Look At Your Time Management Strategy and Make Changes Where Needed

Examine your time management strategy and make changes

By Karin

When it comes to Internet marketing success, there is one skill, above all others, that is most important.
That is the skill of time management.

Time is the one thing in business you cannot afford to waste. You only have 24 hours in a day to get what you want to be done (including sleep).

Therefore, messing around and not getting any of the work you want done completely is just an utter waste of time. You must spend your time effectively and be productive!

When I first began my job as a writer, I was full of hope and energy – ready to take on the world and do whatever I needed to be successful as a work-at-home mom.
I would spend hours working at the computer, typing up articles, but I always felt like I wasn’t getting anything done! I would be at the computer getting some work done, but I knew nothing when it came to Internet marketing, and I had no idea where to begin.

Examine your current time management strategy

I knew what was needed if I would be successful working at home instead of in an office. I would get only so much done and be okay with it (for the time being). However, once I learned how to manage my time wisely (time management), the whole thing changed for me. I broke down tasks into 90-minute blocks, dedicating myself to tasks I set in that timeframe.

For the first 90 minutes, I’d write articles. When those 90 minutes were done, article done or not; I’d do the following task on the list and focus on it. I’d continue to work in this manner until all the tasks I had written done for the day were complete.
Of course, time management also means you need to be organized, which means determining which tasks are most important to you. Only you know how important those tasks are, and only you know which tasks must be done first, next, etc.

For you to have effective Internet marketing time management, you must properly plan out your day. If you fail to plan, you’re not going to achieve anything. You must schedule out how you plan to spend your day – knowing what you’ll be doing ahead of time and what you’ll be doing about it all.
This is very important in time management.

And, it won’t be something you’ll be good at immediately. It’s going to take time for you to speed up on projects. For instance, if you plan to write four articles in 90 minutes, but it takes you an hour to research and write one article, it’s obvious you won’t succeed with that goal.
The art of effective time management is a skill that you’ll eventually master, and when it comes to your business success, it’s something you must have mastered.