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Price: Business ($24.99/month) to Corporate ($117.99/month).

I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite Twitter management tools.

This tool is called and it calls itself the leading Twitter community manager.
But it is also very capable as a social network marketing and social media monitoring tool.
It could be a useful ingredient of any social media strategy. analyzes all of your past engagements, and provide actionable insights that help you focus on the relationships that can make a difference for your business.

This is quite a bold claim they make, but I think they could have a valid point here.
By using you can better manage your Twitter relationships and focus on the people that influence you and your customers.
That is Twitter Marketing as it should be.
It offers a Twitter analytics tool that helps you manage multiple profiles from one interface.

The program also provides you with suggestions who to follow or unfollow and what content to tweet.
I do not use the program to help me to decide who to unfollow, but I do use it to follow people that are important to me that I would have otherwise missed.

But before I continue, I must make it clear that this tool was designed to help you with your Twitter accounts.
It is not a full-blown social media management tool that helps you manage all your social media accounts.
It is a twitter tool and as far as I am concerned, a pretty good one.
(They have added Facebook, Linkedin to the mix)

Its feature that enables you to quickly identify valuable people in your Twitter community is the feature that makes shine.

Because of all the noise in your Twitter stream and your twitter retweets and mentions it is easy to forget to engage with the people that are valuable to you.

Because helps you instantly identify the people that are of value to you; you will no longer have an excuse to neglect them. automatically categorizes people into three groups.

These groups are your influences, your supporters, and the members that are engaged. uses their followers/following ratio, the engagement history you have with them and their retweets and mentions to categorize them.

You can also invite your team members to manage your community and view the reports and analytics.
You can focus on your top influences and supporters so you won't miss their engagements, and you can quickly follow them.
With one glance, you will know who you should follow, thank and respond to.
You can better manage multiple Twitter profiles and schedule tweets quickly from one single dashboard. is a real customer relationship management tool.
Without you will indefinitely end up assigning attention and resources to those that don't need it while for the most part ignoring those that mattered to your brand.

Before I log in and show you what's on the inside, I ought to tell you that I am using their most popular plan their business plan.
This plan allows me 8 Twitter profiles;  60 days access to their reports and an unlimited number of monitor and lead items as well as unlimited engagements.
Furthermore, three team members are allowed. offers a 14-day free trial, so you can quickly open an account without any financial risk.
You can upgrade or downgrade any time.
You will not be charged a dime if you cancel your account before your trial expires.

The Program

After you log into the program, you will notice three tabs on the left-hand corner.

The names of these tabs are:

  • Community
  • Schedule
  • Analytics

These tabs are subdivided in different dashboards: helps you prioritize your Twitter tasks when you are in the Dashboard


Dashboard___Commun_it Action Tab

Click ‘Retweet' to share the most retweeted & favorited statuses in your community this week.
Follow back your top members – those who have high levels of engagement and influence
Thank your top members who retweeted your statuses this week!
Click ‘Tweet Now' to thank your top new followers this week.
This list is sorted by influence level, followers/following ratio, and your engagement history


Unfollow members that aren’t engaged with you and have a low level of influence.
Click ‘Reply' to reply to the most relevant unreplied engagements from the most important people in your community this week.
Thank your most-engaged members, supporters & influencers this week.

Follow Friday Helper

One of the new additions to Action Tab is a #FF helper.
The hashtag #FF means “Follow Friday” and is a way of mentioning
 people that you follow to your followers.

It’s a way of mentioning members from your core community and hopefully doing them a favor by helping them get more followers.
 #FF helper pops up on Fridays to enable you to send #FF's quickly to your top community members.

The Second Tab I'll Take A Look At is The My Community Tab. review: Community

When you click on the community tab, your prioritized feed appears.
As said before is THE relationship management tool for Twitter in my opinion.
It identifies supporters, influencers, and prospects automatically.
This makes it easy for you to stay in touch and engage with those people.
They do this by making the number and type of engagement immediately visible.
You should consider working daily with this prioritized feed.
If you are short on time and you want to make the best use of your time, this is the place to start your interactions with the people that matter most.

The community tab is subdivided into several topics.
For instance, the people you should consider to reply to, a list of people were retweeted you and the list of people you should consider re-engaging with.

This Prioritized Feed is your starting point in
It showcases your most important and relevant members.
On the left of the Community Tab, you will find the menu to take you through the various options.
They could be used as part of your social media strategy.
Your ‘High-value Members'
Your high-value members are your core Twitter community, as identified by, based on your relationship with them.
It contains people that you engage with, people who support you and promote you as well as the people who influence you.
Click to view all members:
People in your community who have many followers and a high retweet ratio.
These are potential advocates for your business.
These people influence you and other members of your community. figures this out by working out how often you have engaged with them as well as the ratio of their followers to people following them.
People who regularly share and retweet your content.
These people can potentially retweet you. describes this category as people helping you “spread the word.”  They can do this by retweeting your status updates and sharing links to your content.
You could thank and encourage your supporters for all their tireless work!
Engaged Members
People with whom you have mutual conversations.
They may be potential customers.
People with whom you have mutual conversations.
They may be potential customers. analyses how many retweets, mentions, direct messages and favorites they used.
Your Community Followers Insights
Your follower insights lists focus you on the most relevant people to act on now – saving you time and making you more efficient.
Consider to Reply
Missed unreplied conversations about you or your business from high-value members.
These people have contacted you directly and might have retweeted you too. organizes these mentions by importance, influence, engagement, activity, and follower count to come up with their list.
Consider to Follow
High-value members that you are not following back. gives you a list of people it thinks would be good to follow. Based on their level of engagement, influence, and relevance.
The quality of the list that offers is pretty good.
Who Retweeted Me
Personally, I've also always thanked the people who have retweeted me.
I can quickly thank them for tweeting me.
Consider to Unfollow
People who aren’t following you, and have a few followers, yet you are following them.
Not everyone you follow will reciprocate. provides you with a selection of people it thinks you should unfollow based a lack of mutual engagement.
I do not use to help me with my unfollowing.
Though I will sometimes glance at it.
New followers/followers
New followers from the last few days.
The “Considered to re-engage” is another useful tool.
This mentions all the people you should consider to re-engage with.
The number of followers is mentioned and the number of engagements plus how long ago you last had a conversation.
It uses a list of people you have had contact with in the past and have more or less fallen off your plate.
If you haven't engaged with that person that you deem important in the past this, is the place to reconsider that. will remind you to reach out to the person and re-establish contact.

