4 Top Personal Goals: Use The GoalsOnTrack Goal Setting App

Setting personal goals made easy

Are you looking for excellent digital goal planning software? Do you want to do away with your paper planner or use a digital goal planner alongside your notebook? Have you been thinking about setting goals and wondering how to set goals? Do you need some help to work towards your goals? Then this could be the goal-setting program for you. 

When it comes to goal setting software and goal management software, I use only one.

And I must admit I use a goal setting app and personal goal setting software daily with no or very few exceptions—GoalsOnTrack is the name of this beauty.

We all dream of achieving our personal goals.
But most of the time, we go with the flow of our daily routines.
Sometimes we get so stuck in every day’s inevitable problems and busyness that we forget to enjoy life. 

But you know what? No one said you can’t enjoy life while achieving your goals.
You need to know how to focus on your goals and manage your time.
In our world, technology is ubiquitous. This technology often makes our work easier and faster. At least if we use the right tools.

Below I’ll discuss the tool that helps you set and achieve your goals and keep your goals on track. 

GoalsOnTrack review

So What Is “goalsontrack”?

GoalsOnTrack is goal-setting software and goal tracking software, all in one. It helps you organize your schedules and priorities. It uses practical approaches and innovative techniques to help you succeed. It offers a plethora of tools that allow you to focus on your mission and vision to ensure success and happiness.

One of these features is the multi-level sub-goal setting.
This feature allows you to break ambitious goals into more achievable chunks.
These smaller chunks allow you to plan your path with ease.
You won’t feel overwhelmed by what seems like a challenging or even impossible goal.

And for just $68 a year, you’ll have access to future upgrades that optimize your goals, habits, and timing.

Plus, when you sign up as a member, you’ll receive a series of self-help eBooks to inspire and motivate you on your journey to achieve your goal.

Goals On Track has a lot to offer.

  • a time tracking tool
  • a task manager
  • a habit registration feature
  • vision board templates
  • smart goal templates
  • a daily to-do list
  • a calendar
  • and much more….

… to help you with your goals and plans.

When you combine these things, you can work consistently and persistently towards your goals. This goal tracking software reminds you to complete specific tasks. This is especially important as your deadlines approach. This way, you can stick to your original plan and achieve faster growth for you or your business.

Now I’ll take a closer look at several features in what I consider to be the best affordable personal goal setting software.

4 Top Personal Goals: Use The GoalsOnTrack Goal Setting App

4 Top Personal Goals: Use The GoalsOnTrack Goal Setting App

GoalsOnTrack review: preferred features


You can add and view the goals you are actively working on and follow their progress and goal status. You can drag and drop any goals or tasks in the order you want.

You can clearly see which tasks you still need to complete today, including any overdue tasks you still need to finish. You can tick them off one by one. So the ticked-off tasks disappear into a hidden area (which you can open if you want), leaving only the active tasks open.

In fact, the program shows you how many tasks you have already completed in the “Tasks for today” area. And if you want to add a task quickly, you can do so, and it will also show up on your dashboard.

Finally, you can see the habits you need to do for the day and tick them off as you go. Your success in developing new habits will skyrocket when doing so.

Create action plans and take targeted action to reach your personal goals

As mentioned before, this goal-setting software provides an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • It makes it easy for you to see your goals and what you need to do for the day. 
  • It shows you the habits and tasks you haven’t done yet. 
  • It makes it super easy for you to check off tasks or routines one by one.
  • It offers a view of the goals you are currently working on and follows your goals’ progress. 

You can add new tasks that will also appear in your dashboard without any effort.

Day planner on the go

You can print out a daily planning sheet to take with you wherever you go if you know you won’t have internet access to use the software. By doing so, you can check your goals and to-do list and track your progress manually.


Set SMART goals and Stay on Track

Goals On Track’s goal-setting system guides you through the process of setting SMART goals. These SMART goals can enrich your business and personal life. 

The goal-setting dashboard reminds you to make your goals:

  • As specific as possible;
  • Measurable so you can track your progress and know when you have achieved your goal;
  • Realistic and achievable;
  • Be relevant to your life plans; and
  • Have a time limit to set an end date to reach your goal.

You can also break your goals down into smaller sub-goals or tasks (chunk it down). 

Then you can break your sub-goals down into tasks again. This helps you to make your goal more concrete. These chunked-down goals make it easy for you to achieve one goal at a time, rather than having to tackle that one big, ambitious goal. 

Finally, when you create a goal, it adds a “start date” and an “end date” to the goals that you define. 

