Why you should translate English To Dutch using an Experienced Translator

I have worked on translation English to Dutch & Translation Dutch to English with over 200 clients both in the Netherlands as well as globally.
The dark-colored countries below represent the countries my clients are based in.

translation english to dutch

English To Dutch Translator

Translation English To Dutch & Translation Dutch To English

I deliver quality translations with the tone-of-voice that fits your business.
International businesses are discovering the Dutch audience close to home.
Why limit yourself to the English-speaking public?
Many entrepreneurs are discovering this hidden potential.
For businesses expanding a multi-lingual website is a necessity.

Take the first step, and you’ll have Dutch-language content in no time.
If you set up a branch of your business in The Netherlands.
If you want to promote your service or product to a Dutch audience.
In either case, a Dutch to English translation could be needed.

English to Dutch translation
 is not an easy task to conquer.
The need for Dutch translators is snowballing.
More and more, businesses, agencies, and individuals need Dutch document translation for websites, services, or to communicate with their Dutch business partners, target audiences, or employees.
If your document, text, website or marketing materials are improperly translated, it can cause many embarrassing problems for business.
A non-native speaker won't understand or know best how to change a document to fit Dutch audiences.

One of the ways to know what price you are looking at is to ask for a free quote
Most professional, experienced Dutch language services offer a quote.
By comparing these quotes, you can find out which service offers the best Dutch translation for the best price.
English To Dutch & Dutch To English

Translation English To Dutch &Translation Dutch To English

Examples of what we translate


  • General business letters 
  • Marketing materials 
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Marketing 
  • Travel and Tourism 
  • Tourist guides 
  • Visitor guides
  • Brochures 
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • Newspaper  articles
  • Web articles
  • Online advertising 
  • Marketing materials


  • App product descriptions for iTunes store or Google Play Store


It does not matter whether your need is large or small.
I am here to assist you with your translation needs.

Why Translate To Dutch

Why go through the trouble and expense of translating your website, brochure or app to Dutch?
In The Netherlands and Belgium, about 23 million people speak Dutch as their first, and sometimes only, language.
While it is true that the majority of the Dutch also speak English, their skill varies depending on their education level, age, and experience.
While they might not admit it, the preference of the Dutch is to read material in their native tongue.
Why assume they can understand your message when you can make sure?
Don’t underestimate the importance of reaching the Dutch market.
The Netherlands is the world’s 18th largest economy!
Despite its small size, with a high GDP per capita, it is one of wealthiest nations in the world.
When you go international, you will need a translation freelancer to translate your content.
You will not be able to create let alone build a strong presence without translated content.
Each country that you plan to expand into has its language and nuances of expression.
A translation freelancer will express your site’s content correctly.

What Does A Translator Do?

It might sound straightforward enough, but translating is not that simple.
One language cannot be converted mechanically into another.
Translations need a human touch.
A translator does not merely take words from the source language and pick synonyms for them in the target language.
Language Adaptation
A translator must be able to do more than speak two languages fluently.
A translation freelancer knows that the job is about 
All information that you have on your website needs to be converted into an appropriate format for the target language.
It also needs to fashioned to fit the specific culture in which it is spoken.
A translation freelancer had a unique skill set that is developed over time through experience and exposure to the target culture.
They must understand a lot of things about the language and how the people use it to convey meaning.
They know the intended audience, not just the vocabulary.

A translation freelancer understands different aspects of language.

A few basic examples of these are language structure and how it changes with the different registers or levels of formality, written tone and what it means, how the purpose of a text is relayed, and how style and forms of expression add another layer of meaning.
They take the whole piece and rework it so that it has the same intended effect on the new target audience that it does on the source targets.

A translation freelancer focuses on the written word.

Translators can look deeper into the full communication to understand what is being relayed.
They see the whole picture as well as the individual words, sentences, and paragraphs.
Interpreters focus on conveying the meaning of spoken words. 

Why Automated Translation English To Dutch & Translation Dutch To English Don’t Work

Have you ever tried to translate something on Google?
What was the result?

I’ve run more than a few things through there, and my results ranged from unhelpful to hilarious.
Single words and short phrases come out pretty ok after a few tries.
Anything more than that is an exercise in futility.
Translation algorithms are a lot more advanced than they were when they were first developed.
The free Google tool is perhaps not the best example of the technology in action.
Translation Plugins
For WordPress websites, for instance, there are several professionally developed translation plugins that take your existing content and produce translations for them.
This is a quick and simple solution to getting a multilingual website.
These automated translators are still far from perfect.
When your business depends on it, automated translation is hardly adequate.
Automated translators are a stop-gap measure, at best, until you find the right translation freelancer to complete the work on your site.
You need a human, a translation freelancer, who can relate to your target audience and make a connection.

Feel free to contact me for a quote to Translate Dutch To English or Translate English To Dutch

Hire an English To Dutch Translation Freelancer

Hiring a translation freelancer to get your site ready for the world is your best bet for many reasons.
Below are just a few of the main reasons to get your content professionally translated.
  1. Most translators work freelance anyway.
    There aren’t that many steady jobs for translators outside government.
    Translating documents is more of a one-time gig, and so they make a living from taking in jobs here and there.
  2. A freelancer can provide you with higher quality output than any software solution.
    They can even make suggestions on how the content can be tweaked to better speak to your new audience.
  3. The cost of hiring a translation freelancer is what you would pay for the best-automated tools.
    At a competitive rate, it makes more sense to go for the best option.
  4. Hiring an expert translation freelancer ensures you of the fastest turnaround time.
    Sure, software solutions are quick, too, but again, you can’t scrimp on quality.