Member Context In a Glance review
The easiest way to view and engage with a member.
Click on a member to drill down and view his full profile and the entire history of engagements you have ever made.
Number of Followers
Number of Engagements between the two of you
Follow/Unfollow Member
Reply to a recent mention
Click ‘REPLY' on unreplied mentions from top members that you don't want to miss.
Click ‘Retweet' to share quality tweets from your top members.
Use ‘MONITORING' To Open The Items You Monitor allows you to monitor mentions of items such as your website, business or brand name on Twitter.
Make sure to define these items correctly so that you won't miss any leads.
Lists in are called Groups.
They are private and are seen only by you.
Click On ‘Add' to add/manage groups
You can Import Your Twitter Lists here.

The group's feature allows you to manage your community by putting them into different groups, or “segmenting your community” as put it.

Group examples could be “interesting people,” “clients,” “potential clients” and “bloggers.”

These are not too dissimilar to Twitter lists, but the groups feature is more powerful.
A handy feature here is that you can import your Twitter lists to form a group. 




Depending on the plan you have, you get to add a certain number of profiles.

By clicking on the icon representing your Facebook Page you can interact with your Facebook page from within


There you can compose a new message and post it on your Facebook page.
And you conveniently get to see the:

  • Timeline
  • Your Posts
  • Posts By others to your Page
  • Unreplied posts
  • Unreplied comments
  • Unreplied mentions
  • New Page Likes
  • New Posts Likes5
  • Engaged Members

Some Tips On How To Do Successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook is as ubiquitous today as the television or sliced bread. While most of us grew up in a time before even cell phones existed, today's youth can contact each other at any time of day, no matter where they are, by posting on each others' walls. Tap into this constant connection with your customers using the strategies detailed below.

  • Try having a contest to increase followers on your Facebook page. People love to have the chance to win something. If you offer incentives, like additional entries into the contest for sharing, then you will not only give your current followers something of value, but also increase your visibility when they share your game.
  • Make your Facebook marketing page more efficient by using the custom tab options. This organizes your information and keeps your site professional. If your business is holding an event or sponsoring a contest, including a tab makes sure visitors know about it.
  • Be careful about posting about your own business away from your personal pages. Posting on another page gets attention. It needs to be positive attention. Create posts when there is something positive for you to say. Don't ever spam people.
  • When using Facebook to promote your business, use photos to convey messages. Photos are a great way to showcase what you have to offer. They also allow you to write in descriptions and additional information that your users will find helpful or interesting. Don't neglect to describe your photos, you will be missing out on the main SEO and search capabilities.
  • The ability to market to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is amazing. You can also market to anyone anywhere in the world. Facebook gives you the ability, but it is your job to take advantage of it. Review: Reports  Campaigns (Automation)

You can Enable/Disable The Weekly Thank You Tweet

Create An Automated Campaign

Top Engaged Members
Thank your top community members, these are your high-value members, the core community of your most engaged members, supporters and influencers with whom you've engaged in the recent week.
It is designed to mention only top members and not to repeat any member for at least a month.

Top New Followers
Thank your top new followers for this week, the members are selected by their influence level, # of followers, followers/following ratio and your engagement history.
It is designed to mention only top and recent members and not to repeat any member for at least a month.

Recent Retweeters
Thank your top members who retweeted you this week.
They are sorted auto-magically so that the most relevant unreplied retweets from the most important people in your community will appear first.
It is designed to mention only top members and not to repeat any member for at least a month.

Top New Followers
Thank your top new followers for this week via Direct Message and Follow them back.
These members are selected by their influence level, # of followers, followers/following ratio and your engagement history.
It is designed to mention only top and recent members, not to repeat any member and send no more than ten messages a day. Pros

  1. Clean UI/Simple to use
  2. Prioritize your Twitter tasks.
  3. Quick access to research
  4. Identify valuable members of your Twitter community.
  5. Handy for Twitter engagement with “the right” people
  6. See who you should follow or unfollow.
    Plus your latest followers/unfollowers.
  7. Say hello to your new followers or re-engage with lost followers.
  8. Monitor your reputation.
  9. Discover new leads.
  10. Check out the top tweets in your community.
  11. Easy reporting feature.
  12. No crowded column view (like for instance Hootsuite) so you can quickly focus on the info at hand Cons

  • I do not use the Consider to Unfollow function to prune my twitter friends as I use another Twitter tool for this.
  • Can only be used for Twitter
  • Limited functionality for free users
  • Requires analytical skills (to interpret reports) 2018 Review: Conclusion

As far as I am concerned is my favorite Twitter Social Media Strategy tool.
Twitter marketing (including social media monitoring and social media campaign monitoring) has become smooth and manageable again because it distinguished the important from the fluff.

Sign up for a free trial here. Let's see if you share my enthusiasm.

I hope you have enjoyed this article “ Review 2018“.
Feel free to share and discuss it via the Social Media.