

  1. your newsletter list
  2. a free report
  3. a lead generation form

Make money with your blog.
All three give you the opportunity to serve your readers by offering high-quality information in exchange for their e-mail address.
This allows you to build further relationships with your visitors, which is what blogging and good business are all about!

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