It helps you track your progress by showing visible progress towards the goals.

Next is a section on how to track your progress.

If you make your goal measurable, you can also track your progress.

You can track progress by completed tasks, completed sub-goals, or by updating manually. 

For each goal you create, set tasks that you want to complete. Also, define what you want to achieve with your plan. This could be, for instance, 60 days of training, $20,00 of earnings, or 10 kilos of weight loss.
The choice is yours! 

Subsequently, each time you complete a task for a goal, you enter how much you have made progress measured in days, dollars, or pounds (or whatever else you might have specified).

Your schedule and time commitments will immediately change after you have set goals. You will see immediate results that will definitely motivate you.

Finally, the goal software will ask you about the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal. You will also be asked to come up with resources you can use to overcome these obstacles.


Tasks for the day are easy to list

Tame your to-do list 

In this system, you can set your tasks for goals, and you will automatically see them organized by goals, categories, and days—no need to spend more time managing and creating a list.

I think it is convenient that you don’t need to create a to-do list manually.
Your tasks are conveniently listed for you when you tell the program that you want to complete them by this time.

In the “Tasks for today” section, all your tasks are clearly displayed for you to take immediate action. You can also easily add tasks that come up and are not yet on your list.

Calendar view

This is something that a lot of goal management software doesn’t have built in.

You can view your tasks on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. You can also sync with other calendars you use online (iCalendar or Google Calendar). Note, however, that they appear on your Google or IOS calendar in the all-day section. You have to log in to GoalsOnTrack to work on them directly.

Some highlights of the GolasOnTrack calendar are:

  • You can see what you have to do for the day.
  • You can view your active tasks.
  • You can click on a day and quickly plug in a task whenever you like.
  • You can add that task under a specific goal or just to your daily to-do list.

Use your time wisely. 

There are animated and offline trackers that allow you to track how much time you spend on a task. This will help you manage your time efficiently.

Remember, if you don’t manage your time, you will definitely waste it.

Finally, the program shows you your progress in completing tasks and habits.

If you want to see the tasks you have completed, you can click on “view” to see them. You can even see how long it took you to complete each task if you use the timer. This brings me to my next point.

This feature is another one of my favorite and the one thing my paper planner can’t do. 


A Goal Review section provides an overview of all your goals, sub-goals, and tasks. You can see what you completed, the outcome, and how many hours you spent on each thing. This feature makes this program very valuable.

Goals On Track reports document your progress. They have a monthly, weekly, and daily summary chart. These reports/charts show you the following:

  • How many goals you have achieved;
  • How many tasks you have completed;
  • How many habits you have monitored; and
  • How many hours you have tracked.


Build habits to move forward on autopilot.

This program comes with a habit tracker to help you build new habits and track your progress. In the Habits Builder tool of the GoalsOnTrack system, you can write down the routine you want to change. You can also do this for the habits you need to build and see the progress every day.

The value of having several good habits and losing some bad habits can’t be overstated.

Habits help you achieve your goals. If you want to achieve something, you need to make it a habit to get there. For example, if you’re going to lose weight, you need to develop habits, such as eating better or exercising more.

To create a new routine, you need to repeat the same actions over and over again.

Goals On Track habit tracker makes it easy for you to do just that. It shows you what habits you have formed based on how often you do them. It also shows you your new habit and helps you track it.

Developing healthy habits is vital for your health and your goals. With Goals On Track, you can create good habits, change bad habits and track your progress.

Goals On Track lets you create daily, weekly, or monthly habits

You can also tell the program how often you want to repeat this new habit, ranging from 7 to 100 repetitions. You can assign your routine to a goal (or not), and you can decide how much building that particular habit will contribute to your goal.

Stick with the repetitions until the habit is formed – Track your habit and watch your bad habits turn into good habits.


Visualize your success to motivate yourself

Many people talk about how important a vision board is for achieving goals in life, but you don’t see many vision boards integrated into goal-setting software! 

Goals On Track has a vision board. A vision board brings your goals and dreams to life. When you see visual representations of how you want to feel or live, you feel like it’s more of a reality – and more achievable. 

You can upload your images for goals, and you will be able to visualize your success. It is a great way to motivate yourself.

Visualization seems to work because it taps into your subconscious mind’s immense power to achieve your goal

While I understand the value of a vision board, I have never made one myself because I always thought it would take too much time and effort.

I didn’t want to spend time going through magazines, cutting out pictures, and making a collage. But with Goals On Track, it’s so easy to create a vision board.

You can effortlessly upload your photos if you want to create a vision board. It’s also so easy to find pictures on the internet and upload the ones you want.

