A Comprehensive Social Network List To Help You Choose

A Comprehensive Social Network List To Help You Choose From


If I were to ask the question: “Name three social networking” chances are that “Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn” are amongst the first you would mention.
Or “Pinterest” Given the steady growth in the recent past.
However, there are a lot of other platforms that have proved their usefulness for companies and organizations, but where you initially might not think of.
Each social network has different capabilities, audiences, and pitfalls.
Depending on your goals, use one or more networks.

Which network suits your business best?

The rise in new social networks doesn't seem to stop.
Regularly press releases announce a new network.
And all of them are convinced that they are distinctive and better.

It can be tricky to make the right choice as far as social networks are concerned..
There are now so many different social media channels that you can hardly keep track.

To keep things simple, I made a list of the major social networking sites.

Social Network List With A Visual Emphasis

These networks invite you to tell your (business) story visually.
A picture says more than a thousand words.
I know that's a cliché, but it is often true.
Through photos and videos relevant to you/your company, you sketch a picture of your business.

Very simple: install the photo app on your smartphone.
Take a photo, edit it to your taste and share it with your friends.
Fast-growing network for sharing hip selfies.
Instagram started as a photo app that puts a twist on nostalgic photos and became a network where millions of users share photos with each other.

Since its acquisition by Facebook and launching an Android app their growth has gone through the roof.

Upload your photos on Flickr and share them with your friends.
Is widely used by (hobby) photographers and has a great search function.

Collect photos and pictures and post them online in boards relevant to you or your business.

Largest video site.
Upload videos, view, share with your friends and subscribe to channels of users you think are relevant.
Provide fun, shareable videos and people will subscribe to your (business) channel.

The artistic version of YouTube.
More attention to quality, better movies and unlike YouTube fewer cat videos and parodies on Justin Bieber.

Snapchat was devised by students from Stanford University: an app that allows you to relay photos and videos that can be seen a few seconds, and are then deleted. 

Communicating via Snapchat is an enormous success worldwide, especially among young people.

Social Network List With A Networking Emphasis 

These networks involve sharing different content with your friends, fans or people you find interesting.
It is important to provide added value and make sure that people particularly like to follow you in these networks.

The most famous and largest with over 1 billion users.
Create a profile, invite friends, send e-mails, send invitations, chat, share events, join groups and stay informed of status updates (text, photos, video) and also share content.

Besides a platform to keep in touch with friends and family Facebook has become a platform for companies and networkers with the potential to reach over 1 billion people.

They have received some flak lately due to their respect for privacy.

The user's personal data are a source of income to Facebook. But with some effort, you can have more control who has access to your information.

A global platform for messages up to 140 characters.
Tell what you find interesting, you like or find useful to share.
Provide meaningful content with added value!

Twitter is widely used for news and by celebrities.
Politicians, artists, media, business, and government are increasingly using Twitter for promoting and maintaining contacts with the public.

There are also many other thematic communities, mail groups, and virtual worlds.

To find a job or a date, and the sharing of information and creativity: social networks become the pivot of the Internet.

Network with enormous potential (anyone with a Google account also Google+), but a bit of a ghost town.

Google's social network has never broken through, and now in decline. 
Has unprecedented possibilities with video chat.

A new social network that presents itself as an alternative to Facebook. The layout is clean, quiet and completely without advertising.
Ello is mainly populated by hipsters and creatives and does not have many users.

Social Network List With A Business Emphasis 

These networks are primarily intended for business users.
Your network is mostly filled with colleagues and people with whom you do business, less for friends and family.
LinkedIn offers a huge potential business network.

A kind of internal Twitter.
In a protected environment can place staff updates this microblogging share updates and work together.
Effect; effective communication and cooperation.

The largest international business network for maintaining business contacts.
LinkedIn is aimed at people looking for jobs or employees to promote their business or liaising with (former) colleagues.
In a LinkedIn profile emphasis on work and education.
You build your network by establishing contacts with – for example – colleagues and classmates.
The contacts of those people are visible as they like ‘connection' to accept.
People also give each other recommendations. 

Other Programs For On The Social Network List

Geni | MyHeritage | Were Late
On these genealogy websites you can find and add information about family members: make a family tree, insert photos and make contacts with relatives.

A social network for (anonymous) questions and answers.
This network is mainly used by young people to maintain contact with friends, in a less visible way as – for example – a post on Facebook.
You can log in with a Facebook or Twitter account, or create a separate profile.
Then you can be contacted, and ask questions to other people on Ask.fm

A Large international profiles site that has had a major breakdown.
MySpace is active in music: many artists have a MySpace page with music, photos, and concert information.
Worldwide MySpace has over 100 million users.

Yahoo Groups
Group mailing dates from the early days of the Internet: a platform to exchange information and to establish contacts.
Still, there are groups on all topics – from abortion to Zen Buddhism – but the number of active participants has fallen sharply.
There are long-term groups whose members meet, and there are groups that are very anonymous.
Look at the log of the number of members and sent emails.
That demonstrates whether a group is still active.

This is not all.
If we discuss all the social networks, you'll end up with a huge list.
These are some of the most important and widely used ones.
Each network requires its own approach, but the main question for each network is: how does this social network fit in your business strategy and how can you offer value to your customer?
Only then will social media be effective for your business!
A Comprehensive Social Network List To Help You Choose

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