Social Media Pros and Cons

Social networking aims to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances.
Users can text messages, share photos, videos and Internet links and follow each other's activities and interests.
On social networks, companies can present themselves, build client loyalty and spread their online presence.
Since you can often post links on social networks, they can be useful tools for those who do link building.
Examples of social networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Social Media Pros And Cons Dangers Of Social Networking

People who enthusiastically share a new service or product from their organization on social media may unintentionally become a disseminator of business secrets.
Sometimes people complain about the atmosphere in the office, or about that particular colleague.
Headhunters are sometimes interested in these messages.
Posting private photos and reports of private activities can sometimes become a negative.
Employers are also active on the Internet.
More and more people are ‘googling' the names of applicants.
What comes up?
An old photo of the lovely pose when you were drunk in the pub in Ibiza a few years ago?
The relationship with the previous partner?
A fight with the neighbor?

Posting nude photos of former partners may lead to a prosecution.
But meanwhile, they are posted on the Internet.
Research has shown that the live cycle of this type of information on the Internet is approximately seven years!

social media pros and cons

Social Media Pros And Cons

You can not be too careful when you share personal information.
Identity theft is only one click away.
Thoughtless behavior can lead to unpleasant situations.

In practice, it is difficult for people to separate within private and business topics in social networking environments.
For many people, this dividing line is not so clear.
Also, it appears people are more willing to share personal info on the Internet than in, for example, a bar or restaurant to strangers.

It is important always to remember that information on the Internet is accessible to anyone who wants to.
Thoughtless remarks to ‘friends' and ‘others' can be damaging and cause grief.

Social Media Pros And ConsThe upside of social networking

Without any doubt, the best reason to use any social networking site is that it lets you connect with other people.
Keep up to speed with what your family and friends are doing.
If the social network is popular like Facebook, you may even be able to track down old classmates, friends, and acquaintances and renew long-forgotten friendships.

You can also social network professionally.
Your good name/image can be influenced by the relationships you have on the same network.
LinkedIn relationships with a high perceived value shine positively back on you.
Your success is apparently not only a result of what you do, but also who you know.
{Writing recommendations for people is admirable but risky.
Do this only in exceptional cases.
The less often you do this; the more serious your recommendations are considered.}

Social Networking is not dangerous, but the consequences can hurt.

However, if you use it with wisdom and prudence you can find it fun and useful.

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