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Personal Development

Profile: Mark Cuban, Investor on NBC’s Shark Tank

If you haven’t seen the NBC reality show “Shark Tank” then you might not be familiar with Mark Cuban.
The author, television personality, businessman and investor has earned gobs of money throughout his lifetime, and he did it by following the habits described below.
One of those is reading, and it is a trait that is shared by every single success story in this book, as well as nearly all of the 100+ entrepreneurs that we researched.
Cuban says that he growing up he read every book and magazine that he could get his hands on.
He didn’t always get good ideas from them, but he got enough to make it well worth it.
Plus, he notes that all of this reading material that he procured was available to the public.
Anyone could have gotten the same information and made the same choices he did.
But, as he says, most people didn’t want it.
Let’s check out some of the personal development habits that Mark Cuban and other successful people have incorporated into their lives to help them build their business.
These may not be the only personal development habits that successful people like Mark Cuban have honed, but they are a good start for anyone that is just starting the journey to becoming successful.

Habit 16: They read a lot of books

One of the things that successful people do more than any group out there with the possible exception of librarians is read books.
They also read very specific types of books.
The entrepreneurs in this book have discussed some of their favorite books and they are all books that teach some kind of self-improvement, whether that is through education, through motivation or learning new skills and honing abilities.

Personal Development

Personal Development

Habit 17: They teach themselves new things

In addition, successful people teach themselves things.
If they can’t find it in a book, then they roll up their sleeves and get to work.
Think about some of the Silicon Valley pioneers like Steve Jobs.
They didn’t know how to create a personal computer that could be used in the home.
There wasn’t a book to teach them the skills they needed.
So, they went into the garage and started taking computers apart and learned how to do it themselves.
Look at the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac founded now.
Apple is the leader in smartphone technology and a whole lot more.

Habit 18: They focus on educating themselves, not getting an education

Another thing that stops some people from pursuing their dreams is a lack of education.
People think that you can’t become a millionaire or run a successful company without a college degree.
While it is true that many of the people on this list have a degree – usually in business – there are others who haven’t even finished high school and taught themselves everything they know.

Habit 19: They are aware of their shortcomings

Successful people are acutely aware of their shortcomings.
Some people go through life not realizing that they have that particular shortcoming.
But successful people not only know about their faults, they are actually embracing them and taking steps to not let those faults keep them from achieving their goals.
Everyone has faults and you need to figure out what they are and have a plan to conquer them if you want to achieve your goals.

Habit 20: They improve a little every day

In addition, entrepreneurs know, in order to achieve the level of success that the people profiled in this book have, that personal development isn’t something that ever stops.
You must continue to improve yourself a little bit each day if you want to reach your goals, especially if they are as high as some of the goals that the successful people profiled had.

Habit 21: They hold themselves accountable

Another thing that entrepreneurs do is refuse to blame someone else when they don’t meet a goal.
They hold themselves accountable when they make a mistake or come up short and then get back to work trying to achieve that same goal.
If you hold yourself accountable each and every time you make a mistake, then you cannot fool yourself into thinking that it wasn’t your fault or it was out of your control.
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