How Great Are Your Time Management Skills?

How great are your time management skills?

Here’s an easy time management self-test to find the answer to the question “How great are your time management skills”. It will show you how well your time-management skills are currently developed.

For each of the questions below, give yourself 3, 2, 1, or 0 points, according to the following scoring key:

  • If your answer is “always,” give yourself 3 points.
  • If your answer is “usually,” give yourself 2 points.
  • If your answer is “occasionally,” give yourself 1 point.
  • If your answer is “rarely” or “never,” give yourself 0 points.

Time management self-test
Question / Score

  1. Do you think about and plan your day before you start it?
  2. Do you write appointments and key tasks in your calendar?
  3. Do you keep—and use—a continuing “to do” list?
  4. Do you use this “to do” list as a reminder of things you would like to do in the future?
  5. Do you group similar tasks and do them consecutively?
  6. Do you use waiting time to handle small tasks?
  7. Do you handle the most important tasks of the day when you feel most alert?
  8. Do you stop working on a task when you begin to feel stressed or overwhelmed?
  9. Do you feel your personal life and professional life are well balanced?
  10. Do you keep a simple but well-defined filing system into which you place all loose
  11. papers and materials?
  12. Do you organize your work tools, such as pens, rulers, phones, and computers, so
  13. they are ready to use the minute you want them?
  14. When you enter your office or pick up your mail, do you immediately discard
  15. messages and items you don’t need?
  16. Do you keep reference materials, such as telephone books, Rolodexes, and
  17. important manuals within arm’s reach of your primary work area?
  18. Do you have a specific time allotted each day to handle memos, messages, and
  19. correspondence?
  20. Do you shut your door or engage in quiet time when you must handle detail work?
  21. Do you keep a simple time log to access where and how you spend your time
  22. systematically?
  23. Do you have a good insight in the values you live by?
  24. Do you regularly review 90-day goals for your personal and professional life?
  25. Do you take time each week to appraise your productivity and discover whether you
  26. have completed the goals you set out to accomplish?

Total your points. _____________

If your score ranges between 50 and 60, congratulations! You are nearing perfection. There’s still room for some improvement though. The following chapters will help you to top things off.

If your score ranges between 40 and 49, good. With some modest improvements in your time-management habits, you can become even more productive each day. After completing this book, you will be able to achieve your goals quickly and have more time for yourself.

If your score ranges between 30 and 39, you’re on the right track. You need to make a few easy changes that will enable you to accomplish more and free up time as well. This website will provide a lot of information that will come in handy.

If your score is below 25, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Continue reading a lot of articles to dramatically improve your time management skills and achieve far more than you ever thought possible.

This time management self-test gave you an indication of how you are currently managing your time. Feel free to retake the test over the coming months so that you can track – and enjoy watching – your progress.


You started reading this article because you were triggered by the question “How Great Are Your Time Management Skills”. When you look at the results of your time management self-test you must however realize that time management is not a panacea. It also has its drawbacks. We work more and faster. As a result, we end up missing out on what really matters.

Time management and productivity tools can be a useful aid, but they remain tools, not goals in themselves. Use them smartly and keep control of your priorities. Don’t let them dictate your life. Don’t throw your checklists away, but keep them clearly separated from other important issues in your life. And make sure you focus both professionally and privately on things that really matter.

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