Time Is The Most Important Resource

Time Is The Most Important Resource

‘An inch of time is worth an inch of gold; yet you cannot buy an inch of time at an inch of gold.’ Chinese Proverb.

There are many debates around the resources we have at our disposal and the order of the priority we should place on them. While some argue about the position that money or people take, we can agree that time is the most important resource because of its impact on the different aspects of our lives. You cannot form meaningful relationships without investing time to get to know the other person. Neither can you make a lot of money without putting in the time in your career or business. Whether you have aspirations to be better or you are comfortable with the status quo, time is still a common resource that you should recognize and utilize.

Why is time so important?

‘Time is totally irreplaceable. Within limits we can substitute one resource for another, copper for aluminum, for instance. We can substitute capital for human labor. We can use more knowledge or more brawn. But there is no substitute for time.’ Peter Drucker.

As morbid as it is to talk about death, it is in moments where we lose a loved one that we realize the importance of time. We always wish we had had more time with them, to experience life with them for just a little longer. It is rare to find someone on their deathbed wishing they had more money because in that moment, they realize that money cannot buy their life back.

Many reflect on whether they used their time wisely and did all that was in their power to be productive. If you have ever had the misfortune of spending time with a relative or friend who is bedridden, you will hear them speak about things they wish they could have accomplished if only they could live longer.

While it is awful to lose a job, a relationship or money, they can be replaced. You can rebuild your business or rekindle connections. It is possible to venture into new things, get a new job or meet new people. You cannot, however, reclaim time once you use it. It is a limited resource; one that we should guard jealously.

You must put value to your time so that you do not waste it on people or activities that do not add value to you. Identify the time wasters in your life and eliminate them. Spend less of your productive time on social media and allocate it to more meaningful pursuits. It is important to unwind and clear the pressure, but do it in a controlled way so that you do not use up all your limited time on things that do not improve your life.

The moment you discover the importance of time, you stop procrastinating as though you have a guarantee of do-overs in the future. You do everything in your power to maximize your time and live every day as though it were your last. Do not put off what you can do today for a tomorrow that is not even a guarantee. That is a recipe for a life of regret. Take charge of your time. Fill it with meaningful activities. The rewards will come and your life will be better because of it.

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Time Is The Most Important Resource

Time Is The Most Important Resource


Tips on handling the precious resource that is time.

Make every moment count.
The more time you spend being idle the more your life loses meaning or purpose. Instead of letting life pass you by as you sit and watch, make every opportunity count. There are plenty resources that can help you find a place where you fit in. Have a vision- something to live for. It will make time more valuable to you when you find something that matters and invest in it.

Set targets for yourself.

Once you establish what you want to do with your time, set targets. They challenge you to do things within a set time. A target motivates you to go for what you want. The feeling of accomplishing something you have set out to do is amazing. It boosts your confidence and makes you aim higher. Targets help you control how you use your time.

Invest in self-improvement.

Gaining new skills is a good way to spend your time. It can also equip you to tackle problems in ways that are more efficient. You can never regret time spent making yourself more knowledgeable about something you are passionate about. Take classes if you have to. Learn more about your area of expertise. It is a rewarding way of controlling how you spend your time.

Rest when you need to.

There is no point in piling up more work when you feel tired. It is counterproductive because it robs you of maximum focus. Recuperation can be to your advantage as it helps you put things back into perspective. Take breaks. Go for a walk. Do a relaxation exercise. Take a power nap. All these activities help you reset and get you fresh for the next challenge.

There are many benefits to using the time resource well. These include a sense of fulfilment when you accomplish great feats. It also includes an increase in productivity which can set you up for advancement in your career or business.
Instead of wasting this valuable resource on meaningless pursuits, why not try your hand at preserving the time you have and using it to improve your life? Do not take the time you have for granted or let other people waste it for you.

Cherish it and invest it in making your life and the lives of others around you much better.

“Time is free, but it is priceless. You cannot own it, but you can use it. You cannot keep it, but you can spend it. Once you have lost it, you can never get it back.” Harvey MacKay.