Time Management Confrontation

Time management confrontation

Confronting the issues that hold us back is useful in managing time. We all have fears, doubts, failures, inconsistencies, illnesses, accidents, incidents, and so on. There is no way to escape these negative truths in life. Therefore, we can contribute to our time by managing it according to life’s limitations and inabilities.

If you think you will walk through life without something happening to you or someone you love, you had better rethink, since you are letting yourself down and wasting time doing it. Life is REAL! It is not a game of truth and dare, it is a matter of what we face each day, and sometimes we have no clue what we will face. Time is one of the most valuable gifts that we have, and we can use it wisely or waste our time relentlessly. No matter what our current situation, something will happen, and we must learn confrontation skills to avoid complete failure. We can look at many examples in our life or our past.

Let’s say we had a time management plan, and it was working smoothly, but one fatal day a terrorist attacked our neighborhood, or a storm blew our hard work out the door. What are you going to do? Did you calculate in your time management plan a solution for disaster? If you are not getting off the ground in a short time after these disasters hit, then the answer is obvious. What do you do when you fall and break your leg? Does your time management scheme have a solution?

If it doesn’t, you are going into setback mode, which is obviously going to take longer to rebuild. Regardless of the situation, confronting reality is the main key to surviving the realities of life. To confront life, we must look at all angles of realities that may impose themselves in our time management plans.

Time Management Confrontation

To achieve a healthy level of confrontation is to understand what it really means to confront your problems. Most of us have natural abilities to face what is put in front of us, but when it comes to situations out of our control…this is when we often lose control. Losing control is obviously a step backward in our time management plans. Control, on the other hand, is having the ability to work toward a future and realize that the future promises us nothing and that anything can happen at any given moment in time. This is reality!
Once you face reality, confrontation will come easily.

After studying human beings for most of my life, I observed closely as people denied their faults, feared risks and challenges, were intimidated by their mistakes, reluctant to stand up and tell another person they were wrong, and failed to allow themself to control their own being. The source I found was FEAR. Fear seems to play a large role in all aspects of human beings. If we are constantly afraid, how can we allow ourselves to manage time? We can’t because our time is being wasted on what we may or may not have control of. Therefore, the solution to diverting a good time management scheme is stepping back and looking in.

Confrontation is telling ourselves that it is ok to make mistakes. When we make mistakes, we learn and can move ahead. Confrontations are letting us know that we have the right to confront any problem that steps in front of us, and we have a degree of power to change what has happened to us or someone we love. We have the right to tell someone that their influence is provoking our thoughts, and we need them to stand back and take a look at what they are saying to others.

We have the right to stand up for our own beliefs and hold firm in our power to resurrect ourselves when accidents, incidents, illnesses, failures, or other negative connotations arise. We have the power within us to move forward. Nothing in life can stop us from reaching our goals of life  but ourselves and God.

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