Why Use Social Media Marketing

Social media are neither a fad nor a phase in any way, shape or form.
Those, that treat it as such, have only themselves to blame for missing out on something unique and golden.
In the business world in particular, social media has taken on an all-new level of importance.
For those with an eye for the future it is integral and mandatory part of their marketing mix.

Today’s social media present plenty opportunities for businesses of all sizes, including solopreneurs.
This would not be possible by any other means or at any price.
What a social media promotion campaign can deliver for little to no investment costs would otherwise demand a six or seven-figure sum to even come close to by conventional means.

Over the course of the next year, spending on social media marketing across the world is expected to increase again!,
But why should any given business jump on the bandwagon and embrace all that social media has to offer?

I will answer this question in the next paragraphs.
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social media marketing

Costs Social Media Marketing

The costs, to set up and put in place an extensive social media campaign, are minimal.
And practically zero when held alongside the conventional alternatives.
Even compared to all other kinds of online advertising, social media remains the most cost-effective of all in ROI.

Generally speaking, the majority of expenses will come in the form of the manpower required to get things moving and keep them on track.
But compared with the human resources needed for conventional advertising, this is again beyond minimal.
For (very) small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals it can be a very cost-effective solution.
Compare the cost of using a social media dashboard to keep in touch with your clients and prospects with an add in your local newspaper.
My guess would be you'd be surprised by the difference.

Social Media Marketing

The Art Of Social Media

Executive Leadership

Social media offers the perfect outlet for sharing valuable knowledge, insights, and advice about the given industry sector with the world. This in turn can lead to your business becoming the first port of call for those seeking an authority.
This is pure gold for building authority on the web.
Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest to provide useful and valuable information.
Use those programs to respond to questions in your field of excellence, and you will be adding value to your brand in no time.

Customer Service / Feedback

The possibilities for boosting customer service and client relations are endless – as are those for encouraging, accruing and displaying valuable feedback.
Social media offers the most straightforward and most personal means to reach out to clients and customers.
At the same time social media creates an image of transparency and accessibility!

Keeping an eye on the discussions on the internet, mentioning your product, company or business, is an excellent way to gather feedback.
You can stay one step ahead because you can follow the tone of the discussion.
When necessary you can even reach out directly to (unsatisfied) customers through social media.


The operation of a social media profile that is regularly updated is pure gold for SEO efforts and will see traffic increasing.
Also, the presence of a social media site will also vastly improve the number of organic click-thus the main business website.
A good campaign could even go viral. Meaning a lot of people start sharing your post, product etcetera with others.
Resulting in a lot of backlinks to you and an explosion in website traffic.


Social media offer a unique insight into the business that would otherwise be out of reach – the way in which it is interpreted by the customer.

Social media gives everyone a voice and boy do they know how to use them!
By monitoring what people are saying, when they are saying it and where they are saying it it is possible to continually tweak and adjust your message.
This approach, practically on a daily basis, will ensure 100% compliance with the needs and desires of the target market.

This is also the very best way of heading off negative chatter by finding out what is wrong and correcting it before the word has the chance to spread.

Rival Research

Social media offer the perfect platform upon which to research competing brands and companies.
And it also allows for this completely free of charge.

Besides, there is no better way of likewise finding out what their customers are saying about them.
What are they doing right? What have they fallen short on? How can you attract their customers?

Remember though that I am talking about rival research here. Not spying on your competitors!

Generation of Leads

The ability to interact with clients and customers on a day in and day out basis means that a business doesn’t have to wait for leads to arrive.
They can actively generate them.
This is far more than the usual one-way system of communication a website may offer.
You can follow discussions on a topic by using the excellent search function the web provides.
You can search for keywords and hashtags.
Making it easy for you to join the discussion and follow and interact with the relevant people.

The exposure, you get, will eventually lead to more fans, followers or clients.

Why Use Social Media

Recap: I have listed some reasons below.

They include:

  • Low Costs
  • Building Authority
  • Customer Service
  • Traffic Generation
  • Rival Research
  • Monitoring
  • Lead Generation

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