More Retweets For Twitter

With Twitter, you can easily reach your target group, whether in a personal capacity or on behalf of an organization tweet.
It is important to get many retweets.
Social media Marketing Tips
Fourteen tips for more retweets on Twitter!

1) Mentions

Use mentions in your tweet.
Be careful with the number, if you use more than five per message, the chance of a retweet decreases rather than increases.
Mentions are only used when they are relevant, so address another Twitterer, if the content of your tweet relates to the context.

2) Retweet

Return the favor.
If you are regularly retweeting someone, that person will be more inclined to retweet your tweets.

3) Use hashtags

Tweets with hashtags are retweeted more than tweets without them.
Make use of trending topics or hashtags about topics that are often used.

4) Use links for more retweets on twitter

A link increases people's interest, generates more traffic to your website and gives you insight in potential leads.
Take care where you place the link.
If you place your link after about 90% of your message, you will increase the chance of a retweet.

5) Adjust the length of your tweet.

Although you have 280 characters at your disposal, do not use them all.
In general, the shorter your messages, the larger the chance that they will not RETWEETED.
Stay between 70 and 100 characters, then someone who wants to retweet your tweet will have to change less and your chances will automatically ncrease.

6) Ask for a retweet

Don't be too modest.
It's ok to ask for a retweet, people are not unwilling to do that.
By putting ‘please retweet' or ‘please RT' in your Twitter Message it is more likely to get retweeted.
Add the abbreviation RT.

7) Timing

retweets for twitter

Retweets For Twitter

The time of your tweet is crucial if you want to get more retweets.
Friday afternoon at 3.00 PM, for example, is not a good time.
Overall, tweets from Monday to Thursday, between 1.00 and 3.00 PM are viewed most and so the chance of retweets increases.
Tools such as HOOTSUITE and Buffer can help you send out your messages into the world at the ideal time.

8) Photos

Think visually!
Tweets with photos are much more RETWEETED than those without visual material.
Do not just place your Facebook or Instagram photos, they score less well in the RETWEETS.
Therefore, place Twitter Photos.

9) Popular content

There are a number of topics that appeal to people on Twitter in such a way, that messages within that categorie will be more likely to get retweeted.
These are: news, instruction tweets (how something works), entertainment, opinion, products and small talk.
Adjust your content on those topics or leave them on.

10) Be Enthusiastic

Let your enthusiasm about a topic come through in your tweet.
Use exclamation marks, some capital letters and show that you are sincere about what you have to say.
This will certainly get you retweets for twitter!

11) Tweet relevant and up-to-date messages

Try to include information that readers can actually use.
Make sure that it says something refreshing, or interesting, exciting, or entertaining,
Use links to interesting articles or blogs by yourself or others.
The messages that you tweet will be seen by people as valuable and it will insure you get more followers and retweets.
So in my case, I would try to find content relating to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs or online businesses.

12) Post messages about Twitter

Messages that are about Twitter will be retweeted 200% more often.
So if you have nice news about Twitter, do post messages about it!

13) Have A Good Avatar.

Many people underestimate the importance of having a good avatar.
When people retweet your tweet, those people's audiences also get to see your avatar .
We constantly need to reminded that there is a real human being behind the screen.
That means an avatar of yourself instead of a cartoon character will result in more retweets.

14) Include a Number In Your Tweets

In most cases, numbers result in more specific tweets.
There is a difference between the title, an Amazing Blogging Tips and 50 Amazing Blogging Tips.
If you tell your audience how many tips there are, your followers will know the exact number, and that is helpful when it comes to clicking the link .

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