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Live Easy: 7 Practical Tips on How to Organize Clutter in Your Home

How to Organize Clutter in Your Home

When you work from home as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, you carry many responsibilities.
One responsibility being the house you live and work in.
Accumulation of clutter can be annoying.
It can give you something to worry about, especially if this is your first time experiencing it.
But not to worry; the information provided here will show you how to organize clutters.

Start by clearing your purse

The first step to organize clutter is to clear your purse of all rubbles.
Items like shopping lists, receipts, business cards and the likes tend to multiply in the wallet, and it is time to get rid of them.
The only items you should leave alone in the purse are things like essential IDs, cash, and payment cards.
Every other thing needs to be removed instantly.
You can then keep any other item in a coupon organizer for easy access in case you need them in the future.

You can make things easier by customizing the category tabs in any way that best suits you.
Check your purse at least once in a week in search of those items that are no longer required urgently.
Leave only those essential items, and then send every other thing to your office files.

Purge the office

It is time to get rid of those used-to-be-important papers that have accumulated in your office.
Do not keep any of those additional documents lying around.
Once those receipts and monthly bill records are no more useful, it is time to get rid of them.
Especially after the records have shown up on your credit card statement or bank statement.

Be that as it may, the hard copies of any item that might be required for tax purpose can be kept behind, as well as personal and contract documents.
You can also scan them and save the scanned copies in your computer system; this way, you can access them quickly by just clicking a mouse.

Organize Clutter

Organize Clutter

Give attention to the kitchen cabinets

The next step to take involves organizing your kitchen cabinet.
The best thing to do to maintain order in the kitchen cabinet is to divide everything according to its category.
This way, essential items needed in the kitchen can be reached without having to rummage for an eternity.
You can take advantage of the space existing between shelves by using expandable shelf-doublers.

Also, you can go for kitchen cabinets that are divided into tiers.
This makes it easier to see essential items in the kitchen so that you can reach out to them when they are required.
The proper organization keeps those deep cabinets and drawers more functional.
Furthermore, you can file items, like trays and cutting boards, by using vertical organizers.

Proper organization of your clothes

Next, it is time to give your wardrobe that attention that it deserves.
You will never find it funny if your closet looks like a jungle.
Reaching out to your dresses will become more or less a herculean task in a disorganized wardrobe.
It is time to stop putting things in the closet without any reason or rhyme; this will only leave your wardrobe in disarray.

When arranging things in the wardrobe, place similar items together and sort items in the wardrobe by color and type.
This way, the entire wardrobe interior can be scanned very a glance each time you need to pick out an item in it.
Stick to just a few types of hangers; stock your scarves and sweaters in clear stacking drawers.
This way, you can keep all the items within reach and sight; it will also preserve hanger space in the wardrobe.
Furthermore, you can decide to rotate each of the drawers in and out depending on which season it is.

A visit to the living area

The living area also needs proper clutter organization.
In fact, your effort to organize clutter should begin from this room, since this is the room your visitors will first see once they enter your home.
Relaxing in the midst of piles of blankets, games, and newspapers does not sound like the best idea.
A lot of items end up being left as clutters in this room considering its importance in the home.

You can get things better organized by keeping a couple of buckets around the living area.
You can go a step further by assigning each of the buckets to a specific purpose; you can label one bucket as games and another as blankets.
This way, you would have created designated places where you can return any cluttering item.
Items that come from other rooms can be dumped into one of the baskets from where they can be forwarded to their rightful places a couple of times in a week.

Proper use of bathroom drawers

It does not sound cool to waste so much time in the morning in search of necessary items like your lipstick or body lotion.
Everything should be properly organized so that you will not end up starting your day poorly.
Your bottles, tubes, and brushes should not be jumbled together; this can take up more than the necessary amount of space.

If you need more space in the bathroom to organize items correctly, it is time to buy stackable boxes and install them on large shelves or under the sink in the kitchen. They can serve as the strange, perfect spaces for essential items.
Items that you use at the same time or in the same way should be put together in the same box.
Also, never forget to label them for easy finding.

Pay attention to the dumping ground

If you have been dropping items just anywhere in the home, it is high time you had a rethink.
Items like a stack of paper mails, glasses, and keys need to be put in their right places to keep the home clean.
Why not set up a hook to hang your keys so that you can always find them quickly?
It also isn't a bad idea to set up a pouch for your outgoing mail.
A board to write or post notes can also act as a reminder of essential assignments or appointments


If you apply the above-highlighted tips on how to organize stuff in the home, you will never again have to endure an untidy home that can end up wasting your time and causing avoidable injuries.

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