Once you have uploaded your photos, the program puts together an inspiring slideshow. You can choose how long you want the images to be displayed before switching to the next picture. 


Keep a journal for your goals.

Keeping a journal can be very helpful for achieving your goals. It helps you keep track of your thoughts, what is working and what is not, and ideas and inspirations that can take you further.

Write down your goals in the built-in go journal. By writing it down, it will always remind you of what you want to achieve and why.

Write down your thoughts, successes and learn from failures. 

Use the goals journal to write down what you have done to achieve your goals and remember the lessons you have learned. You can reflect on your thoughts so far and see your progress or how far you have come. Keep repeating the right things you did to achieve your goal.


This goal-setting program provides a tool for time tracking.

All your tasks that need to be done today are on your dashboard, and they all have a timer.

When you set a task, you can estimate how much time you will spend on that task. You can then track your time in the Goals On Track program as you work on your tasks. I have to say that I love this feature! 

To start and stop, click on the timer. It is also possible to stop the timer when you take a break from your task. Click on the timer to stop it when you take a break, and then click on it again to keep the timer running.

This helps with time management and keeps you informed of your progress. I love to see how productive I am.

With this time tracking feature, you no longer have to wonder where your time went?’ You can see exactly how much time you have spent on a particular task. This is a great motivator when you see how efficient you can be (or how much time you have wasted).

You can see if you are productive while working on your tasks. You can also see if the scheduled task is taking longer or shorter.

This makes your time management more manageable. You can plan your time better because you have a better idea of how long a task will take.


If you don’t know where to start or which goals to set first, the Goals on Track system provides goal templates. 

Each template has detailed and customized action plans. This makes it easier for you to get started.

The templates and thinking points help you to see if they are achievable. It also enables you to understand how it is relevant to your life.

This goal-setting program comes with 10 pre-made goal templates that you can use. The categories these templates fall into are:

  • Health
  • Home
  • Money
  • Personal
  • Work

These templates contain common goals that most people want to achieve in the new year, such as:

  • “Start exercising regularly.” 
  • “Start a business in 6 months.”
  • “Save enough money to start an emergency fund in six months.”

You can use these templates when you are setting goals as they are or edit them to suit your needs better. You can also create your own templates instead of using one of the standard templates. These templates are great and can save you a lot of time when you first set up your goals.

A goals on track mobile app

There is a Goals On Track mobile app that allows you to manage your goals on the go. This ensures that you use it and stay productive.

I love the app because I use it everywhere I take my phone.


I said earlier that part of your SMART goal is to make sure your goal is achievable. If your plans are too unrealistic or unattainable, you will probably give up on that goal in due course. But with Goals On Track, you can still write down your dreams that might become relevant one day in the future.

I think this is a nice feature! As you achieve more and more goals, maybe one day that dream that seemed impossible will become something achievable.

With Goals on Track, you can keep track of those dreams and quickly turn them into a goal when you’re ready. All you have to do is click on the “Set Goal” button, and your dream becomes an active goal that you can work on.

I think it’s important to write down the dreams you want to pursue one day, so you’re always reminded.

It’s hard to explain all that this goal-setting software can do.

You have to use it to see that it has the potential to help you create goals, stay on track, and achieve goals. 

This brings me to the end of this article on my favorite goal tracking app that helps you set yourself goals.

GoalsOnTrack review

I will briefly touch on the benefits again.

  • Easy to carry and always with you as you can access it from your phone.
  • The graphics are easy to navigate, and you can efficiently work with them. Even first-time users will appreciate the ease of use.
  • You will love the software because it allows you to create as many tasks as you want. 
  • When you create goals, you first need to identify what type of goal it is, what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it.
  • You can start whenever you want and don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day to use it.
  • You can customize it with images, backgrounds, and colors.
  • All-in-one app: This is basically an app that allows you to work on your goals without losing track.

I find it incredibly cheaper than other goal-setting software, although it can do much more, and you can create unlimited goals, habits, journal entries, and everything else.

Unlike other similar products, you will find that this product offers more as long as you keep setting new goals.

In summary, I think you should try Goals On Track if you are looking for a digital goal planner to help you to work towards your goals.

It helps you set SMART goals and has many useful features. I think it could be an excellent replacement for a paper planner. 

There is an unconditional money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to take any risks to see if Goals On Track is the right choice for you. If you don’t like it, ask for your money back.

I guarantee that if you have goals and want to use online goal setting and management software, this software will provide you with some things that will be invaluable to you.

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