Publer – My Social Media Superhero

Have you tried Publer yet? Publer is a must-have app for all #socialmedia #managers.
I use it to manage this #Twitter account and my son’s band’s social media.
These are the main reasons I use #Publer. #thread

1. Publer helps me schedule all my social media from the same place.
I’m convinced that this social media planning tool saves me lots of time. IMO it is by far the best social media scheduler I have had my hands on.
(and I have tried quite a few 😊 )

2. I can use Publer to handle multiple social media accounts I manage, such as Facebook Pages, Instagram Business, Twitter and LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, and Pinterest Business. I can also manage YouTube channels on the platform. I hope I haven’t forgotten any. 😉 😉

3. Although I can automate or schedule my post updates with Publer, that’s still not enough. If you don’t know how you’re doing in terms of reach, engagement, and clicks, you may be wasting your time and money. Publer Analytics now provides valuable insights. So I’m good! 👌

4. I can even design professional videos on Publer. If you don’t have a #Crello account, click on it, and they’ll provide a free account that includes all Pro features! Browse through all unique templates, free stock images, add some music, elements, etc.

5. Through their #Canva integration, I can use my son’s brand’s color palette and many professional elements. So that means I will always be able to find the right media for my post! This integration with Canva is also top-notch!👌

6. To recap. With Publer, I can schedule, collaborate & analyze all my social media from the same place. Furthermore, they offer a free option and free trials for their pro plans. I started with their free plan myself!

Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with Publer!
But check it out yourself. I just scratched the surface here. There’s much more to discover.